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  • Episode 125 - Ladywhips End of Season Presentations

    10 MAY. 2024 · Belated publication with a special guest announcer
    Escuchado 16m 42s
  • Episode 124 - Beginning with Gratitude - Ladywhips v Braves (25/2/24)

    28 FEB. 2024 · In which Molly calls the shot; there is much gratitude and thankfulness (even while, for a long time, there is no umpire); there is also rain; Caitlin giggles; often; Michelle is unhappy (with cause); Dan learns another rule; Caitlin is filthy, but not brutal (despite what Trav says); Ella stands her ground (literally); Molly demonstrates that the best walls have rhythm; Steph spends it before she earns it; Molly makes the adjustment; Trav finds her favourite hole; before Michelle crushes; Steph has surer hands; Molly tries a corkscrew; Ciara listens to the good call; Michelle brings back good memories; Molly is forced into it; Caitlin is robbed; although Ciara is robbed even more; but a proper baseball game is played
    Escuchado 23m 4s
  • Episode 123 - Love & Other Bruises - Ladywhips v Rockingham (7/1/24)

    10 ENE. 2024 · In which Lisa chickens out; Michelle plays somewhere for the first time; there are lots of discussions about balks; Anney has a new glove; Trav has a too well-worn move; a pitcher covers first; Caitlin eventually stamps the right spot; Ciara’s bat keeps making it look effortless; as does Molly’s glove; Trav monsters; as does Michelle; but Caitlin is unlucky; Steph gets fired up; but Anney is ready; Steph collects bruises; Richelle is unlucky; Michelle can run in plastic; Trav loses some sticky; & Caitlin blacks out.
    Escuchado 16m 58s
  • Episode 122 - Half-Time Cherries - Ladywhips v Morley Blue (17/2/23)

    3 ENE. 2024 · In which Annie gets very very nervous (& then has cause to be); there is much discussion about spray charts (which Steph then ignored); Caitlin cannot read a signal (but executed her thing perfectly); after she gets her uniform dirty; Anneliese gets one in exactly her spot; Molly is everywhere (fortunately); Ella makes the adjustment; Anneliese does not; Sophie find it hard to with the left hander; Trav start doing it all herself; & inspires Molly to do the same; Caitlin can’t miss; Trav can’t be caught; & Sophie lives with her changeup.
    Escuchado 18m 28s
  • Episode 121 - Boys With Digging Problems - Ladywhips v Rockingham (10/12/23)

    13 DIC. 2023 · In which boys selfishly do too much digging; Ciara doesn’t need sunglasses; Molly finds some footing (at least initially); Trav’s timing is way off; Michelle’s is not; Steph is robbed as Shaun is misunderstood; Ciara is robbed of an in-the-park; Caitlin’s arm gets the yips; Molly can’t find footing; Chasey is played by the infield; the Kelmscott disease recurs; Monica threads a needle; Trav has good instincts; Sophie’s are even better and she has the arm to match; Trav takes the collision but there is niggle; Steph falls asleep on duty; Ciara though does not; Ciara steadies; Michelle is fired up; Caitlin is spiked but stoic; Monica leads off again; Trav cops one; Michelle delivers (without getting hit); Caitlin is fired up; Ciara’s hands are safe; Steph does her job but Ciara is desperately unlucky; Anney celebrates a birthday; Richelle finally finds where she needs to stand; & Shaun causes unnecessary confusion for Janice.
    Escuchado 21m 8s
  • Episode 120 - Spiking Ourselves In The Ankle - Ladywhips v Kelmscott (3/12/23)

    13 DIC. 2023 · In which Amelie gets grounded and very few people’s days improve from there …
    Escuchado 18m 15s
  • Episode 119 - Champagne Baseball - Ladywhips v Braves (26/11/23)

    29 NOV. 2023 · In which Emma does a lot more driving than she expected; Pride hangovers abound; Ella has to have her photo taken; Molly channels her inner Dante Bichette (but with a zen face); Emma is forced to run; Richelle likes the cones; Dan is in unfamiliar territory; Monica is unruffled; Steph is unlucky but much steadier; Annie gets it where she likes it; Monica muscles up; Steph has a fatal step as Vette calls the shot; Emma is fired up; Molly tracks the ball; & then hits it very hard; Emma wishes she could still run; Caitlin keeps it ticking over; Steph suffers confusion about what constitutes a bunt; Emma leaves it all on the field; Caitlin is also fired up; but Ella is not confused; Vette stops lots of hearts; Richelle nearly gets her first; Caitlin locks in her release point; & Vette is rightly honoured by both sides!
    Escuchado 15m 46s
  • Episode 118 - Cardboard Cutout Fines - Ladywhips v Perth (19/11/23)

    22 NOV. 2023 · In which Emma is finally forced to lie still; everyone is grateful for the McGillivray Sea Breeze; Caitlin plays the veteran card; Dan learns to score; Janice loves the new tablet; there is no collective understanding of the infield fly rule; Molly decides to do everything herself (& then feels really guilt about doing so); Caitlin beats one out; Steph’s elbow has a kind of its own; Dan doesn’t watch enough, Amelie watches too much; Anneliese gets them where she likes them; Vette breaks her season seal (but the scorers still love her); Michelle will not die wondering; Amelie falls asleep (which seems to wake her up); Molly threads a needle but misses a fence; Caitlin is grateful for quick runners; Ciara crushes it but is a quick runner; but then not quite quick enough; Richelle runs well up until the last moment; and the streak continues!
    Escuchado 20m 5s
  • Episode 117 - Happy Pride - Ladywhips v Kalamunda (12/11/23)

    15 NOV. 2023 · In which Ashleigh pulls off a something extraordinary; Vicky & Ryan enable us to be part of it; the first pitch gets everyone excited; there is a lot of dressing up; Baseball is eventually played; Emma is even less quick; Caitlin is briefly robbed (fixed it); Amelie proves herself wrong; Richelle thinks she’s quicker; Molly has a drop step; a really really good one; Vicky is very excited to be back; Vette is very pleased when there are two out; Emma knocks gloves off; Michelle gets hit again!; Vicky’s hands are safe; Dan really wants to hit it a long way; Emma’s glove is very sharp; Vette keeps her streak going; Caitlin gets her best hit ever; & is really really pumped; Molly goes to the hole; Vette has no fear; Ciara is quick; Caitlin works really hard to do it all herself; and there is love and friendship on and off the field❣️
    Escuchado 20m 27s
  • Episode 116 - Call To The Legend - Ashleigh Hort & the Inaugural Pride Round

    12 NOV. 2023 · In which we sit down and talk to the originator and the driving force behind the inaugural Pride Round
    Escuchado 15m 58s
Game by game tales of the UWA Women's Baseball Team
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