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Laura Cain After Dark

  • HE Signed This??

    21 MAY. 2024 · The coolest surprise yet for Producer Bryan from Erik. It's for his 2nd anniversary with the show! Now, THIS makes Bryan almost pass out. You won't believe what Erik was blurting out, actually screaming, to Laura while they were on Facetime. The thing is she was at the airport surrounded by strangers. It was so embarrassing, all she could do was laugh. We welcome special guest, Anastasia Popova, a tattoo artist and Russian immigrant with a compelling story and a special deal for you!!! On Instagram find her @ink_anastasiasd. See you at our party on Friday, May 24th, at Viejas Resort and Casino. It is Laura's birthday, after all! Love your podcast! And hit the SUBSCRIBE button! Thank you. https://www.lauracainafterdark.com
    26m 55s
  • Keanu Gave Us WHAT???

    16 MAY. 2024 · This is absolutely insane! Erik manages to get yet another Keanu Reeves personalized gift for Producer Bryan. This one is the coolest one by far. Erik also gives Laura a great early birthday present, which surprises the heck out of her. There's a funny game called "The 5 Second Rule" where you have to name three things on a card in 5 seconds to win a point. We got the Uncensored version so you can only imagine what some of our answers might be. Our party is fast approaching, May 24th at Viejas Resort and Casino to see George Michael Reborn. For ticket info go to https://www.lauracainafterdark.com Love your podcast!
    44m 14s
  • We Went Ghost Hunting

    14 MAY. 2024 · Ghosts, spirits, shadow people...do you believe? We have special guest Michael Brown of San Diego Ghost Tours on this episode. He's seen it all and he tells us what he's experienced since we last talked to him. We all took a field trip to a local park, which was built over an old cemetery. The headstones were moved back in the day, but not the bodies! We show you what we witnessed that night. He also tells Laura something that both validates and freaks her out at the same time. This is a good one so get comfortable and grab a snack because you're in for a ride. Subscribe, comment, share, follow...all those things. We sure appreciate it. Love your podcast!
    45m 18s
  • The Big Tattoo Reveal

    9 MAY. 2024 · Laura gets a tattoo as part of her birthday month celebration. She shows all of us for the first time. Do you like it? Erik has a massively embarrassing fall in a crowded store. We’re talkin’ knocked down shelves, splayed out limbs, hovering people. Producer Bryan sees something he’s been obsessed with since childhood, Laura educates us on what words and terms Re OUT and which ones are IN. Love your podcast!
    43m 24s
  • George Michael Reborn!

    7 MAY. 2024 · This is one of the best interviews we've had on the show. Robert Bartko is the lead singer of George Michael Reborn, a tribute band that travels the world putting on a fantastically fun show singing Wham and George Michael songs. He looks and sounds just like him. His story is pretty incredible and what's even cooler is that his band is performing in San Diego on Laura's birthday, May 24th at Viejas Resort and Casino. We are celebrating Producer Bryan's 2nd anniversary with the podcast and Laura's birthday the night of the show. To win tickets simply go to www.lauracainafterdark.com. First 25 people to do the three things win tickets. Easy peasy. We have 25 pairs to give away to you guys. It's going to be a blast. Follow @Georgemichaelreborn and @Robertbartko. What a kind and talented soul. And hit the SUBSCRIBE button (that's one of the three things.) Can't wait to see you on Friday, May 24th. Love your podcast! https://www.lauracainafterdark.com
    53m 25s
  • What Would You Do?

    2 MAY. 2024 · If you found a briefcase with a million dollars inside with a note smeared with blood with the word "DON'T" scribbled on it, would you take it or leave it? Just one of the captivating questions Laura throws down during The Question Game segment. Another one? Do you wash new clothes before you wear them? This episode also includes a tarot reading, Producer Bryan's Wild Card, and a major bomb is dropped on Erik by Laura. This one burns! You gotta watch it through to the end because we all sing a song together for no good reason. It just happens and it'll make you laugh and smile and sing along, too. It's feel-good fun all around. Love you for watching and for listening to our podcast twice a week. You're part of the family! Love your podcast!
    55m 8s
  • Ghost Sightings In Old Town__

    1 MAY. 2024 · Something freaky happened to Laura during the DAYTIME at one of the so-called “most haunted” spots in Old Town San Diego. And, she wasn’t the only one who experienced it! Erik has a new beef with a major car company that he takes to the top! His actions show us to never take “No” for an answer. Then, he serves up some juicy Double D news including a new conservatorship for Britney? And, Laura and Erik both binged a show on Netflix you NEED TO SEE! We are unapologetically unfiltered and, lots of fun.  We are your funny and authentic bi-weekly escape from the stresses of life. Thanks for being part of our podcast family! Love your podcast!!!
    49m 20s
  • Never Have I Ever...

    25 ABR. 2024 · What is something you have never done that most people on this planet have? Laura has a crazy list of things she's never done like watching the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (isn't that a crime, or something?) Then, we get to watch a few more awful acting auditions from Laura. Side note: she's dead serious when she says that she gives each one of them her all. Cue hecklers! We play a new game called "Quick and Dirty" where Laura pits Erik against Producer Bryan. Which one of them can think the fastest on their feet? Pull up, grab something to eat, kick up your feet, and hang with us for a little while. Hopefully, you'll come away with a smile on your face and sore stomach muscles from laughing so hard.  We are an unapologetically unfiltered, fun, funny, genuine, real-talk show. Thanks for checking us out. Love your podcast! https://www.lauracainafterdark.com
    41m 39s
  • Dating Profile DO's and DON'Ts

    23 ABR. 2024 · It's official. Laura says it's time to get back out in the dating pool and she needs our help to create a kick-butt online profile. She tells us what she's learned about the do's and don'ts, the photos you should never include, and some "prompts" that will get the best responses. Erik and Producer Bryan chime in with their opinions. AND, we are joined by a surprise guest, dating expert, Dr. Vagine! Oh, what a surprise you're in for. Our special THIRD co-host for this episode is Leo Giordano, a big-time Laura Cain After Dark fan in Indiana. He's here in San Diego this week for his big "4-0" birthday celebration so we invited him to hang with us. He is also a MASSIVE, MEGA, DIAMOND-status fan of this 80's celebrity. You'll learn more about Leo and hear the sweet things he says about our show. You'll love Leo as much as we do. Thank you for being a part of THIS podcast community. Comment, subscribe, share, like, DM us on IG and FB @lauracainafterdark or on TikTok @lauracainafterdarkpod Email us at lauracainad@gmail.com or go to https://www.lauracainafterdark.com for links, bios, etc. Love your podcast!
    1h 1m 39s
  • The $150 Striptease!

    18 ABR. 2024 · We play a compelling, funny round of the game "What's Your Price," where Laura gives Erik and Producer Bryan scenarios and we all have to write down the lowest price we'd do these things for. One of the scenarios is "What's your price to do a striptease in front of all of us down to your birthday suit?" Another one? "What's your price to leave your soon-to-be spouse at the altar?" And "What's your price to be branded with a hot iron on your butt?" Laura whips out a list of signs that you are officially old, the list of top celebrity billionaires in a short Rando News segment. And, why was Laura cutting up male appendages over the weekend? It's true and it's so random. We want to be your fun, crazy, hilarious escape from your daily grind. Sit back, grab a snack, laugh, and play with us. We are unapologetically unfiltered fun and we love you for being part of our podcast family. Love your podcast!! https://www.lauracainafterdarl.com
    43m 44s

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Hosted by Radio Hall of Famer, sober mom and oversharer, Laura Cain, and Erik Rimmer, hilarious celebrity stylist hot-head and Laura's BFF. It's a funny, unapologetically unfiltered, unedited, real, raw,...

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Hosted by Radio Hall of Famer, sober mom and oversharer, Laura Cain, and Erik Rimmer, hilarious celebrity stylist hot-head and Laura's BFF.
It's a funny, unapologetically unfiltered, unedited, real, raw, engaging podcast.
Never a dull moment and NOTHING is off the table.
Kick back, grab a snack, and escape with us for an hour or so. We promise you'll be thoroughly entertained and uplifted.
Laugh with us, laugh AT us, and become a part of our podcast family.
Love your podcast!
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