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  • When Plans Become Reality - UNC Charlotte Active Shooter

    17 MAY. 2024 · In this episode, I speak to the Director of Emergency Management at UNC Charlotte about a wide variety of topics including one of the most important: planning.  Chris dives into what it is like being the Emergency Managment Director at a large higher education establishment on the east coast and some of the challenges there in.  We talk about the benefits of collaboration between entities both on and off campus and how they were tested during one of the most tragic events to ever occur on their campus: an active shooter with confirmed victims.  Thank you to Chris and the UNC Charlotte team for all their continued efforts towards readiness and ensuring the safety of the campus and the surrounding community.   What the listeners should do "tomorrow": preparedness starts on the individual level. Take responsibility for your personal preparedness (listen to the last 10 min to learn more)  CONTACT:  Chris Gonyar - cgonyar@charlotte.edu
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  • Mental Health and Wellness Mini Series Part IV ft. Nick Carson

    4 MAY. 2024 · In this final episode of the Mental Health and Wellness mini-series, Nick Carson brings a fresh perspective on Peer Support and the critical link between a member in crisis and getting the help they need.  Nick wears many hats but one of the most important ones is his role with Mind the Frontline. We dive into peer support and Nick's position at the non-profit Mind the Frontline whose entire purpose for being is to "support those who selflessly safeguard our communities" "It is not normal or okay to suffer" - We also talk about a culture of good mental health and how the results benefit both the member and the Department/agency they are a part of.  Imporant Links:  https://mindthefrontline.org/ - Mind the Frontline Website  1-866-MIND247 (866-646-3247‬) - Mind Shield Warm Line  Contact Nick:  ncarson@mindthefrontline.org Find Nick on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickcarson1623  https://www.jems.com/author/nick-carsonclarionevents-com/ - Nick's JEMS Article
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  • Mental Health and Wellness Mini Series Part III ft. Beth Jacobs

    19 ABR. 2024 · Beth Jacobs is a licenced clinical mental health counselor and has been for the past eight years. She is also a law enforcement spouse of 24 years and a mom of three.  Beth and host Prescott Nadeau dive into the clinician portion of mental health and wellness with a focus on EMDR therapy and its restorative effects for emergency service providers. We also hit on trust and the critical nature of developing a relationship as an individual or Department with a clinician.  "It became apparent this was going to be a lot about death" - Beth, reflecting upon early recognition about being the spouse of a police officer and how that ultimately led to a much greater understanding of emergency services and how to connect with such a unique group of people.  How to reach Beth: mailto:bethjaco210@gmail.com  Finding the right clinician  chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://www.iaffrecoverycenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Finding-the-Right-Clinician-2020.pdf Clinician Webinars  https://www.iaffrecoverycenter.com/community-education/ 
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  • Mental Health and Wellness Mini Series - Part II ft. Ofc Macaig

    4 ABR. 2024 · For part II in our multi part mini series on responder mental health and wellness, host Prescott Nadeau interviews Williston Police Officer Dan Macaig.  Dan has been a firefighter, EMT and police officer in a wide range of areas including on call, career, volunteer, busy houses, slow houses... the whole gammut.  We talk about a range of topics including: - Mental health and responder wellness conversations during entry level recruit academies  - The journey of a responder as his cup slowly fills up and what happens when it overflows  - Breaking the stigma of the "salty old school responder" and "suck it up"  - Acute stress reactions and how to seek help  - The drastic effect a listening ear can have on someone in need of help  - An example of the wrong clinician (followed by finding the right one)  - A discussion about EMDR and the tangible benefit to responders  What do you want the listeners to do tomorrow? - Treat others like you want to be treated  Want to reach out to Dan? https://gmail.com  Want to reach Prescott? (802) 999-5944 or prescott.nadeau@thereadinesslab.com  Resources:  - https://mindthefrontline.org/resources - https://www.iaffrecoverycenter.com/ - https://988lifeline.org/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=onebox - PFFV Peer Support Hotline- 1-833-802-7337  
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  • Mental Health and Wellness Mini Series - Part I ft. Lt Simanskas

    27 MAR. 2024 · Host Prescott Nadeau speaks with Lt. Anthony Simanskas about his experience dealing with one of the most horrific emergency scenes that has occured Statewide back in 2018. They discuss how a call like that has potential to flatten even the most seasoned responder and how to prevent it from doing just that.  Discussion points include:  - How minimal staffing can effecet mental health - The trauma created by pediatric patients - Identifying stress reaction symptoms  - What recovery looks like following a critial incident - Finding the right clinician  What should the listeners do "tomorrow": - Finding the right support network  - Feel like you can be vulnerable - Find a hobby / something you enjoy doing  - Try something new each day Resources:  - https://mindthefrontline.org/resources - https://www.iaffrecoverycenter.com/ - https://988lifeline.org/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=onebox - PFFV Peer Support Hotline- 1-833-802-7337  
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  • Wilderness Medicine ft. Dan Taylor

    15 MAR. 2024 · In this episode, host Prescott Nadeau speaks with Remote Paramedic Daniel Taylor on the world of wilderness medicine and the associated challenges.    Dan defines the difference between wilderness, austere and remote medcine. We nerd out on gear and equipment while referencing how it applies to the urban, suburban and remote provider.    Dan dives into the acronym MARCH PAWS and RTHP (Ruck, Truck, House, Plane)  We wrap up with a discussion on becoming a physician extender in the need for rock solid communication (as much as can be accomplished).   This was a great conversation with a storied paramedic who has lived some pretty wild and incredible adventures. Want to learn more? Tons of resources below:  Self-directed learning and references Prolonged Field Care Collectivehttp://prolongedfieldcare.org/ PFC CPGsConsolidated: https://jts.health.mil/assets/docs/cpgs/Prolonged_Casualty_Care_Guidelines_21_Dec_2021_ID91.pdfSeparated out by topic: https://jts.health.mil/index.cfm/PI_CPGs/cpgs Wilderness Medical Societyhttp://wms.org/WMS Journalhttps://wms.org/WMS/WMS/Research/journal.aspx?hkey=4ab1319f-2d1e-4636-acca-096377ce3018 WMS Clinical Practice Guidelineshttps://wms.org/WMS/Research/WEM/Clinical-Practice-Guidelines.aspx Podcasts PFC Podcasthttps://prolongedfieldcare.org/prolonged-field-care-podcast/ College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Podcasthttps://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/corom-foundationEpisodes 36 (Nursing care in South Sudan), 58 (Human Remains Retrieval), and 77 (Doctorate level paramedic in Colorado)  Training Austere Emergency Carehttps://specializedmedicalstandards.org/courses/ Anyone Not Readyhttps://anyonenotready.com/aec/ Ragged Edge Solutionshttps://www.raggededgesolutions.com/ College of Remote and Offshore Medicinehttps://corom.edu.mt/austere-emergency-care/ Other courses of relevance SOARescuehttps://www.soarescue.com/completelist College of Remote and Offshore Medicinehttps://corom.edu.mt/short-courses/ ConferencesCanadian Association of Wilderness Medicine Annual Conferencehttps://cawm.ca/  Wilderness Medical Society Conferenceshttps://wms.org/WMS/WMS/Attend/Conferences/Overview.aspx Special Operations Medical Association Scientific Assemblyhttps://specialoperationsmedicine.org/soma-2024/ DocumentaryTwo Kilometers to Terror: Life and Death Under ISIShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz4zF43LZ8k Memorial of Pete written by one of his good friendshttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/feb/23/pete-reed-tribute-former-marine-ukraine-mosul-iraq Another memorial featuring his wife who served with us in Mosulhttps://www.npr.org/2023/02/21/1158580520/remembering-33-year-old-pete-reed-a-frontline-humanitarian-medic-killed-in-ukrai Daniel Taylor, EMT-P, TP-C, WP-C, CCEMTP, FAWM Remote Paramedic and Instructor Frozen Medical LLC http://www.frozenmedical.com/ mailto:Dan@FrozenMedical.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/frozenmedicalInstagram: http://instagram.com/frozenmedical tel:+13154848087
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  • Work Life Balance

    4 MAR. 2024 · After a temporary break away from the podcast after having his third child, Prescott returns and speaks to listeners about work life balance, including the barriers to and how to better achieve balace between personal lives and work lives. Using lessons learned from time on the job as a career firefighter as well as time away during FMLA leave, Prescott tackles some of the complexities of work life balance that the world of emergency services presents. Interested in learning more? Reach out to Prescott at prescott.nadeau@thereadinesslab.com. Do you know someone who you'd like to hear on the Life, Fire, Layout Podcast, or a topic you'd like us to dive deeper into? Drop a comment on email Prescott for more.
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  • When the Rescuer Needs to be Rescued

    4 ENE. 2024 · LFL is pleased to bring long time Fire and EMS educator Jon Politis to the podcast. In this episode, we talk about an accident that occured in 2022 that impacted nearly every aspect of his life, physical, mental and emotional. This is one of the first times Jon has publically discussed this accident, and more importantly debriefed many of the learning aspects of it including but not limited to: what happens when the rescuer needs to be rescued, words and how they matter way more than we could imagine and the role denial plays in an incident like this. Want to book Jon for one of his top classes, EMS Leadership Bootcamp? Contact info below! Jonathan Politis Contact Info: jonpolitis@mac.com https://www.cnn.com/videos/travel/2016/08/08/park-rangers-grand-teton-national-park-jenny-lake-orig-nws.cnn - more on the Jenny Lake Rangers
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  • Weather Matters with NWS Meteorologist Scott Whittier

    21 DIC. 2023 · Scott Whittier loves weather! He is a Warning Coordination Meteorologist, which means he acts as the liaison between the National Weather Service and everyone from emergency responders to school decision makers, airport officials and everyone in between. In this episode, we talk all things weather including how to stay safe in certain weather conditions, the importance of operational CO detectors and how weather can play a dangerous role, and an underutilized yet critical component for emergency responders: the SPOT FORECAST. Scott dives into the improving technology that meteorologists have at their disposal yet describes the process for putting out a reliable but not perfect forecast. Have a listen and consider tossing a like, follow or comment wherever you listen to your podcasts.
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  • The Impact of a K-9 Comfort Dog - Interview with Ofc. Matt Cohen

    10 DIC. 2023 · Officer Matt Cohen has worked with the Williston Police Department for over a decade. His most recent role is not one you often hear about. Ofc. Cohen is the handler for K-9 Duke, Vermont's first law enforcement comfort dog. This episode dives into what its like being a K-9 handler for a comfort dog and what the program means to the community at large. Ofc. Cohen and I talk everything from origins of the program, training, how the program is used now and what the potential future of the program is. Do you want to learn more about the K-9 Comfort Dog program or if you want more information about K-9 Duke and/or Officer Matt Cohen, reach out: mcohen@willistonpdvt.org Do you need a K-9 Comfort Dog service and live in New England? Reach out to Williston PD via their non emergency line at 802-878-6611. Be sure to follow our friends on social media @K9DukeVT - Instagram and Facebook Finally.... Support our podcast either by "boosting the signal" or become an Insider today. Subscription: https://lnkd.in/eUmNA2QA https://www.linkedin.com/company/leadingduringcrisis/ is a Masterclass taught by Pete Gaynor, who held one of the highest offices in the federal government while leading the nation through numerous disasters: https://lnkd.in/eQEN3qgJ Major Endorsements: https://www.linkedin.com/company/l3harris-technologies/' BeOn PPT App. Learn more about this amazing product here: http://www.l3harris.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/propper-international/: From the outdoors to the EOC, wear Propper. http://www.propper.com/ Paladin by https://www.linkedin.com/company/acela-truck-company-inc./: Riding to the final destination with the Cube, a mobile MCI refrigerated morgue: http://www.paladinprepare.com/ Impulse: Bleeding Control Kits by professionals for professionals: https://lnkd.in/dWWBYJAa https://www.linkedin.com/company/doberman-emergency-management-group/ provides subject matter experts in planning and training: http://www.dobermanemg.com/
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"Life, Fire, Layout" with host Prescott Nadeau, a Public Information Officer and Fire Department Captain, explores the balance between career and well-being in the world of public safety. Tune in...

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"Life, Fire, Layout" with host Prescott Nadeau, a Public Information Officer and Fire Department Captain, explores the balance between career and well-being in the world of public safety. Tune in for insights on leadership, daily challenges, and the lifestyle of those who dedicate their lives to serving the community. A guide to thriving in a demanding field, this podcast offers a unique perspective on life at the frontline.
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