• Life! with Mary Walter - I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

    3 MAY. 2023 · Movies everyone under 40 should see! Name a movie that is a classic that would trigger pretty much everyone under 40! Why am I wearing sunglasses? Yes, why AM I wearing sunglasses????
    58m 12s
  • Life! with Mary Walter-Changes Coming!

    26 ABR. 2023 · Single Women in China Thanks to their One Child initiative, single women in China are now a hot commodity! AND they're in to their education & careers. As a result, the marriage & birth rates are plummeting. So the Chinese government is now taking everything they know about their citizens and arranging blind dates for them! What could possibly go wrong?! We Got an Air Fryer! Hubby has wanted one for a year so it was inevitable....... I Talked To Rhoda Today It was hilarious as usual We have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Changes are coming to our podcasts PLUS - Why Are Aliens Obsessed with Our Cows??
    1h 9m 13s
  • Life! with Mary Walter - I Think I Could Move To FL!

    19 ABR. 2023 · I Think I Could Move To Florida! I never understood the allure but after spending 5 days with our friends in their home, I think I kinda get the whole Florida "thing". That being said, it was only 5 days and stupid hot in April, but maybe it's not so bad after all! And we went kayaking in the Everglades to see the wildlife. HINT: They're all dinosaurs! What happens when you walk in to an interview and the interviewer is a guy you ghosted a couple of years ago?! It happened to one woman - find out if she got the job.
    48m 59s
  • Life! with Mary Walter - Fat Men, Obnoxious Brats, Funerals & Zombies

    12 ABR. 2023 · Join us as we find out why obesity is worse for me than it is for women Sorry guys, "dad bods" may be fashionable but they're going to kill you Should a bus driver who is eventually pushed over the edge by obnoxious brats be forced to retire? There is a special place in heaven for school bus drivers, so can anyone blame them for eventually losing their cool & screaming at your little angel? This bus driver was forced out but not that long ago, parents would have supported the bus driver & punished their kids. Planning your own funeral Most Americans want to plan their own funeral and they want it BIG but they don't want to spend a lot of money. Best state in which to survive a zombie apocalypse! Surprisingly someone actually researched this!
    1h 3m 55s
  • Life! with Mary Walter with Guest Jennifer Bukowsky

    5 ABR. 2023 · Legal Eagle Jennifer Bukowsky joins us to break down the charges brought today against former President Donald Trump and answers your questions.
    46m 24s
  • Life! with Mary Walter with Special Guest Sean Spicer

    29 MAR. 2023 · SEAN SPICER is my special guest! Sean talks about his first ever children's book and then we get to know more about Sean - no politics! Find out if Sean was popular in HS, how many proms Sean went to, where is the iconic Dancing With The Stars Shirt & more! Then Christine Flowers joins me for a quick recap of the RHONJ!
    1h 16m 37s
  • Life! with Mary Walter w_Guest Co Host Bobby Burack

    22 MAR. 2023 · Outkick's Bobby Burack cohosts and will teach me everything I don't want to know about Tinder Are apps the best way to meet someone or does meeting someone in person give you a better shot at a successful relationship? Also what are the 5 bare minimum requirements a woman should expect from a man? How about the minimum requirement a man should expect from a woman?
    1h 49s
  • Life! with Mary Walter - with guest Christine Flowers

    15 MAR. 2023 · What's up with Drew Barrymore? Why is Drew Barrymore kneeling in front of a man who less than a yr ago decided he's a woman?! I truly don't care what you do, but don't force me to pretend that just because you put on a dress and prance around as a charicature of how a woman acts, that I shouldn't be insulted! The City of Newark gets scammed Probably my favorite story in a while. And it wasn't just the city of Newark either! Proof that government can't do anything right. Sleeping separately is coming back Can sleeping in separate beds be better for you than sharing a bed? Maybe Lucy & Ricky were right all along! A RHONJ update with Christine Flowers The wonderful Christine Flowers joins us for an update on our favorite group of misfits and James watched so he joins in. We also go on several tangents including the prom and how REAL people from NJ act and speak. But it's a lot of fun even if you don't watch the show
    1h 31m 4s
  • Life with Mary Walter - with Guest Host Jennifer Bukowsky

    8 MAR. 2023 · Jen is an award winning attorney & CPA AND she's a lot of fun!! Jen loves the Royals, so we'll discuss the latest on Harry & Meghan including King Charles evicting them from Frogmore Cottage and Harry's public mental health counseling sessions that you can watch for a mere $40!! It's National Cereal Day and who doesn't love cereal? What was your favorite as a kid? Do you ever just buy a box and eat it all yourself? This somehow drifted in to Girl Scout Cookies. Which are amazing. And currently on sale Lastly, it's your RHONJ wrap up for this week!
    45m 11s
  • LWMW - Debt, Married but Living Apart & Exhausted Parents

    1 MAR. 2023 · Why Are Millennials Racking Up More Debt Than Any Other Generation? Great question! Why?? More Married Couples Are Living Apart Is it really a marriage if you don't live together? How is that different than dating? Parents Hide From Their Kids To Get A Break Parent reveal their techniques to get away from the kids And Your Real Housewives of NJ Update!
    1h 13m 55s
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