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    Episode 26 - "MY GRIEF"

    19 ABR. 2023 · I'm discussing how I am coping with the loss of my Grandmother. How her death has affected me and my family
    41m 32s
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    Episode 25 - "The root of it"

    28 DIC. 2022 · Figuring out the "ROOT" of my depression. The where, why, and how is started, and navigating through it. Also acknoweldging it and seeking help.
    44m 45s
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    Episode 24 - "Time"

    17 MAY. 2022 · In this episode, I will talk about how I am handling the death of my beloved Grandmother, adjusting to life without her, and WTF is going on in the world right now. Plus, I will let you guys know all the exciting plans I have for my podcast this summer. TUNE IN!
    42m 43s
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    Episode 23 - It's a new chapter for me

    26 FEB. 2022 · Life after divorce... How i feel about being divorced. What I learned during my marriage. What I learned about myself during my marriage and what I need from my next partner.
    44m 40s
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    Episode 22 - Happy New Year... 2022 Thus Far!

    19 FEB. 2022 · First episode of 2022. What I've learned so far and my plans for this year
    43m 54s
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    Episode 21 - Letting Go of Fear

    6 SEP. 2021 · In this episode I will discuss the affects that fear & self doubt really have on us. It can be down right crippling and quickly spiral into bad habits. Breaking patterns of self-sabotaging and letting of said fear. Understanding I can't control everying and somethings really need to be left in God's hands.
    44m 37s
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    Episode 20 - My thoughts

    30 ENE. 2021 · Still trying to navigate through our new normal. Not having access to our family & friends. How to deal with our internal battles & really work on ourselves and becoming a better version. Learning to be happy & letting go of anything or anyone who doestn't add to that happiness. Talking through my pain.
    43m 6s
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    Episode 19 - Personal Therapy

    13 ENE. 2021 · One of those days where you could really benefit from having an ear. Someone to just listen to you and really hear you. No judgement, no listen to respond, just hear you completely. Thats what this podcast is for me. Personal Therapy.
    45m 1s
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    Episode 18 - Sandy Hook Promise PSA

    25 SEP. 2019 · My thoughts on the Sandy Hook Promise school shooting PSA
    36m 3s
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    Episode 17 - Jay Z and Roc Nations deal with the NFL YASSSS or NAH?

    16 AGO. 2019 · On todays episode I will be discussing my thoughts on Jay Z getting into business with the NFL, how Colin Kaepernick fits in to all of this and what the majority is saying.
    42m 44s
SO OPINIONATED.... Unapologetically discussing black culture, current events, motherhood, being a DV survivor & advocate. Finding my voice & encouraging other women to find theirs.

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