• Daniella Ferraro

    19 MAY. 2024 · Dr. Lynnda Nadien talks with Daniela Ferraro '22, who received her Associates in Language Arts and is working towards her Bachelor Degree in Childhood Education at SUNY Old Westbury.  Her hobbies include photography - and a professor at NCC inspired her to showcase photos in an art show and encouraged her to pursue her passion.
    26m 50s
  • Keith Daniel Saunders Sr.

    12 MAY. 2024 · Lynnda Nadien talks with Keith Daniel Saunders Sr. ('90), an educator and school leader for over 30 years.  He is a teacher, an administrator, a mentor and dedicated to serving his community as the President and Co-Founder of a youth empowerment program Saunders Omnipresent Network Inspiring America's Youth Inc. (SONIAY INC.).  Keith is also a deacon at the House of Judah Church in West Sayville, NY.
    27m 33s
  • Elizabeth Sekreta

    14 ABR. 2024 · Dr. Lynnda Nadien talks with Elizabeth Sekreta '20.  Elizabeth is a student at SUNY Old Westbury and preparing to be a teacher.  She is a student observing in the Hempstead School District and is passionate about working with children.  She loves to work out, hang with friends and work at Outback Steakhouse where she a server and bartender.  She loves art, especially pottery, and looks forward to future art classes.
    26m 42s
  • Stacey Garcia

    7 ABR. 2024 · Dr. Lynnda Nadien talks with Stacey Garcia '20.  She served the college as President of the Future Teachers Club and upon graduation, transferred to SUNY Old Westbury, where she is now studying elementary education with a concentration in bilingual education.  Stacey loves hiking, hanging out with her family and friends, and is hoping to be a successful teacher in the future.
    27m 20s
  • Erika Zizzo

    17 MAR. 2024 · Dr. Lynnda Nadien talks with Erika Zizzo '09, who received a degree from NCC in Business Administration, She supports students by inspiring them to work towards success in any field. She is an avid cyclist, loves kayaking and charcuterie boards! Her interests include music, art, architecture, and Long Island and American history. She collects and sells vintage decor and artwork, too. She was a DJ at WHPC and used her skills here to enhance her professional work which includes a lot of public speaking.
    28m 21s
  • Destany Samuel

    10 MAR. 2024 · Dr. Lynnda Nadien talks with Destany Samuel '23, who has a degree from NCC in Fashion Design. She is a radio host, DJ/Producer, Creative Director and songwriter. She is interested in astrology, human design, communications and more. She loves to sing, dance, and create.
    28m 21s
  • Dr. Timothy Keogh

    25 FEB. 2024 · Dr. Lynnda Nadien talks with Dr. Timothy Keogh ('05). After NCC, he graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelor's degree, and a PhD from the CUNY Graduate Center in History. He ran cross-country at NCC and was a D3 All American. His hobbies include history and gardening.
    28m 16s
  • Adeline Mucci

    18 FEB. 2024 · Dr. Lynnda Nadien talks with Adeline Mucci '19. She earned a Master of Science in Higher Education, Leadership and Policy Studies. Her hobbies include music, cooking, traveling, dance, reading and gardening.
    27m 29s
  • Dr. Daniel Thomas Moran

    11 FEB. 2024 · Dr. Lynnda Nadien talks with Dr. Daniel Thomas Moran '02. Originally attended NCC 1975-1977 and returned to complete an AS degree in Biology in 2002. He then went to Stony Brook University and a DDS degree from Howard University. He enjoys music, golf, and making Windsor chairs. He is listed in Who's Who, and is a writer, a poet, a thinker and a doctor!
    28m 57s
  • Sandra Reese-Rigg

    3 FEB. 2024 · Dr. Lynnda Nadien talks with Sandra Reese-Rigg '86! She graduated from the nursing program at the age of 21, and has worked in the medical and pharmaceutical fields as a nurse and pharmacist after earning her degree from St. John's University. She is also a business owner in Florida, owning Caduceus Pharmacy. She teaches an online course for women suffering from Fibromyalgia, is a community activist, and works to promote wellness, health and overall screening services.
    28m 35s
show committed to sharing the success stories of distinguished Nassau Community College alumni. Hosted by Dr. Lynnda Nadien, a proud NCC graduate.

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