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    Ep. 37 What TYPE is in These STREETS!!

    17 JUN. 2024 · NEW SEASON... on this episode, Guest Interview is Actor/Model Victor Keye. He is sharing with us a day in a life for actors and telling us all about the MOVIES and Upcoming Movies and Shows he is  appearing in.  Also, we are discussing what TYPE of people we have encountered in these  STREETS!!  We are answering some question sent in by listeners.  The Advice Segment and The Interview Segment  with Victor are VIDEO RECORDED as well.  You can catch that on Youtube..                                       Please Subscribe to the Channel @Loose Chatter Podcast.   email: loosechatterpodcast@gmail.com.  Send in any Questions for the Advice Segment as well as any Topic you would like us to discuss on here.(the sky is the limit Lol!).  INSTAGRAM for Victor is Vicz.502. IMDb page: Victor Keye. Facebook: Tez Keye.  Hope you Enjoy this Episode and Thank you for your Support.
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    Ep. 36 Oh the Web We Weave!!

    22 MAY. 2024 · This is not for KIDS.... On this episode we are diving in discussing Entanglements.   From Dating Profiles to Entanglements with Money.  We are back in my Garage setting it off. We are answering questions sent in by listeners as well as videoing the advice segment for Youtube.  This Podcast is for Entertainment Purposes only... Get your Favorite Drink, Sit in your Favorite Spot and Enjoy!!  Send all questions to  email: loosechatterpodcast@gmail.com    facebook: Loose Chatter Erica-Renee Youtube:  Loose Chatter Podcast. Please Subscribe to the Channel. 
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    EP. 35 Beneficially Single!

    4 MAY. 2024 · We are Serving this episode up RIGHT!  This was a treat discussing the BENEFITS or NOT!... of being Single with our Male Guest, KJ O'Neil.  He answered questions while we gave him the SIDE-EYE on some of his answers...Advice Segment Video of the Pod is on YOUTUBE... Send in your questions for the Advice Segment to  email: loosechatterpodcast@gmail.com   facebook:  Loose Chatter Erica-Renee Subscribe to the Youtube Channel: Loose Chatter.
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    EP. 34 Criminal Love!!

    20 ABR. 2024 · We have a treat in store.. on this episode we are discussing LOVE from the JAILHOUSE to your front door. Should you or Should you not get involved with an inmate..Also, we are diving into the Popular Advice Segment answering all of your Juicy Questions with my Mother N Law chiming in with great Advice. Sit in your favorite CHAIR, with your favorite DRINK and cross your LEGS, this is going to be a FUN ride.   The Advice Segment is VIDEO recorded, you can WATCH that on YOUTUBE.... email:  loosechatterpodcast@gmail.com   facebook:  Loose Chatter Erica-Renee.  youtube: Erica Renee-Loose Chatter. (please subscribe)  facebook book club: The Reading Diva's Book Club.   instagram: loose_chatter_podcast
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  • EP. 33 Keeping it on Lock!

    1 ABR. 2024 · Hey Chatterverse.  GET YOUR CUP READY 'CAUSE WE ARE BRINGING THE TEA!  On this episode we are discussing how to keep the relationship fresh, in addition to ways to fix a broken relationship.. As always answering questions from slipping in the neighbors back door to permission to dip again.  Enjoy!
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  • EP. 32 You are the ONE for me!

    16 MAR. 2024 · Hey Chatterverse.. on this episode we are discussing how you know HE or SHE is the ONE!  It's Women's History Month... we are mentioning an influential Woman. And as always, we are discussing the MEN!  Hope you Enjoy this Episode of the Podcast!!   email:  loosechatterpodcast@gmail.com  facebook:  Loose Chatter Erica-Renee
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  • EP. 31 Standing on the One Nighter! What!?!

    26 FEB. 2024 · What's up Chatterverse! On this episode we are discussing one night stands from Road Gig to the Booty Text. Also, it is still Black History Month and we are mentioning some inventors. Later on we are discussing our current reads and shows. Sit back, get you some Wine, Close the door 'cause this aint for Kids! Lol! Enjoy! email: loosechatterpodcast@gmail.com facebook: Loose Chatter Erica-Renee Book club: The Reading Diva's Book Club.
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  • EP. 30 My Sweet Valentine! Lol!

    12 FEB. 2024 · Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Black History Month! On this episode we are talking about a perfect Valentine's Date to what the Men are doing Right to what they are doing Wrong...Tidbit to the Men from Mel Floyd. And mentioning a couple of Black Inventors. Get you something to Drink to go along with this Sweet Treat Episode!! facebook: Loose Chatter Erica- Renee email: loosechatterpodcast@gmail.com
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  • EP.29 The Men are Talking! What!

    29 ENE. 2024 · What's up Chatterverse... on this episode we have a guest..a brave guy..answering all of our burning questions..Jeremy Gibson answers our questions and breaking some of the bro codes..Get your pen and pad ready to take notes...Enjoy! facebook: Loose Chatter Erica-Renee email: loosechatterpodcast@gmail.com (side note: just a little technical difficulty on this episode)
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  • Ep. 28 Laughing Up in Here!

    15 ENE. 2024 · It's a New Year...My guest on this episode is Comedian Bob Digga..He is telling us about his experience as a Comedian..from jokes to an uplifting life experience. Now you know I had to touch on the Club Shay Shay interview...Katt Williams. Alright! Let's Get it!! Lol!
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This podcast is about a little bit of everything. Hence the title lol! Marriage, boy mom stuff, dating, shopping and reality tv recaps, etc. You will feel like you are...

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This podcast is about a little bit of everything. Hence the title lol! Marriage, boy mom stuff, dating, shopping and reality tv recaps, etc. You will feel like you are sitting at the table with your girlfriends. Sit back listen and enjoy.✨
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