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    Relationship Report Cards

    17 FEB. 2024 · Musa and Tatiana celebrate their first year of marriage offer one another report cards!
    47m 37s
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    Viva La Revolución (Around The Sun)

    2 ENE. 2024 · With 2023 in the rear view, Musa and Tatiana reflect on personal and collective growth from the year. The Fury's are getting Gucci.
    38m 57s
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    Relationships 101: Conflict Resolution & The Power of Small Gestures

    18 DIC. 2023 · Musa and Tatiana discuss conflict resolution within the relationship and how their consistent participation in small (kind) gestures may renew their shared love.
    49m 24s
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    Ghosting - (Have You Ever Been Ghosted?

    8 DIC. 2023 · Tatiana and Musa discuss Ghosting, the practice of abruptly ending a personal relationship through ceasing all communication, absent explanation.
    1h 2m 13s
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    Grateful AF

    25 NOV. 2023 · Tis' the season or something! Tatiana and Musa talk about family traditions, both old and new.
    44m 52s
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    The Magnificent Mrs. Fury

    17 NOV. 2023 · "What I hear you saying is, that you were once in a Pop-Locking dance group that performed in New York City." Her love and pursuit of a professional dance career while living the path of yogini, and with an emotional maturity contributing to much perseverance. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Magnificent Mrs. Fury
    54m 1s
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    What's The Blackstory, Musa Fury?

    23 OCT. 2023 · Tatiana interviews Musa about plant medicine, becoming a United States Marine and his career in law enforcement as a Cop in Oakland, California.
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    Cuffing Season

    15 OCT. 2023 · Cuffing Season is in full effect! Musa and Tatiana attend a beautiful ranch wedding in North Texas and discuss the challenges of a young love while sharing experiences of the heart.
    36m 5s
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    Moving In - Combining Two Worlds

    7 OCT. 2023 · No more wire hangers, EVER? The Fury's discuss their co-habitation experiences.
    31m 27s
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    Love Hurts So Good

    26 SEP. 2023 · Love Hurts but how much pain are you willing to take? Musa and Tatiana explore the challenges of cultivating relationships as we grow in age, wisdom and emotional maturity.
    31m 47s
Musa and Tatiana Fury share their stories of Love, while exploring the intricacies of this Human Experience and Relationships.

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