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  • The European Union's trade balance: back in surplus

    28 MAY. 2024 · In this Audiobrief, Guillaume Derrien discusses recent evolution of the European Union's trade balance. The latter moved back to a surplus in 2023. Despite China’s ramping up to higher value-added sectors, the EU trade surplus in traditionally buoyant industries (pharmaceuticals, automotive) remains at historically-high levels. https://economic-research.bnpparibas.com/Home/en-US
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  • French trade deficit: France is relatively deindustrialised but investing

    13 MAR. 2024 · In this audiobrief, Stéphane Colliac describes France’s trade deficit for 2023 main drivers. In addition to a deficit linked to imports of hydrocarbons and a structural deficit reflecting the country’s de-industrialisation, it is also driven by France’s investment in the needs arising from the ecological and digital transition and the electrification of the car industry.   https://economic-research.bnpparibas.com/Home/en-US
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  • #2 - Geopolitical uncertainty: economic consequences

    21 DIC. 2023 · In the second podcast on geopolitical uncertainty and its economic consequences, Daniel Morris and William De Vijlder look more closely at the impact of geopolitical uncertainty on firms, households and financial markets. https://economic-research.bnpparibas.com/Home/en-US
    Escuchado 21m 20s
  • #1 - Geopolitical uncertainty: economic consequences

    19 DIC. 2023 · In two podcasts Daniel Morris, Chief Market Strategist of BNP Paribas Asset Management discusses with William De Vijlder, Group Chief Economist of BNP Paribas the impact of geopolitical uncertainty on the economy. In this first podcast, they look at economic and geopolitical uncertainty, why it matters and how it can be measured. https://economic-research.bnpparibas.com/Media-Library/en-US/Episode-1-Geopolitical-Uncertainty-Economic-Consequences-12/19/2023,c40181
    Escuchado 17m 7s
  • #2 - Looking beyond the peak

    19 OCT. 2023 · In the second and last episode of the series on central banks and their fight against inflation, Andrew Craig and William de Vijlder are looking beyond the peak and discuss what will come next. Among the questions are: how long will central banks hold rates at these levels? How long will they plateau at these current levels? what come after that? https://economic-research.bnpparibas.com/Home/en-US
    Escuchado 13m 12s
  • #1 - Central banks and their fight against inflation. Job done?

    12 OCT. 2023 · In this series of two podcasts Andrew Craig, co-head of the Investments Insight Center at BNP Paribas Asset Management, interviewed William de Vijlder, group chief economist of the Economic Research of BNP Paribas regarding the central banks policies to fight inflation. Among the questions answered in the first episode are:Are we at the peak or can we expect further rates hikes? Is the inflation going to declines? at which pace? https://economic-research.bnpparibas.com/Home/en-US
    Escuchado 24m 19s
  • #3 - National recovery plan Espana 2050: Towards a productivity recovery?

    31 MAY. 2023 · In this third and final episode of the series dedicated to labour productivity in Spain, signs of encouragement for a recovery in Spanish productivity are presented, in particular thanks to a national recovery plan (2021-2026) that is in line with the España 2050 strategy, which consists of raising R&D investment. https://economic-research.bnpparibas.com/Home/en-US
    Escuchado 8m 44s
  • #2 - Why Is Productivity Growth So Low?

    24 MAY. 2023 · In this second episode of the series on labour productivity in Spain, Hélène Baudchon and Guillaume Derrien discuss the three main factors that explain Spain's low productivity. https://economic-research.bnpparibas.com/Home/en-US
    Escuchado 7m 11s
  • #1 - Productivity Spain's Achilles'Heel

    17 MAY. 2023 · In this series of three podcasts "Focus on Labour Productivity in Spain" Hélène Baudchon, Deputy Chief Economist and Head of the OECD team, BNP Paribas Economics Department and Guillaume Derrien, Senior Economist in the same team, discuss productivity as an endemic weakness of the Spanish model. This first episode reviews the main trends in the evolution of productivity in Spain compared to its European neighbours over the last 25 years. https://economic-research.bnpparibas.com/Home/en-US
    Escuchado 7m 34s
  • AudioBrief | The link between global growth and international trade

    1 MAR. 2023 · In this new AudioBrief, Guillaume Derrien, economist within the OECD team, discusses the close relationship between global growth and the evolution of international trade. https://economic-research.bnpparibas.com/Home/en-US
    Escuchado 3m
Stories about money and markets : Weekly talks from the Economic Research department of BNP Paribas with William De Vijlder, Group Chief Economist.

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