• Starliner Mission Should Be Completed In Spite of Five Helium Leaks

    13 JUN. 2024 · Starliner now has five helium leaks but there's plenty of helium for the mission to be completed in spite of the leaks. SpaceX has a very good week after Starship completes its test successfully. A NASA legend has died at the age of 90 doing something he loved. And frost was discovered in Olympus Mons on Mars. 
    34m 39s
  • Starliner Is On Its Way to the ISS!

    6 JUN. 2024 · Bloeing has finally gotten its big win with a successful launch of Starliner that is on its way to the ISS. SpaceX congratulated Boeing while planning a Thursday launch of their own massive rocket. China is grabbing samples from the far side of the Moon. Hubble is having some gyroscope trouble. And the planetary alignment story isn't exactly what social media says it is. 
    48m 3s
  • I have Been and Always Shall Be... Not a Real Planet?

    30 MAY. 2024 · This week's show sounds a little familiar... Starliner planning to launch, SpaceX is crushing it with launches and AR3664 is back! Also, Venus likely has volcanoes and the planet Vulcan wasn't really there at all.  
    37m 32s
  • It Took 60 Years But He Finally Went to Space

    23 MAY. 2024 · Starliner delays launch again but hopes for a June 2 launch now. SpaceX is continues to launch successfully with the latest launch for the NRO. Ed Dwight wasn't given a chance to go to space 60 years ago but has now taken a trip aboard a Blue Origin rocket and become t he oldest person to ever go to space. NASA's oldest active astronaut will go back to the ISS for a 6 month mission at 69 years old. Juno has given us some new looks at Europa and Euclid has given us five brand new looks of the universe. 
    36m 32s
  • Incredible and Historic Aurora Show

    16 MAY. 2024 · The aurora present in the earth's northern and southern hemispheres rank as one of the best in the last 500 years. A sunspot like the one that caused the aurora could be a major problem for our electric grid in the future. Starliner has another launch delay to no sooner than May 21. And JWST has detected two black holes merging billions of year ago. 
    44m 48s
  • Starliner Delays Launch After Non-Cicada Related Buzzing Sound

    9 MAY. 2024 · Starliner was forced to delay launch because of a buzzing sound coming from a rocket valve. A massive sunspot could cause problems with communication on Earth. 41,000 years ago Earth's magnetic shield went down. And a historic cookie is now in the Smithsonian. 
    39m 13s
  • JWST Catches a Glimpse of Jar Jar Binks

    2 MAY. 2024 · The James Webb Space Telescope has given us a glimpse of the Horse Head Nebula and the galaxies behind it. Starliner is preparing for a Monday launch. No, those aren't giant spiders on Mars. Residents of the southern hemispehre are getting a look at the "Devil Comet". And a CME could be arriving at Earth on Saturday. 
    36m 5s
  • Just a Drop of Water In an Endless Sea

    25 ABR. 2024 · There's a lot of dust talk this week as a Moon mission is in the works with dust guards ready to deal with dust on the Moon. Plus NASA is planning ahead for Artemis missions with large cargo crates that will be sent for future missions. Ingenuity is getting a new job on Mars that will allow it to continue in service. Plus, NASA is communicating with Voyager 1 again. 
    35m 48s
  • Chicken Little Was Right!

    18 ABR. 2024 · NASA has learned the hard way that not everything burns up on rentry. Starliner is a step closer to a test launch in early May. A nova and the "devil comet" are both in the night time sky for viewing. And a massive black hole has been discovered in the Milky Way. 
    34m 47s
  • Recapping the Eclipse and Watch Out for China

    11 ABR. 2024 · Amateur astronomers learned a few new terms from the "Sheldons" of atronomy. NASA has entered into a partnership with JAXA that will put Japanese boots on the Moon. China's space program seems to have more in mind than exploration. And the worlds biggest digital camera in complete. 
    37m 47s

Made of Stars is a look at everything in space exploration from programs and vehicles on Earth to discoveries made just out of our atmosphere and into deep space. Space...

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Made of Stars is a look at everything in space exploration from programs and vehicles on Earth to discoveries made just out of our atmosphere and into deep space. Space enthusiast Wes Carroll interviews executive director of CSU's Coca-Cola Space Science center Dr. Shawn Cruzen each week with new episodes published Thursday mornings.

Georgia Association of Broadcasters winner for Best Podcast Series at the 2022 Gabby Awards

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Voice Over: Joe Earl Williams
Original Music: Graham Hobson
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