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Maple Moose Mysteries

  • S2 E4: Ghost Town Crimes

    7 JUN. 2024 · Ghost towns are everywhere, and they even had crime! Just because a town no longer exists, does not mean the unsolved mysteries vanish. Today we take a look at THREE crimes in ghost towns across Canada. 
    Played 18m 47s
  • S2 E3: The PEI Potato Plot

    24 MAY. 2024 · Join us as we delve into the sabotage that nearly ruined one of Canada's most beloved foods. In 2015, Prince Edward Island found itself at the center of a chilling saga when sewing needles began appearing in batches of potatoes, threatening the very livelihood of the island's iconic potato industry. What drove someone to sabotage the staple crop of the nation? Was it a calculated attack, a prank gone awry, or something more sinister? 
    Played 16m 48s
  • S2 E2: The High River Gun Grab

    10 MAY. 2024 · We're taking you back to 2013, to the small town of High River, Alberta, where a devastating flood changed lives forever....and not in ways you would think.  As torrential rain poured down and emergency responders became involved, the RCMP made a controversial choice that continues to foster mistrust to this very day.  Check out the online transcript at: https://maplemoosemysteries.wordpress.com/2024/05/09/episode-transcript-the-high-river-gun-grab/
    Played 20m 13s
  • S2 E1: Wreck of the Explorer

    26 ABR. 2024 · Dive into the chilling mystery of Captain John Waddell, whose miraculous return from a treacherous shipwreck sparks intrigue and suspicion. He represented a life well lived, respected, and successful. Now, that was all in question. Was he the victim of a terrible accident, or a greedy trickster willing to do whatever it took to get what he wanted?  Give us a rating and let's uncover more mysteries together over a delicious poutine!
    Played 18m 11s
  • Season 2 Trailer

    12 ABR. 2024 · Welcome BACK to Maple Moose Mysteries, the podcast that takes a look at unsolved Canadian mysteries and crimes, providng you with the context, history, and theories to draw your own conclusions. New episodes will be dropping every other Friday, you won't want to miss it!
    Played 1m 19s
  • S1 E25: The Grand Prairie Slayings

    10 MAY. 2022 · Avoided for so long, we are finally discussing a murder mystery. But not just any mystery: the largest unsolved massacre in Alberta's history. Take a listen to one of the most tragic stories of the last century.
    Played 12m 23s
  • S1 E24: The Nunavut Ping

    23 DIC. 2021 · A mysterious pinging noise emanates from the seafloor, scaring wildlife and worrying locals. What is it, what's causing it, and can it even be proven to exist?
    Played 12m 52s
  • S1 E23: The Judge

    6 OCT. 2021 · A one of its kind, in the worst way. Jacques Delisle is the only Supreme Court judge in Canada to be convicted of murder. But even after years behind bars, there are many doubts surrounding his actions. Can the truth be found and justice be served?
    Played 14m 13s
  • S1 E22: Double Agent

    22 SEP. 2021 · The heart of World War 2 lay at the front lines, but that did not mean that the battle at home was any less important. For Canadians, the threat of infiltration from Nazi spies was a harsh reality. But when the government gets their hands on a captured spy, how will they decide to use him? And how do they know he isn't using them?
    Played 15m 18s
  • S1 E21: Havana Syndrome

    15 SEP. 2021 · It's been awhile! Things have changed a lot a lot around here. But in the world of ever-changing viruses and mayhem, there exists some unexplainable health events that demand to be covered. If you think you 've become an expert on unexplainable sickness, think again.
    Played 14m 31s

Hello and welcome to Maple Moose Mysteries! Each week we take a look at a different unsolved mystery or crime that takes place in Canada. Whether it be a unexplained...

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Hello and welcome to Maple Moose Mysteries! Each week we take a look at a different unsolved mystery or crime that takes place in Canada. Whether it be a unexplained event or a notorious case, we will examine the story, the theories that surround it, and why it remains unsolved to this day. Join me as we explore a more obscure side of Canadian history and help unleash your inner detective!
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