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  • M4W: The Value of Your Inventory with Tom Schoffelen

    14 DIC. 2023 · The Value of Your Inventory. It could seem something crazy to talk about the value of an inventory because I know that the inventory's value is an asset for the company but, in a lot of cases, is also a risk of losses. Do you know how much waste is generated from the inventories of food companies? Do you know how much waste is generated from the inventories of chemical companies? Not, I'm sure about it. For that reason, I invited to this Episode of Marketing For Waste Podcast Tom Schoffelen (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-schoffelen/), the co-founder of Chem-smog.com, an innovative platform, where you offer the inventories you collect to international buyers. During the podcast episode Tom and I will talk about how to leverage the opportunity that his platform offers even if you don't know anything about the materials present in the inventory you are going to collect. To know more visit: www.chem-smog.com www.marketing4waste.com Text me at +1 (801) 804-5730 Enjoy the episode and feel free to share your thoughts by sending an email to info@marketing4waste.com KR Sam
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  • M4W: The Untold Truth About Digital Marketing

    2 NOV. 2023 · Digital marketing seems to be the solution to all the problems. Unfortunately, all the marketing agencies that are leveraging are missing an important aspect that should be considered before implementing a marketing strategy. In this episode, I'll share the truth about digital marketing. If you want to know more https://calendly.com/m4w/marketing4waste_discovery
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  • M4W: Different Marketing Rules For Different Waste Businesses

    1 NOV. 2023 · Different Marketing Rules for Different Marketing Businesses. I'm seeing a lot of small waste company owners investing thousands of dollars in lead generation processes even if they cannot manage them. In this episode, I've decided to share why a small waste company and junk removals should follow the two main marketing approaches. If you want to know more write to me samuele@marketing4waste.com
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  • M4W Podcast _Why Your Marketing Is Not Delivering the Results You Want

    31 OCT. 2023 · Why Marketing is Not Delivering The Results You Want? In this episode of the M4W podcast, I Sam Barrili, decided to share what emerged from some recent conversations I had with potential clients about their marketing results. What transpired gave rise to this episode and, more importantly, why the marketing you are doing is not yielding the results you want.
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  • M4W: The ExitStrategy with Chas Woodhull

    21 SEP. 2023 · In this 1st Episode of the Second Season of Marketing4Waste, Sam Barrili meets Chas Woodhull, a Private Wealth Advisor at Gallagher Pool, to talk about the importance of planning the Exit Strategy and what an M&A company evaluates to drive a company through an acquisition process. During the episode, Chas shares precious suggestions that can help every waste company owner create the right approach for a great company exit, increasing its life quality.
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  • Marketing4Waste: The Right Social Media Voice

    25 JUL. 2022 · In this episode, Samuele Barrili talks with Nelson Kamanda, social media expert, about the importance of the right voice in social media. A lot of waste management companies approach social media without considering the importance of using the right voice. The result is that: on their pages or their groups, you'll find a lot of people not on target for their services. During this episode, Nelson will unveil to you the 4-Steps formula that we use at MiM. You can download it by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3clV3jV or here https://bit.ly/3v09Gjj
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  • Marketing4Waste: How to Avoid the Multiple Bins Thanks To EcoHub

    30 MAY. 2022 · In this episode of Marketing4Waste Podcast I interviewed George Gitschel the founder of EcoHub: The End of Garbage, a system that it's able to increase waste segregation by avoiding multiple bins. The EcoHub is the only patented system that, if implemented, solves definitively the waste problems. George invested more than 20 years in the development and patent of this system and during the podcast, he will show you the advantages connected with the system and why you, as a waste management business owner, should implement it as soon as possible. If you want to discover more about the system visit www.ecohub.net or contact George using the following email: gkgitschel@ecohub.net #wastemanagement #marketing4waste #podcast #ecohub #marketinginterimmanagers #samuelebarrili #savetheplanet
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  • Marketing4Waste: Is it Possible to Save the Old Laptops Giving Them a New Life?

    15 ABR. 2022 · The answer is not so easy. For that reason nowadays with the price of the raw materials that is growing day after day, and which is causing the shortage of products in the stores, I decided to talk about this important topic with my friend Brian Burke. Brian is the founder of sellyourmac.com and he started his business over 12 years ago. A business totally focused on sustainability. In fact he purchases your old Mac giving it a new life. You can find Brian on linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianthemacman/ And you can sell your Mac on www.sellyourmac.com Or if you want to buy a refurbished one you can do it on https://renewedmacs.com/
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  • Marketing4Waste: The Importance of Mining to Save The Planet

    29 MAR. 2022 · Could mining contribute to saving the planet? In the mind of a lot of people, mining is something that destroys the environment and creates tons of problems. But mining in the last 25 years changed, becoming less impactful on the environment. If conducted respecting the rules. For that reason, to talk about this important and actual topic I invited John Morris Pereira, one of the most important European geologists to talk about the impact of mining in connection with raw materials like lithium and rare earth metals. You can contact John Morris Pereira here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-morris-pereira-10a1146/ You can be in contact with Samuele Barrili here info@marketing4waste.com
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  • Marketing in Waste Management How to Educate Citizens Through Social Media

    27 FEB. 2022 · Social media are the most impactful platforms for the diffusion of a message. Unfortunately the largest part of waste management companies are not using social media in the proper way, due to the fact that they are sharing images about their services (like empty bins) but they are not educating their target audience into the use of their services. During the 30 minutes podcast with Nelson Kamanda you’ll discover which is the starting point for the creation of a social media strategy and how to obtain results with simple actions. Join Us on our websites: www.marketinginterimmanagers.com www.marketing4waste.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/samuele-barrili/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/nelsonkamanda/
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Are you a Waste Manager? Are you the owner of a Waste Management company? Are you involved in Waste (Management, Treatment, Collection, Recycling)? The podcast Marketing4Waste is for you. Why?...

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Are you a Waste Manager?
Are you the owner of a Waste Management company?
Are you involved in Waste (Management, Treatment, Collection, Recycling)?

The podcast Marketing4Waste is for you.

I’m sure that you know that wastes are growing every single day.
That’s because the world population is also growing every single day and wastes are a direct consequence of the development.

But it’s a consequence that if mismanaged, as it’s still happening, it will cause serious problems for all of us.

Due to that I know that there are people that talk about waste reduction, waste zero, and a lot of utopian ideas. In fact, how is it possible to stop the waste production if from the beginning of the presence of humanity on this planet waste is always produced?

Being in the Waste field you know what I’m telling you.

And I want to confirm to you that: wastes are a problem.
A problem that we are facing.
Problem due to their mismanagement.

How to solve this problem?
Probably you don’t know but Marketing is the most powerful system to educate people and to drive people to change their habits.
Indeed mismanagement originates from wrong habits.

There are two ways to change habits:
– Fight with the people, and the results are under the eyes of everyone;
– Educate people about the value of their waste.

The first way didn’t work and continues to don’t work, also if the governments change the taxations system about the wastes.

The second way works but how can you apply it?
Through the schools but you need 20 years or more to educate the new generations.
Through Marketing educating people about the value that they can obtain in exchange for their wastes.

Who am I to tell you that?
I’m Samuele Barrili and I’m the founder of MiM® Marketing Interim Managers, the First Interim Company focused in Marketing Management for Waste Companies. I’m also the creator of Marketing4Waste the First Marketing Masterclass dedicated to teach marketing to Waste Managers and people involved in waste management.

In Marketing4Waste podcast me and some guys of my international teams will unveil how to use some strategies and some tools to create a marketing strategy that helping your company to collect more and better wastes will increase the turnover of your company.

Welcome to Marketing4Waste Podcast

Feel free to contact me on my linkedin profile going here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samuele-barrili/
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