• Midwest Music Fest: Interview with Paula Bourelle, co-owner

    12 OCT. 2023 · Midwest Music Fest-Nebraska will be held at the Exhibit Building at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds, 3807 Avenue N, Kearney, Ne on October 13 & 14, 2023! Doors open at 6pm and live music starts at 7pm both nights.
    21m 7s
  • 50 Mile March 2023 Podcast

    23 AGO. 2023 · The 50-Mile March 2023 starts August 26 at the Nebraska State Capitol where volunteers will sleep on the sidewalk in front of the capitol. Upon rising they will march from Lincoln to Omaha at a pace of 3.1-3.2, allowing 22 hours to make the 50-mile journey from the capitol to Nebraska Brewing Company where they will be met by folks celebrating the march on Sunday, August 27 around 2:00 pm. The march is "Operation Noble Force" and 91 teams are raising money to help with veteran homelessness, mental health, jobs, and other needs for servicemen and women when they leave the service. Lisa Haug and Sherry Leriger are two volunteers who are raising funds toward the goal of helping veterans. It is Lisa's first year marching and Sherry's third. They are both nervous but excited about being able to help in this way. As of Tuesday 1.6k supporters raised $192,900 dollars. Lisa and Sherry are encouraging people to donate, even if it is only $1. "If everyone donated one dollar, we could really make a difference for veterans," said Sherry and Lisa. Please consider supporting this cause. Each of us enjoys living in a free nation, and without our troops and individual soldiers/veterans, we would not be free.
    28m 45s
  • Melanie, Mrs. J, and guests with D and N Event Center’s Tad Haneborg and Amy Parker

    24 JUL. 2023 · Monday morning in North Platte, Nebraska. Melanie is visiting with Tad Haneborg and Amy Parker from the D and N Event Center about their shoe-drive fundraiser and other great things going on with them. Hear how you can turn shoes you do not need into dollars for the events going on for the kids in the community, especially the youth league. There is a shoe drop off event on August 12, from 2 to 4 PM at the D and N parking lot if you have shoes to donate to this fundraising effort.
    25m 9s
  • Relay for Life of the Plains

    7 JUL. 2023 · Talking with Lori Tobiasson of Relay for Life of the Plains. July 21 you can support cancer research by enjoying a Plainsmen Baseball game, a meal, and an outdoor movie! Learn more!

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