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Millennial Money with Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza

  • S2E20: Budget like the Rich

    29 DIC. 2023 · If you had a million dollars you’d probably think you’re financially free… or Maybe you keep thinking that that high-paying job you’ve been wanting will solve all your problems… The problem with thinking this is that you’re assuming that having a lot of money is what leads to financial freedom. You can have a lot of money and still be poor. You can have a lot of money and still not be free. You can have that high-paying job and still be living paycheck to paycheck. That’s why to be rich, you have to budget like the rich. Building and maintaining a budget is an essential element of personal finance success. It’s the roadmap for your finances. Host Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza shares the four basic budgeting tips the rich use and you can start implementing them in 2024! Get Rich Dad’s Manage Your Money Course: https://bit.ly/3RK1n7i
    12m 12s
  • S2E19: 4 Money Goals for 2024

    14 DIC. 2023 · As you reflect on the previous year, is there anything you wish you had accomplished? Are there goals you set out to achieve but didn’t? Or maybe you have regrets about not investing? Let’s change that today and map out your success for 2024. 
 You can’t change your financial history but in this episode, we will set our money goals for next year so you can change your financial story. Host Alexandra Gonzalez shares her top four money goals, and one way you can start creating your own goals for a successful new year. Course mentioned in episode: “Manage Your Money” - https://bit.ly/3RK1n7i
    14m 49s
  • S2E18: Is Suze Orman Right About Taking Vacations?

    30 NOV. 2023 · There are financial gurus out there who say the only way out of debt is by cutting up your credit cards, forgoing your daily coffee (or avocado toast), or even putting your credit card in a freezer. Basically, what they’re saying is “Live below your means.” At Rich Dad, we say you shouldn’t live below your means. Rather we say you should expand your means by purchasing assets so that eventually the income from your assets pays for things like clothes, an iPhone, a mortgage, or a car. Host Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza shares her insights into the difference between Rich Dad’s Philosophies and other financial gurus, and asking "How can I afford it" is the beginning to changing your mindset.
    12m 2s
  • S2E17: Is Dave Ramsey wrong?

    16 NOV. 2023 · When Robert and Kim Kiyosaki started the Rich Dad Company many years ago, they did so specifically to provide an alternative to this standard, so-called expert financial advice. The typical advice like “work hard, save money, and invest diversely in the long term,” aren’t ways to become financially free. If the Rich Dad Company were going to give anyone advice, it would be this: there are so many exciting ways to invest your money and so many better ways to make your money work for you than just the standard advice to save. Host Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza dissects advice from one of the most popular financial gurus out there and highlights the differences between the philosophies of The Rich Dad Company and our approach to finances. It's important to note that while Rich Dad and other gurus offer valuable financial insights, their advice may be suitable for different individuals based on their financial goals, risk tolerance, and personal preferences. It's advisable for individuals to carefully consider various perspectives and tailor financial strategies to their unique situations.
    11m 16s
  • S2E16: 7 Steps to Reach Your Financial Goals

    26 OCT. 2023 · Are you looking for ways to achieve your financial goals but can’t seem to wrap your head around how to achieve them? We know there’s no clear-cut road map, and there are so many variables for each person’s unique situation that there just isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan. It takes courage, strength of character and the ability to learn from your mistakes to keep moving forward. Millennial Money Host Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza shares seven steps you should start taking today to help you step out of your comfort zone, and strive to achieve your goals.
    14m 34s
  • S2E15: 5 Secrets to Jump Start Your Cash Flow

    13 OCT. 2023 · Whether you’re a rookie investor just starting your journey out of the Rat Race or you’ve been investing for years, every investor needs direction and motivation. The wealthy have known several key secrets for a long time that can help any type of investor — from day traders to budding entrepreneurs to seasoned real estate investors — perform better, exercise leverage, and make wise investments. Host Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza shares the tried-and-true principles successful investors use — and that you can start implementing today!
    20m 23s
  • S2E14: How to Start a Business with No Money - Part 2

    28 SEP. 2023 · In part one of How to Start a Business with Little or No Money, host Alexandra Gonazalez-Ganoza explained the concept of the B-I triangle and how to find your why and your mission, how to make yourself an expert in your space, and build the basic systems you need to be successful. In this episode, Alexandra is going to explain the final eight steps to put this plan into action. After this episode, you’ll understand what product to sell, how to market that product, grow your team, and scale your business.
    16m 19s
  • S2E13: How to Start a Business with No Money - Part 1

    8 SEP. 2023 · When starting a business, the biggest excuse for people not doing it is because they “don’t have any money.” Plenty of successful businesses were born out of little-to-no start-up capital. Actually, LinkedIn, Shopify, Shutterstock, and Craigslist are just a few examples of companies that started with little to no money. Listen as Host Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza shares the mindset, tools, and tips to start a business with little to no money.
    29m 26s
  • S2E12 - 5 Real Estate Investing Rules for Beginners

    1 SEP. 2023 · It is no secret that real estate investing can have big returns. Long-term investing in properties can lead to a big cash out from equity but also lead to capital gains tax. A long-term investment is risky, and you aren’t making money from it until you sell it. You are tying up your money for longer investment periods when the property value increases. For this reason, investing in Cash Flow real estate which is more short-term can be the best strategy for increasing your returns. Host Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza shares the five rules for investing in real estate and how you can skyrocket your returns.
    23m 3s
  • S2E11: 3 Reasons Why Savers are Losers in this Economy

    3 AGO. 2023 · In 1971 President Richard Nixon changed the rules of money. That year, the U.S. dollar ceased being money and became a currency. This was one of the most important changes in modern history, but few people understand why. In recent years, the U.S. government has been creating money out of thin air through what is known as quantitative easing. This means they bolstered the Fed’s balance sheet by buying U.S. Treasuries in order to keep interest rates low, hoping to spur the economy through this artificial means. For both the millennials and Generation Z, it’s not too late, but it starts with financial education. Listen as host Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza explains how those who still save money as a means to get rich are losing in this economy, the three things stealing your wealth, and what you should be doing instead.
    17m 32s

Want the TRUTH about money and just not the lies the media is selling you? Then join Rich Dad host Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza as she interviews the #1 personal finance author...

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Want the TRUTH about money and just not the lies the media is selling you? Then join Rich Dad host Alexandra Gonzalez-Ganoza as she interviews the #1 personal finance author in the world, Robert Kiyosaki, as well as many of the world’s greatest thinkers about money, finance and the economy. Learn how these things apply to the entire generation of Millennials. You won’t hear the old advice of saving your money and getting a 401(k). Instead, you will get REAL advice from the most successful people who have REAL knowledge about the REAL way money can be made because they actually DO what they teach. If you want to take control of your future and you are tired of the same old advice, let Alexandra take you down the path to TRUE wealth, let her take you to Rich Dad’s Millennial Money.
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