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  • 2020 Minecraft Me Update

    18 DIC. 2020 · As you are aware, there has not been much activity from the Minecraft Me show (and GeekGamer.TV in general.)  I'm hoping you can take a few minutes and watch this update.  Thank you so much for the support and I hope to see you on Discord and Twitch.  Thank you for watching.
    Escuchado 9m 43s
  • 195: RTX Beta for Windows 10!

    17 ABR. 2020 · RTX ON!  Have a RTX 2060 (or better) and the Windows 10 version of Minecraft?  Well if you do you can now join the RTX Beta and make Minecraft pop and come to live on the Windows 10 Version of the game!  In this video I give you a general overview of the Beta, How to get in and show you a couple of the worlds!
    Escuchado 15m 48s
  • 194: What’s Changed? Animals!

    13 ABR. 2020 · We are back!!  On this edition we chat about what has changed since we last recorded an episode....Animals!  So many new and different animals, we perform a general summary on the kinds of animals that have been added since we last played!
    Escuchado 23m 56s
  • 193: Keep Digging!

    30 MAY. 2016 · The final episode of Minecraft Me is here! On this edition we chat about the future of the show, server and we also perform an unboxing of the Mine Chest!
    Escuchado 45m 22s
  • 192: Pizza Spleef!

    3 ABR. 2016 · The show is finally back and since we are hungry for some Minecraft and Pizza, we decide to do a Pizza Spleef with the community!
    Escuchado 42m 4s
  • 191: Rollercoaster Challenge!

    17 FEB. 2016 · We challenged you to come up with an awesome Rollercoaster Creation in Minecraft and YOU DELIVERED! We show them off this week!
    Escuchado 1h 8m 24s
  • 190: Diversity 2 – Puzzle Branch

    1 FEB. 2016 · In our never ending quest to complete Diversity 2, we head to the Puzzle Branch!
    Escuchado 1h 5m 35s
  • 189: Diversity 2 – Parkour Branch – Part 3

    17 ENE. 2016 · Parkour is not our strong point, but we push on and try to complete this branch in Diversity 2 this week!
    Escuchado 1h 10s
  • 188: Diversity 2 – Parkour Branch – Part 2

    11 ENE. 2016 · There is much more Diversity 2 to do! This week, we head back to the frustrating Parkour Branch!
    Escuchado 1h 9m 6s
  • 187: Return to the End!

    4 ENE. 2016 · The latest Snapshot is here and while there are always changes, this time some MAJOR changes can be found in the END! This week we check them out!
    Escuchado 1h 1m 12s
The show that is all about Minecraft, the popular game! – Video Feed – By: GeekGamer.TV

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