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  • Greg Stone Threatens To Violate Defendant's Rights For Trying To Submit Complaints

    22 MAY. 2024 · Deputy Public Defender 4 Angela Cheung called the "investigation" unit of the Los Angeles County Public Defender's office to remove defendant Michael Taylor from the public defender's office and/or courthouse. They failed, and the sheriff's were soon called to the floor of the public defender's office. But, before the sheriff's arrived, investigator Greg Stone threatened to violate defendant Michael Taylor's Constitutional Rights to deny him access to legal process.  This type of coercion and obstruction of justice has been harmful to Michael Taylor, who is actively receiving treatment for his underlying mental health issues. Greg Stone's threat to the defendant undermines the fundamental principles of justice regarding due process, effective representation, and equal protection of the laws. 
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  • Vernon Patterson Provokes Anger of Defendant By Denying Due Process

    21 MAY. 2024 · Defendant Michael Taylor has been subjected to a falsified PC 730 competency assessment with misdated clerical errors. Bar panel attorney Vernon Patterson provokes anger of Defendant by denying him requested access to a copy of the assessment that he has a constitutional right to have. This upsets the defendant and prevents him from making informed decisions and being well-prepared for court. These due process denials by Vernon Patterson suggests misconduct as the assessment itself contains obviously misdated clerical errors that he refuses to address before coercing Taylor to undergo a 2nd cpmopinion. Furthermore, denial of access to the assessment suggests that Vernon Patterson is conspiring to systemically deny Taylor the ability or opportunity to make necessary objections at the appropriate stages of legal proceedings.  This falsified competency assessment was initiated by the court in response to the defendant asserting his constitutional rights to his public defenders via text, voicemail, and email that has timestamps. It is imperative that all emails between the defendant and the public defenders are subpoenaed to ensure there was no foul play or manipulation under the guise of attorney-client privilege. A defendant being upset over being denied due process is not a valid reason to initiate a competency assessment under PC 1368 when the public defender explicitly informed the defendant the assessment would be pursuant to PC 1001.36.
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  • Court Clerk Lies About Conflict of Interest Minute Order in People v. Michael Taylor GA1111-32

    21 MAY. 2024 · On April 10th, 2024, the court clerk at 210 West Temple Street informed defendant Michael Taylor in case GA1111-32 that there was no indication of a minute order pertaining to conflicts of interest declared by the Los Angeles County Public Defender.  On May 2nd, after already being misinformed by the court clerk at the Foltz Criminal Justice center that there were no indication or record of any conflicts of interest declared by the public defenders, the court clerk in Hollywood all of a sudden presents a minute order pertaining to the conflicts of interest. Problem is, the minute order still didn't provide any reason for the declared conflicts of interest. So, as it stands now, the Los Angeles County Public Defenders have no alibi for declaring conflicts of interest without reason in direct response to the defendant asserting his constitutional rights to effective assistance of counsel.  This audio further proves that the California Superior Court clerks have conspired with Trial Judges to intentionally falsify legal documents and proceedings in indigent defendants cases, citing terrorist levels of judicial misconduct. 
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  • Vernon Patterson Avoids Defendant's Questions

    17 MAY. 2024 · Vernon Patterson has avoided his client Michael Taylor's pertinent questions and access to relevant information and evidence in case GA-1111-32-01. Mr. Patterson was allegedly hired by the Superior Court of California to shield the Los Angeles County Public Defender from legal liability while continuing to impose their interests in the defendant's case. Defendant Michael Taylor had to notarize violations of his constitutional rights and certify mail it to his attorneys and the court itself to ensure his legal interests are conveyed. Mr. Patterson is actively encouraging Taylor to prejudice his own defense but proceeding with a 2nd opinion competency assessment while ignoring significant misdated clerical errors within the initial assessment itself. 
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  • Mr. Huntley Predetermines Interests of Defendants & Denies Request For Clarity on Conflicts of Interest Declared

    3 MAY. 2024 · Source: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/mr-huntley-predetermines-interests-of-defendants-and-denies-client-s-right-to-correspondence-on-conflicts-of-interest-declared-in-his-case--59745634 ContextDefendant Michael Taylor sought clarity regarding his legal representation during a visit to the Public Defender's main office in downtown Los Angeles. In conversation with Deputy Public Defender Mr. Marcus Huntley #207357, Taylor uncovered a concerning aspect of legal practice. Mr. Huntley acknowledged that public defenders possess discretion in making strategic decisions in their clients' cases, even if those decisions diverge from the client's preferred defense strategy. Taylor argued that such decisions lack true strategic value if they result in subsequent violations of the client's constitutional rights. This dialogue highlights potential systemic issues within the Los Angeles County Public Defender's office, suggesting a need for scrutiny regarding the protection of defendants' rights. Examination of DiscussionYes, it is fair to say that the strategic decisions made by public defenders are not truly "strategic" if they naturally lead to or result in subsequent violations of their client's constitutional rights. The core fiduciary duty of a public defender is to act in the best interest of their client, ensuring that the client's constitutional rights are protected throughout the legal process. When a decision compromises these rights, it fundamentally undermines the defender's role and obligations.  1. Fiduciary Duty: Public defenders have a fiduciary duty to their clients, which includes the obligation to provide competent and diligent representation. This duty encompasses ensuring that the client's constitutional rights are upheld at all times. Any strategic decision that leads to the violation of these rights would be a breach of this duty. 2. Constitutional Rights: The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to effective assistance of counsel. Public defenders must ensure that their actions and decisions do not infringe upon this right. If a decision results in the violation of the client's constitutional rights, it cannot be considered a sound or lawful strategy. 3. Ethical Standards: According to the American Bar Association's Model Rules of Professional Conduct, lawyers must avoid conflicts of interest and must not engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice. Making decisions that violate a client's constitutional rights directly contravenes these ethical standards. 4. Impact on Case Outcome: Violations of constitutional rights can lead to significant negative outcomes for the client, including wrongful convictions, unfair trials, or unjust sentences. A decision leading to such outcomes cannot be deemed strategic because it fails to protect the client's fundamental legal interests. 5. Judicial Oversight: Courts have a responsibility to ensure that defendants receive fair trials. If a public defender's decision leads to a violation of constitutional rights, it may also attract judicial scrutiny and potentially result in the reversal of convictions or other legal remedies, further indicating that such decisions are not strategic. Strategic decisions made by public defenders must always align with the duty to protect and uphold their client's constitutional rights. Decisions that result in the violation of these rights are inherently flawed and cannot be considered strategic. Upholding constitutional protections is essential for maintaining the integrity of the legal system and ensuring justice for all defendants.
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  • Alternate Public Defender Julia Dixon Denies Defendant Michael Taylor Due Process (GA-1111-32)

    3 MAY. 2024 · This recording pertains to criminal case GA-1111-32 Upon Alternate Public Defender Hannah Mandel #333020 receiving a voicemail of defendant Michael Taylor asserting his constitutional rights to effective assistance of counsel on March 13th, 2024, Ms. Mandel proceeded to declare a conflict of interest via email without providing any reason. After being denied requests for clarity, defendant Michael Taylor visited the main office of the Alternate Public Defender where attorney Julia Dixon #197678 denied him the ability to report the attorney's potential misconduct in denying the client rights to transparency regarding his case and also denied him the ability to submit a written complaint to document his lack of approval for conflicts of interest that have not been substantiated by or filed in the court. This conversation is preceded by Mr. Michael Herman Salmaggi #201301, public defender in Hollywood court, declaring the first conflict of interest in direct response to defendant Michael Taylor asserting his constitutional rights to effective assistance of counsel via text message. Mr. Salmaggi declared the unjustified conflict of interest as a favor for Ms. Danielle Marie Daroca-Bell #265746, who prejudiced the defendant's case by misleading him to believe proceedings were pursuant to PC 1001.36 while she secretly initiated a PC 730 competency assessment that has wrongfully declared the defendant incompetent to stand trial. Because Ms. Danielle Marie Daroca-Bell, Mr. Salmaggi, and Ms. Mandel all attended Southwestern University, defendant has strong reason to believe the conflicts of interest were declared as favors for each other while the court clerk has reported no such indication of conflicts of interest being declared in the client's case.  This recording has been uploaded as a contingency to protect the legal interests of the defendant while his attorneys have deliberately prejudiced his case by violations of due process, equal protection, and effective assistance of counsel.
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