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  • Modern Relics EP28 "Give me Liberty or give me a Boeing whistleblower"

    8 MAY. 2024 · How are you feeling, let's look at the world this week. HR6090: is this the begining of the end for the 1st ammendment? Boeing whistleblowers, and more controversy.  Lucky reflects on being a dad as his eldest graduates More information on the CDA racism hoax, it would appear the evidence is for sale.  Movie review: Rebel Moon Part 2
    2h 9m 11s
  • Modern Relics podcast ep27: School's got a brand new rulebook, Shakeweights, and lifesaving health advice from Seattle Police.

    24 ABR. 2024 · The Boys come in hot... some say too hot!  Title IX changes according to Biden / Harris, what that could mean with unclear clairity.  Someone sought to light the world on fire, instead they wrote a manifesto and lit themselves on fire. Why it's not a good Idea to draw a weapon on police.  GenZ bible stories More Groyper madness.  This week is full of tips and hits on how to be a human and just do the right thing. 
    2h 2m 41s
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    The Modern Relics Podcast EP:26 "Define for me loan forgiveness, don't use the word you're defining in the definition"

    17 ABR. 2024 · Welcom back listener!  The Boys approach some news: OJ Simpson Dies New law proposals in California around how employess can be contacted after working hours. Something like Co-vid was known to 15 government agencies in 2018.  Are music festivals dead?  Student Loan forgiveness ramping up again in the news, it must be election season.  We review: Fallout and talk pulp culture  
    1h 52m 28s
  • The Modern Relics Podcast ep25: I'll see your convention and raise you a nation!

    10 ABR. 2024 · The Boys talk about news in Idaho heating up this month, the "all-in" interest in the recent Solar eclipse, earthquake epicenters in Jersey and more.  Tonight we discussed a convention of states, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You know we're reading a chapter of the Gospel by GenZ and show reviews.  How many Megs did the Netflix show " 3 Body Problem" earn?  Much more... Enjoy!  Check out our friend of the Podcast Paster Jason's podcast series right here (https://youtu.be/N-d1PCdK-vs?si=10DLWt5VmnS4tVrf) 
    1h 40m 11s
  • Modern Relics podcast EP24: Running and gunning through the madness of modern media

    27 MAR. 2024 · You know what time it is... It's time to steep in Awesomeness!  The Boys return with some interesting news stories both local and national.  RFK JR names Nicole Shanahan as VP for running mate... Who is this person?  Gun Gear: Angel talks about why it's cool to train in the gear you want, be smart and don't panic buy.  Angel returns this week with The Gospel by Gen Z.  Lucky sounds off on a local news story that just might be a hoax.  Movie review: Roadhouse, old version and new version.  Nickelodeon docuseries review by Lucky  P-diddy wanted! 
    1h 49m 59s
  • Modern Relics podcast ep23: What's going on in the world, the darker side of the news

    20 MAR. 2024 · Welcome back heros!  The boys open with their crazy weeks and open up into cyber security issues.  Then we discuss that a Judge rules in Illinois that illegals should be protected by the 2nd ammendment.  Tyson Chicken farms closes a plant in Iowa and hires illegals in New York for jobs at a plant in Tennessee  Warlords named BBQ, Gen Z bible story of Christmas, political race results and Boeing retirement plans are all on the menu this week.  Come on in and see for yourself! 
    1h 24m 58s
  • The Modern relics podcast EP22: Super Tuesday and you

    6 MAR. 2024 · The Boys return with Super Tuesday Results as they arrive Making good adult choices, reflections of a father with Lucky Are we finally waking up with all this madness? Angel shares his thoughts on the supreme court 9-0 decision on Trum staying on the ballot. There's Super Tuesday results flooding in. Movie review: Dune Chapter 2 Enjoy!
    1h 31m 30s
  • The Modern Relics Podcast EP21: Rationale in irrationality with Pastor Jason!

    21 FEB. 2024 · The Boys are back with Special Guest Pastor Jason. The Gospel by Gen z: Chapter 2 Pastor Jason, Lucky, and Angel open up about Britannica Jesus, constant scrutiny of the Jewish people and their faith and ask... Why? Lucky and Pastor Jason talk about groypers, Hijacking organized religous groups and the Republican party. So Much more... Come on in and join the conversation!
    2h 23m 22s
  • The Modern relics podcast EP20: Pre valentine's day bash, special guest Erin!

    14 FEB. 2024 · This Week the boys are joined by Lucky's lovely wife Erin! Intros welcomes Erin shares her experiences, begining in the pandemic, about her involvement in local politics, raising children, their daughter's first tattoo, publishing a newsletter, and Soap! Angel Shares Bible Stories Chapter 1: from "The Gospel" by Gen Z Lucky on "Reacher" Season1 Happy Valentine's day week from us to you!
    2h 3m 55s
  • The Modern relics EP19 How would you draft the government (part 2)

    7 FEB. 2024 · The biys are back and Luck has his draft board ready for a rebuttal! intros: a week in reverie Angel does the math on EVs Lucky fires back with his presidential cabinet Whip around coverage on breaking news Lucky shares thoughts on Sandman and Muscles and Mayhem series. Enjoy!
    1h 49m

Modern relics are two brothers, discussing today's life issues and situations with a conservative point of view, having as much fun as possible along the way, we are not a...

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Modern relics are two brothers, discussing today's life issues and situations with a conservative point of view, having as much fun as possible along the way, we are not a status quo podcast and we aim to learn and grow as people not to encite or provoke but to engage in conversations that you might find meaningful... even if it's not popular.
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