• Auto restoration, P0420 Cat code fix, Tracker exhaust home repair

    16 JUN. 2024 · This week the guys delve into the dark science of classic automotive restoration strategies. Between their own projects and the ones their friends are involved with, there's plenty of fodder for this mill too. Ray reports a good experience after using Rislone fuel treatment to resolve a P0420 Cat code in a family car, then explains the parts he needs to complete the A/C installation in his GTO. Chris takes us home with a neat repair on his Tracker exhaust system.    
    57m 54s
  • Rolling joint food truck, old sneakers & falling asleep while on the air

    9 JUN. 2024 · Ray is transfixed by a complex rearview mirror repair, then spends time at the "Rolling Joint" food truck car cruise. Replacing a blown shock with a good used one solved the problem of the Fiat sitting too low in the rear, and Chris knows why a pair of 30-year-old sneakers has a cut mark in them. Falling asleep while doing a podcast, as well as the many options available for disc brake conversion hardware wrap up this hour of fun.  
    57m 3s
  • Lake Speed Jr., Tribology & oil myths dispelled

    2 JUN. 2024 · Chris ruminated over his paint-soaked Tracker carpet issue & Ray mused over Fiat's selection of clutch cable adjusting hardware. Then, joined by Lake Speed Jr. the show got wings and took off into the unchartered territories of oil technology. Terms like zinc, calcium, phosphorous and viscosity were tossed around like projectiles at a beer pong party. Lake covered all the hard topics and passed on some excellent recommendations we can all use.   
    58m 17s
  • EV Sunday; sales cost, charging anxiety, NYC "charging trees"

    26 MAY. 2024 · We brought in some heavy hitters to compliment our EV knowledge this week with MatcoMan Brian and Carl Anthony from Automoblog. We covered waning EV sales, the  charging anxiety many people are experiencing, and the new "electrici-trees" NYC is working on implementing to help the charging issue. Many thoughts were thrown out there, but not all of them were fully explored....stay tuned for more to come.
    58m 18s
  • Ball cleaning technique, Cataclean report & the Italian tune-up

    19 MAY. 2024 · Kicking off the "new year" (post Mother's Day) portion of the show, Ray describes to Chris how he cleaned his balls and will soon be polishing them, and of course he was referring to his pool table equipment. The use of Cataclean gets a thumbs up, but a CEL in the Impala gets a head scratch from even the experts. Chris describes with great detail how an "Italian Tune-Up" is performed, followed by an example of how to use a paint thickness gauge. Ray's visit to a mega-car facility raises some questions. 
    58m 32s
  • The 2024 Mother's Day Extravaganza

    12 MAY. 2024 · Following a long tradition of doing a "best-of" show where we feature bits that highlight the callers, this is the 2024 edition. Featuring the likes of "Billy Velvet", the "ROMEO Club", and the Hijinx found on MatcoMan Brian's tool truck, we deep dive into the past year and find reflective thoughts from men like Dave Hayes and Carl Anthony, but the capper is Bob from RVC bestowing the MotorMouth Person of the Year on Tom from Massapequa. Not even Ray's "Crack cream" story can beat that show stopper.   
    57m 26s
  • MatcoMan and Mustangs and More

    5 MAY. 2024 · On our second fundraising hour we talk about how guest co-host MatcoMan Brian visits Harbor Freight to collect owed money. A current Mustang project and Ray's memories of riding in a first Gen 'Stang filled with teenage girls comes up. Work on making a dual quad RAM Air intake pan gets kicked around, as does making a replica of the original Bat Phone. 
    55m 52s
  • Serpentine belts, used car buying & do-it-yourself projects

    5 MAY. 2024 · On our first fundraising hour we talk about how to check a serpentine belt, what goes into buying a used car, and how much debris can actually accumulate between vehicle cleanings. Ray's home-repaired garage stereo system gets a late nod to the do-it-yourself mantra this show professes weekly.  
    58m 11s
  • Ford Cobra Jet 428, brake bleeding & car cigarette lighters

    28 ABR. 2024 · The show starts off on a clean note by talking about changing the cabin air filter in your car. A caller with a 428 CJ Fairlane diverts the boy's attention with his parts search problems, then Chris explains a "new" brake bleeding technique he came upon. Remember car cigarette lighters? We talk about them on this show too. 
    56m 4s
  • Road Trips & Rodents, Freeport Speedway & Ford Recalls

    21 ABR. 2024 · Ray recounts the details of a recent southern road trip and Chris gives us the "caught red-handed" story about a rodent infestation in one of the family cars.  Freeport Raceway trivia is talked about, and a caller has a problem with his power windows and door locks,  Chris reads his latest recall letter from Ford.
    57m 52s
Join the “Motormouths” Ray Guarino and Chris Switzer for features, information, guest interviews, tech tips, and your call-in questions on all topics relating to automobiles.

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