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Mountain Murders

  • Shakeima Cabbagestalk

    25 JUN. 2024 · https://mountain-murders.printify.me/ Shakeima Cabbagestalk was 10 years old when she went missing from Dillon, South Carolina in 1993. She was last seen with her stepfather at a local grocery store. Shakeima's case went cold for many years before charges were filed in 2005. This week Mountain Murders shares Shakeima's story.  Intro music by Joe Buck Yourself Hosts Heather and Dylan www.patreon.com/mountainmurderspodcast We're proud to partner with the Darkcast Network! 
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  • Machete Kills

    20 JUN. 2024 · https://mountain-murders.printify.me/ Mountain Murders's Midweek recap of true crime news from Justin Timberlake's DUI arrest, a machete attack in Charleston, Riley Strain autopsy update, and more.  Hosts Heather and Dylan email mountainmurderspodcast@gmail.com
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  • Gina Grant

    19 JUN. 2024 · https://mountain-murders.printify.me/products In 1990, 14 year old Gina Grant was arrested for bludgeoning her mother to death. Grant was suspected of cleaning up the crime scene and hiding the murder weapon. She then attempted to make the death appear as though her mother, Dorothy Mayfield, had committed suicide. Grant changed her story several times throughout the investigation. Eventually, she was sentenced to serve time in a juvenile facility. However, Gina's story was far from over. Grant was later admitted to Harvard University. Once the school discovered her involvement in Dorothy's death, they rescinded Grant's admission offer sparking a controversy. Gina Grant found herself making headlines again. Don't miss this week's episode of Mountain Murders!  Intro music by Joe Buck Yourself Hosts Heather and Dylan Packer www.patreon.com/mountainmurderspodcast We're proud to be part of the Darkcast Network 
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  • Scissor Fitness

    13 JUN. 2024 · Our weekly crime news recap! This week we discuss updates in the Pamela Smart case, Justin Lee Turner case, a viral fitness craze, and Airbnb crime spree.  https://mountain-murders.printify.me/
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  • June Listener Stories

    11 JUN. 2024 · Hey y'all! We're back with some of YOUR amazing listener stories. You don't want to miss this episode of Mountain Murders. We've got shoplifters, a Waffle House incident, camping gone wrong, and a STALKER.  Email your listener story to mountainmurderspodcast@gmail.com 
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  • Steven and Katie Pladl

    9 JUN. 2024 · https://mountain-murders.printify.me/ is official. Check out our killer gear! We got something for every listener.  Join Mountain Murders this week as we delve into the mysterious world of genetic sexual attraction with a case that made international headlines. Not only due to the salacious nature of the story but the tragedy that followed.  Katie Fusco learned she was adopted at 18 years old. She decided to seek out her biological parents without knowing the true nature of her father, Steven Pladl. After reuniting, Katie and Steven began an incestuous relationship...and it doesn't end well. This bizarre case of murder- suicide will leave you baffled.  Hosts Heather and Dylan Packer 
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  • Pickton's Just Desserts

    9 JUN. 2024 · Check out our Mountain Murders merch shop https://mountain-murders.printify.me/ Hey y'all! We're back from a brief hiatus with a brand new true crime new recrap episode. We've missed big headlines! This week we'll be discussing Robert Pickton's death (good news), the release of OJ Simpson files by the FBI, Gilgo Beach case updates and more.  Hosts Heather and Dylan 
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  • Richard Rosenthal

    27 MAY. 2024 · Check out our new merch store https://mountain-murders.printify.me/products Richard Rosenthal committed one of the most heinous crimes in New England's history. Known as the "Burnt Ziti Case", Rosenthal mutilated his wife, Laura, after the couple argued over their dinner. During their marriage, he was known as an abusive, controlling husband. Richard had exhibited strange behaviors leading up to the crime.  Did Rosenthal suffer from mental illness or was he a calculated killer?  Trigger warning: this case contains discussions of domestic violence Intro Music by Joe Buck Yourself Hosts Heather and Dylan Packer email mountainmurderspodcast@gmail.com 
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  • Bully Murder: Bobby Kent

    21 MAY. 2024 · On a hot summer night in 1993, Bobby Kent was murdered. Kent was a bully who used steroids and dominated his peers. When his best friend Marty Puccio had enough abuse at the hands of Bobby, he and his girlfriend Lisa Connelly devise a plan to take him out. This week's Mountain Murders case recounts a sensational case, which left many wondering about the depths of teenage depravity.  Intro Music by Joe Buck Yourself  Hosts Heather and Dylan Packer www.patreon.com/mountainmurderspodcast 
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  • Dylan VS Diddy

    19 MAY. 2024 · This week Mountain Murders recaps the latest in true crime news. From a woman charged with knowlingly spreading HIV around Ohio and West Virginia to the latest on Diddy's legal troubles with the release of a graphic video, there's a lot to discuss! Join us as Dylan invites Diddy to battle... 
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East coast murders covered by Appalachian folks, Heather & Dylan. Who knew mountains could be so deadly? Are you ready to embark on a perilous journey through the treacherous peaks...

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East coast murders covered by Appalachian folks, Heather & Dylan. Who knew mountains could be so deadly? Are you ready to embark on a perilous journey through the treacherous peaks of true crime? Welcome to Mountain Murders True Crime, where chilling tales of mayhem and mystery await! Join our intrepid hosts as they navigate the dark side of nature, exploring crimes that will make your hair stand on end. From mysterious disappearances to shocking homicides, our podcast will have you on the edge of your seat, clutching your hiking gear tightly. So grab your headphones, strap on your adventure boots, and get ready for a wild ride through the untamed world of Mountain Murders True Crime!
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