• Backyard Fruit Trees with Adams County Nursery

    8 MAY. 2024 · Growing tree fruits in the home orchard or landscape can be an interesting and satisfying hobby. Fruit trees do, however, require considerable care, and people who are not willing or able to devote some time to their home orchard probably will be disappointed in their harvests. When fruit trees are carefully selected, properly located, and well managed, they can enhance the home landscape and provide fresh fruit for the family.
    1h 1m 11s
  • The Amazing Grazing Project with Dr. Matt Poore of NC State Extension

    2 FEB. 2024 · This week our special guest will be Dr. Matt Poore from North Carolina State Extension discussing the “Amazing Grazing Project”. Pasture management is extremely important to any livestock producer. Amazing Grazing is a pasture-based livestock educational initiative that began at North Carolina’s Center for Environmental Farming Systems and has developed into a statewide program through North Carolina State Extension. The program includes producer workshops, interagency advisor workshops, and research and demonstration projects. The three major themes of the Amazing Grazing Program are improved profitability, improved animal health and improved environmental sustainability. Pasture-based production systems that achieve these three themes are good for farmers, good for their neighbors, and good for our non-farming population.Matt will discuss management strategies he teaches through the Amazing Grazing Project to improve the health of both pasture fields and livestock and increase your profits.
    1h 5m 53s
  • Prepping for Lambing & Kidding with Dr. Andrew Weaver, NC State Extension

    22 ENE. 2024 · Nutrition is one of the keys to healthy livestock and extremely important before lambing and kidding season. Nearly 70% of fetal growth occurs during the last 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, while rumen capacity is decreasing. The result is the need for increased nutrition, usually from a more nutrient-dense diet. Extra nutrition is needed to support fetal growth, especially if there are multiple fetuses. Extra feed is needed to support mammary development and ensure a plentiful milk supply. Proper nutrition will ensure the birth of strong, healthy offspring of moderate birth weight. Birth weight is highly correlated to lamb and kid survival, with low and high birth weight offspring usually experiencing the highest mortality. Dr. Andrew Weaver will discuss management strategies producers can use to get ready before lambs and kids are born this 2024 season to increase the survival and health of our livestock.
    1h 3m 7s
  • Breeding Back Better

    12 ENE. 2024 · This week our special guest will be Dean Kreager from Ohio State Extension to talk about "Getting Cows Bred Back”. Reproductive efficiency has long been recognized as the most economically important aspect of commercial beef production. Numerous research studies have shown that reproduction is several times more important than growth or carcass traits. Simply put, genetic superiority in any trait doesn’t matter if the beef female doesn’t get bred and deliver a live calf for the producer. Today’s cow-calf producers place high production demands on their beef cows for them to remain in the herd. Producers expect cows to calve without difficulty, provide enough colostrum and milk for a rapidly growing calf, come in heat quickly after calving and conceive early in the breeding season. Dean is an extension educator for Ohio State University Extension and he will share some insights and management practices to get cows bread back sooner, a higher percentage of the herd bread back within 60 days and improve profitability on the farm.
    1h 4m 20s
  • Mountaintop Beverage

    8 ENE. 2024 · Grab your cookies and milk for tomorrow's episode of https://www.facebook.com/MountaineerFarmTalk?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZVzQgOK_E8l6kH7TSTL0rJRKn2kyBLl2vT2AJckMj4CPyh1ZfMoQ90vZ8_CHNx_20fRF5rWuFyq-YnBthzeeK7ZLRiGlu2yJm280AtSGOLObSO6Sk_jhjho7yfN4XTyFMawQx9aGdmNVVbTVfHWXTiMuWby6-W7Y7CMRKkt8z6U3WnVebpC4gXaarR141X4qvM&__tn__=-%5DK-R! Oh and wear your ugly sweater too! We will be joined by Jeff Sokal, President & CEO of https://www.facebook.com/MountaintopBeverage?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZVzQgOK_E8l6kH7TSTL0rJRKn2kyBLl2vT2AJckMj4CPyh1ZfMoQ90vZ8_CHNx_20fRF5rWuFyq-YnBthzeeK7ZLRiGlu2yJm280AtSGOLObSO6Sk_jhjho7yfN4XTyFMawQx9aGdmNVVbTVfHWXTiMuWby6-W7Y7CMRKkt8z6U3WnVebpC4gXaarR141X4qvM&__tn__=-%5DK-R will stop by spill the secret of what his company can do for dairy producers in West Virginia and beyond!
    1h 2m 51s
  • 1h 4m 21s
  • Prepping Livestock for Winter

    4 DIC. 2023 · This week our special guest will be Clif Little from The Ohio State University to talk about "Preparing for Winter with Livestock”. As winter is quickly approaching us, we want everyone to be prepared to care for their livestock. Livestock farmers should plan for adequate feed, making sure our animals have plenty of fresh water and access to dry areas that can block some wind. Preparation should begin before winter hits to ensure that you have the proper amounts of hay or forages stored for the cold season as well as making sure that barns and other shelters and winter equipment are repaired before we get into the heart of winter. Clif will share some recommendations and ideas for your checklist to prepare your farm for the upcoming winter weather.
    1h 8m 10s
  • West Virginia Women in Ag Conference preview 2023

    3 NOV. 2023 · This week our special guests will the WV Women in Ag Team from WVU Extension discussing “The 2023 WV Women in Ag Conference”. Annie’s Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational programs designed to strengthen women’s roles in the modern farm enterprise. Working with partners across the United States, Annie’s Project helps female farmers build viable and sustainable farm businesses. WVU Extension partners with Annie’s Project to offer female farmers and agribusiness owners an opportunity to learn more about holistic business planning and risk management in a virtual, flexible format. The annual West Virginia Women in Agriculture Conference November 17-18 at Canaan Valley Resort will provide research-based and practical educational opportunities for agribusiness women while fostering networking and leadership development. Workshops focus on the five areas of risk management and production enterprises. Farm tours highlight successful operations and provide opportunities for participants to learn from other’s experiences. The conference rotates annually to demonstrate the diversity of agricultural enterprises throughout West Virginia. Members of the WV Women in Ag Team will discuss all the speakers, farm tours, workshops and networking planned for the state conference coming up in November at Canaan Valley for the 2023 Conference.
    1h 3m 5s
  • Keep Our Harvest Through Winter and More

    27 OCT. 2023 · Proper postharvest handling of fresh market fruits and vegetables will allow you to sell high-quality products and extend the shelf life of your produce. The faster you get produce to the correct storage temperature, the longer it will last. You can help produce get to the appropriate storage temperature by removing the heat held by the product when it was growing in the field. Most fruits and vegetables do not need to be cured prior to storing, but a few do, including onions, garlic, pumpkins, winter squash, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Curing heals wounded areas on the surface of fruit or tubers. It also helps the necks and outer skins of garlic and onions dry prior to long-term storage. Dr. Jett will discuss proper curing to prevent plant pathogens from spreading in storage and extend the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables. Produce is at its highest quality at harvest, so culling diseased or injured produce and storing only the highest quality product is important. Dr. Jett has worked with Extension since 2007, specializing in vegetables and small fruit crops. He is passionate about his work, developing practical, economical production techniques for commercial vegetable growers and embarking on tours, workshops and production meetings that help growers expand their output.
    1h 5m 13s
  • Farmers Working Together-Cooperatives

    19 OCT. 2023 · Join us this Friday at 10 AM, as we will be joined by https://www.facebook.com/OhioStateCooperatives?__tn__=-]K*F. Together we will explore the ins and outs, does and don'ts of cooperatives.
    1h 2m 49s

Mountaineer FarmTalk is a live program hosted by WVU Extension for producers and homeowners in the mid-Ohio Valley. The hosts cover a wide range of topics from gardening, food preservation,...

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Mountaineer FarmTalk is a live program hosted by WVU Extension for producers and homeowners in the mid-Ohio Valley. The hosts cover a wide range of topics from gardening, food preservation, livestock management, agritourism and more.

Join us and our special guests every Friday at 10:00 am EST for for Mountaineer FarmTalk Live! to learn, share, laugh and enjoy a cup of coffee (or herbal tea for non-coffee drinkers). We encourage audience participation so have your questions ready.
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