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    Avengers Endgame - Cinematic History?

    12 MAY. 2019 · Erik and Neil talk about our reaction to Avengers Endgame, and where it stacks up in the history of box office blockbusters.
    Played 44m 32s
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    Double Dare Review: Jingle All the Way.

    26 NOV. 2018 · Erik and Neil suffer through Arnold Schwarzenegger's Christmas fiasco Jingle All the Way
    Played 41m 20s
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    Double Dare Review: Freddy Vs Jason.

    11 OCT. 2018 · Two epic monsters. Two sarcastic reviewers. Who will make it out alive of our latest Double Dare Review.
    Played 44m 7s
  • Double Dare: Sharktopus

    6 SEP. 2018 · Part two of the shitty shark movie double dare is Roger Corman's Sharktopus.
    Played 38m 42s
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    Double Dare Review: Mega Shark Vs Mecha Shark

    5 SEP. 2018 · Our two shark movie dares starts with Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark.
    Played 37m 57s
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    Double Dare Preview: Shark Movies.

    12 AGO. 2018 · Erik and Neil celebrate The Meg and Sharknado 6 by picking a half dozen awful shark flicks they'll have to watch.
    Played 24m 51s
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    Double Dare: After Earth (2013)

    1 AGO. 2018 · Our second M. Night Shyamalan double dare review is the Will Smith train wreck After Earth.
    Played 44m 53s
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    Double Dare Preview: Will Smith Movies.

    8 JUL. 2018 · The 4th of July was Will Smith's summer jam, so we let you pick his worst movie for us to review in our revived Double Dare series.
    Played 31m
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    Podcast Review: Avengers Infinity War. (Spoilers)

    9 MAY. 2018 · We all sit down and hash out our feels about Marvel's masterpiece, Avengers Infinity War.
    Played 44m 6s
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    Podcast Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    1 ENE. 2018 · So, the two editors who didn't like where The Last Jedi went as a movie hijack the cast and complain about The Last Jedi.
    Played 44m 37s
We at Deluxe Video Online get our contributors and guests together to hash out the movies too big for a regular review.
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