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Moving People Forward

  • Paul Timm, School Security

    24 SEP. 2020 · Since the tragedy of Columbine, Paul Timm has been committed to the safety and security of schools. Now that includes health concerns as well.
    Played 20m 48s
  • WMBI Mornings Memories of 9/11

    11 SEP. 2020 · The day that lives in the collective memory of the US in this generation. Mark Elfstrand, morning host, and Dave Mitchell, morning news director, follow the events as they unfold.
    Played 4m 58s
  • MovingPeopleForward Ep 44 Battaglia

    13 AGO. 2020 · Never has there been a more timely message for the USA. Joe Battaglia shares what makes America great … and it may surprise you. As a partial quote by de Toqueville says: When America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great. Tune in on this final episode for the summer of 2020.
    Played 20m 8s
  • MovingPeopleForward_43_Little-Elf

    30 JUL. 2020 · The resilient family is known by playing together, doing routine together, and … find out from Lara Elfstrand, the owner and founder of Little Elf Family Services, providing education, encouragement, and empowerment for new families.
    Played 19m 53s
  • MPF Ep. 42 Caring Network

    23 JUL. 2020 · Has the pandemic of 2020 changed the abortion industry? How has the struggle for life choices been impacted? Join Mark as he speaks with leaders in Illinois’ Caring Network.
    Played 21m 23s
  • MPF Ep. 41Litfin

    17 JUL. 2020 · The reign of Constantine changed the political/religious landscape globally. Dr. Bryan Litfin, fiction author and ancient church scholar, speaks with Mark about similar issues from yesteryear to today.
    Played 21m 13s
  • Ep. 40 AudioGieser

    9 JUL. 2020 · Medical missionaries to China have left a legacy in the Chicago suburbs. Mark speaks with Dr. Gieser of the Wheaton Eye Clinic.
    Played 19m 24s
  • MPF ep 39 F Wright

    2 JUL. 2020 · How has biblical orthodoxy drifted in our current culture? Dr. Frank Wright, CEO and President of D James Kennedy Ministries shares concerns about the Church’s wanderings from the truth of Scripture.
    Played 20m 57s
  • MPF Ep. 38 Hertzberg

    25 JUN. 2020 · Hutz Hertzberg and family were ready to go on vacation, but God had other plans. Death was apparently one of those plans! Discover the rest of the story about that day two years ago when “Good Samaritan” took on a whole new meaning.
    Played 22m 27s
  • MPF Ep 37January

    25 JUN. 2020 · Jerald January’s life can best be described as an anxiety producing roller coaster. As he so aptly puts it: You do NOT want to be me. Listen as Mark talks to him about current racial tensions.
    Played 21m 28s
Dedicated to Moving People Forward in all aspects of life … spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically … and giving the listener ways to create change.
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