• Vida Starr And Phoenix Calida discuss mental health Part 3

    27 SEP. 2022 · Hey gang.  This is the final installment of Phoenix Calida and Vida Starr on Mental Health.  We wrap it up with this one and hopefulliy before the end of the year, we can make an appearance on Champagne Sharks. 
    52m 46s
  • The Phoenix And William Show 09/26/2022

    26 SEP. 2022 · Phoenix is live to tape with a guest. 
    1h 20m 53s
  • Vida Star And Phoenix Calida Discuss Mental Health Part 2

    22 SEP. 2022 · Hey, gang.  We're hopping straight into Phoenix Caldia And Vida Star.  We'll skip news for this one and get straight back to the discussion recorded on the previous Sunday. 
    42m 52s
  • Vida Starr & Phoenix Calida Discuss Mental Health Part 1

    20 SEP. 2022 · Hey, gang.  So in this part 1, we revist the therapist grifter as a jumping off point.  We loaded a news update out of Florida on the front end and Phoenix Calida brings a news story that makes us talk about Stochastic Terrorism, which is a thing we'll probably have to talk about more for the rest of our lives. 
    39m 10s
  • Therese Coffey - The Conservative Behind The Memes

    8 SEP. 2022 · New prime minister Liz Truss spent Tuesday night selecting her cabinet – and her choice of health secretary has raised some eyebrows. Therese Coffey, regarded as one of Truss’ biggest political allies, has been appointed to take charge of the country’s health system Since the announcement, Coffey's views on abortion have sparked criticism over her suitability. Coffey, who has also been made deputy prime minister by Truss, previously voted against extending abortion rights, citing her Catholic faith as the reason behind her views.
    1m 51s
  • Therese Coffey’s Dr Dre alarm goes off during live interview

    8 SEP. 2022 · Therese Coffey Had ad a fun little moment on LBC in the UK. That’s London Broadcasting Company. Since I’ve been following them, they come across like MSNBC but that could be the hosts and guests my algorithm favors.
    2m 5s
  • Tristyn Bailey Killing: Disturbing New Details Revealed

    6 SEP. 2022 · JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Aiden Fucci, the teen accused of killing his 13-year-old classmate Tristyn Bailey was back in court Friday morning as his attorney argued – mostly unsuccessfully -- to limit evidence in, and restrict access to, his murder trial. Public Defender Rosemarie Peoples said she was trying to protect the trial process and ensure that there would be “one clean trial,” untainted by bias or the risk of mistrial. Her motions included prohibiting emotional outbursts during trial and preventing witnesses from discussing the case among themselves.
    22m 40s
  • Phoenix And William Free Live Show 09/04/2022

    4 SEP. 2022 · News And Comment A North Carolina school baptized more than 100 kids without parental permission or attendance: 'Mama, can you bring me some dry clothes?' California parents say their elementary school kids are getting bloody noses and headaches from learning in excessively hot classrooms LIVING Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email Copy Comments Flesh-eating bugs swarm beaches: ‘Mini sharks’ biting swimmers’ feet Jay-Z Says There’s No Shame in Success, Compares Being Called ‘Capitalist’ to the N-Word Mom Creates “Bulletproof” Dress For Her Daughter’s Fist Day Of School Man Who Won’t Adopt His Wife’s Son Conceived While Cheating Asks if He’s Wrong Despite Texas' lack of a state income tax, most Texans pay more in taxes than Californians, data shows A plaque with the words 'Ku Klux Klan' still hangs on a building at West Point
    1h 35m 2s
  • Did A Black Therapist Get Doxxed And Fired For Telling Black Men To Improve?

    23 AGO. 2022 · Kgg4GMsXjzW1C2aCauTL A Black Therapist from the tik tok got fired and it's an interesting story to the point that we gave it 2 hours of our time.  It's a pretty interestesting story from initial video clip to the post employment clip.   It all looks like a buisness move to Mr. William and Phoenix Calida joins in to discuss. Phoenix Calida has experience with therapy and she has a few disagreements with Shabree Rawls.  
    1h 57m 21s
  • News Updates For 08/17/2022 By Mr. William

    17 AGO. 2022 · Hey gang. Phoenix Calida set up some news for William to dig into.   We're working the podcast around 14-17 hour shifts now and we thank you for hangin in with us.   I put my full effort into the production of this and I hope you enjoy it as it was created.  If you like to smoke on the reefer, that's what this if for.  Cheef, Chill and Check out the news. Bumpers are Crip Hop Music By C-Lim and CPO. 
    20m 53s

Hey gang. Mr William Here; Welcoming you to my LaborHood. This is the next move forward in my Wine Cellar Media Project. Wine Cellar Media will remain the flagship of...

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Hey gang. Mr William Here; Welcoming you to my LaborHood. This is the next move forward in my Wine Cellar Media Project. Wine Cellar Media will remain the flagship of the patreon subscriptions. Mr. William's LaborHood will be the show I produce. We have to face the reality that with Phoenix Calida's work and family schedule along with health challenges that she can't be involved in content creating the way she used to. What you will hear in this podcast feed will still be politically and ideologically charged as it has been for 10 years. What we're seeing now is a relatively heavy change in how and what media goes out there these days. Moving forward, longform episodes will only be once a week. I'll go live on Sundays with a wrap up of the week and throughout the week, there will be multiple instances of short-form coverage of individual stories. It's an awkward moment as change can be weird and jarring. It's also a necessary given the work I've been doing is beyond ready to adapt to where the independent media landscape is and is going. May the next 10 years bring us more constructive interactions and development of ideas that inform our civic conduct.
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