• The Man From The Pru !! (The murder of Julia Wallace ,Liverpool 1931)

    1 MAY. 2024 · The baffling murder case in Liverpool in 1931,of julia Wallace the wife of 52 year old insurance salesman ,William Herbert Wallace ! Thank you to Denise from Liverpool ,where the crime took place ,for recommending this case to me,it really did have me hooked right from the start thank you to.....https://www.williamherbertwallace.-com https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/liverpools-oldest-unsolved-murder https://www.liverpoolcitypolice.co.uk/murders/julia-wallace-murder https://historicalmurders.com/case/julia-wallace-murder https://www.stgeorgeshallliver-pool.co.uk/true-crime-trials-from-st-georges-hall and as always thank you to Johnathan Segev for the continued use of his composition "CURSED LULLABY"
    15m 50s
  • The Terrible Death of Jane Clouson

    28 MAR. 2024 · who killed 16 year old Jane Clouson ?The police knew who had done it,the public thought they knew who had done it ! all the evidence seemed to point to one man .....but did he do it? join me as we take a trip to eltham a borough of london in 1871, to find out !!!! firstly a big help in bringing out this story to the book on the crime "pretty Jane and the viper of kidbrooke lane" by Paul Thomas Murphy an absolutely brilliant account of everything to do with the murder ,please get this book if you want to find out more about this fascinating crime!!! also thanks to the following......https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/lifestyle/memories/jane-was-16-pregnant-and-brutally-murdered https://prettyjaneandtheviper-.tumblr.com https://katdevitt.com/2022/08/29/the-tragic-murder-of-jane-maria-clouson https://www.fobic.org.uk https://runner500.wordpress.com/tag/edmund-pook https://www.oldbaileyonline.org/recordt18710710-561 and a special thank you to jonathan segev for the continued use of his composition "cursed lullaby"
    19m 14s
  • The Terrible Death of Eliza Morrow

    19 FEB. 2024 · Let me take you to Derby in England in 1861,where recently widowed , Richard Thorley,has become obsessed with a pretty, young irish lady called Eliza Morrow,unfortunately Eliza doesnt feel the same way about Richard,and lets him know, leading to a downward spiral in Richard, leading to anger ,jelousy and finally murder a big thank you to Martin Baggoley for the story in his book Derbyshire murders and also thank you too .... https://truecrimelibrary.com https://derbyuncovered.com https://www.oldilkeston.com https://www.visitderby.co.uk https://issuu.com https://www.capitalpunishment.uk.org https://www.dailytelegraph.co.uk
    16m 33s
  • MARY BATEMAN (The Yorkshire Witch)

    15 ENE. 2024 · Mary Bateman was a self styled wise woman, a clever, cunning,confidence trickster, with absolutely no concience !she could be a serial killer , but she only stood trial for one murder ,and that was the poisoning of mrs Rebecca Perigo,a lady she was supposedly helping to lift a curse,join me as we tell her story of her crime ,her capture,and her execution https://www.yorkmuseumtrust.org.uk https://murderpedia.org https://www.mylearning.org https://examinerlive.co.uk https://northernlifemagazine.co.uk https://www.mentalfloss.com https://www.darlingtonandstockton-times.co.uk and thank you as always to jonathan segev for the continued use of his brilliant Cursed Lullaby as my intro
    17m 13s
  • The Agonising Death of Arthur Major

    27 NOV. 2023 · The 1934 murder of 44 year old lorry driver Arthur Major ,by his wife Ethel,in the little village of Kirkby upon Bain in Lincolnshire, England thank you to .....https://www.lincolnshirelive.co.uk https://murderpedia.org http://www.capitalpunishmentuk.org https://ourcriminalancestors.org https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk https://crimescribe.com thankyou to jonathan Segev for kindly allowing me to use his Cursed Lullaby as my intro music https://m.soundcloud.com/jonathansegev
    14m 31s
  • The Crime and Execution of Catherine Hayes

    29 OCT. 2023 · The 1726 murder of John Hayes, by his lodgers Thomas Billing and Thomas Wood, all planned by his wife Catherine,Billing was allegedly her lover ,but was also her son by a former partner,and Wood was a long time friend of John Hayes from when they lived in woucestershire ,John had generously taken him in ,and he repaid him by firstly becoming his wife's lover , and then murdering him ! but why? and what happened to them afterwards ,lets take a look! i would like to thank as always jonathon Segev for his continued use of his "Cursed Lullaby" as my intro music ,and also https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk http://rictornorton,co.uk https://www.capitalpunishmentuk.org https://murderpedia.org https://localhistories.org
    20m 1s
  • The Terrible Murder of Annie Leeson

    24 SEP. 2023 · The 1864 murder of Annie Leeson, by her lovesick admirer William Stevens,a man wh could not control his obsession,jealousy,and anger ,he finally decided if he couldnt have pretty 17 year old Annie then nobody would! thank you to the buckingham gaol and museum website buckinghamshire live .com the books Buckinghamshire murder and crime by Scott Houghton and Buckinghamshire mystery and murder by David Kidd Hewitt and as always a big thank you to Johnathon Segev for the continued use of his Cursed Lullaby as my intro music and thank you so much for listening
    19m 15s
  • The gruesome murder of Ann Pullin

    23 AGO. 2023 · The 1833 murder in Wantage now in oxfordshire England,at the White Hart Inn on newbury street, where he decapitated body was found by her 12 year old stepson,when he went down for breakfast the suspicion immediately fell on 18 year old bean reaper George King !! but why did George kill decide to kill Ann? join me in this weeks episode to find out thank you to https://www.darkoxfordshire.co.uk https://davidkiddhewitt.wordpress.com and the book Oxfordshire murders by Nicola Sly also as always ,thank you to Jonathon Segev for the continued us of his "cursed lullaby" as my intro
    17m 23s
  • The Murder of Kate Dungey

    19 JUL. 2023 · On the night of friday the 8th december 1893 ,2 young brothers james and henry froome,could get no answer,at the farmhouse they spent the night at when they worked there ,they knew the sole occupant,the housekeeper, 30 year old Kate Dungey should be there,when at 9.30pm she had still not appeared, they went home and alerted their father John Froome,he and the farm manager George Dawson made a shocking discovery at the house, thanks to https://murderresearch.com/kate-dungey/ https://www.darkoxfordshire.co.uk and as always thank you to Jonathan Segev for the continued use of his music
    19m 8s
  • Two Danish Murderesses (Ana Andersdotter & Dagmar Overbye

    7 JUN. 2023 · Today i tell the tales of 2 danish lady child killers ,Ana Andersdotter,and Dagmar Overbye its the first time i have gone beyond these shores for an episode,but i came across these 2 and they really interested me so im hoping you will find them interesting too tonights episode includes a shout out to a favourite podcast of mine GHOST TALES BY THE FIRESIDE hosted by Clem Dalloway https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ghosttalespodcast/support you can find him on Ghost Tales By The Fireside on Instagram and his email is ghosttalesbythefireside@gmail.com dont forget you can find me on instagram and on my email exiled.ybelly@gmail.com as always many thanks to @jonathansegev for the continued use of cursed lullaby as my intro
    20m 8s
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