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My Body, My Bump, My Baby

  • Ask the Midwife with Amy B, CNM - Navigating Pregnancy and Beyond

    14 MAR. 2024 · Welcome to another empowering episode of "My Body, My Bump, My Baby." In this episode, our expert midwife, Amy B, CNM, shares invaluable insights on various topics: - Prepping for Early Postpartum: Amy discusses essential preparations and the importance of pelvic floor PT. - Night Sweats and Restless Leg Syndrome: Learn ways to manage and alleviate these common discomforts during pregnancy. - Itching All Over: Amy provides guidance on dealing with widespread itching. - Collecting Colostrum: Explore the do's and don'ts, the why’s and why not’s of collecting colostrum during pregnancy. - Nutrition for Pregnancy: Discover key foods and lifestyle choices to focus on for a healthy pregnancy, labor, and recovery. - Tearing Concerns: Amy addresses worries about tearing during childbirth and offers preventive measures. - Hemorrhage Prevention: Gain insights into the causes of hemorrhage and essential tips for prevention. - Resources: - Links: - https://www.ensomama.com/ - https://med.stanford.edu/newborns/professional-education/breastfeeding/hand-expressing-milk.html - Books: - https://lilynicholsrdn.com/real-food-for-pregnancy/ - https://www.amazon.com/First-Forty-Days-Essential-Nourishing/dp/1617691836/ref=sr_1_1?crid=32Y7OQ8EAJ4H3&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.GG5tuNnC3q1ek6LTD9lN-hMg_jrUn7ttUQA0rMMDrPXi9TPg3Niv88xA0Akhg_gOHxJD8SQqu5obQ0KCG9c6px6VGTzNSeZ41BpRtFKWBt6bFHTMut--tsQIMIZDep9GV3cdxde3Vq1w4V8D-RPJxRdNr6doW4wQ-SVVTG2tFbGWcHg7ONsbvWAnUWmnwqUT48dV8kQSQ0Ygj3i0EscqVFfEMaLPQNOY5zELNZDhECo.sD8yl1X2eTKt2YTm1Ml4tDJvrdx2GsHPInOWn-Ojyys&dib_tag=se&keywords=the+first+40+days&qid=1710259584&sprefix=the+first+40+days%2Caps%2C143&sr=8-1 by https://www.amazon.com/Heng-Ou/e/B01FNSRKWY/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 (Author), https://www.amazon.com/Amely-Greeven/e/B007SZBERI/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_2 (Author), https://www.amazon.com/Marisa-Belger/e/B01G2FIUGC/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_3 (Author)
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  • Deep Dives and Deep Breaths: Navigating the Depths of Labor

    22 FEB. 2024 · Join host and storyteller Bea on an immersive journey through the depths of scuba diving and the uncharted territories of labor. In this episode, Bea shares a personal deep-sea diving experience that unexpectedly unveils powerful parallels with the challenges of labor. Discover the transformative impact of controlled breath and supportive partners, drawing connections between the calm waters of the ocean floor and the resilience needed during the waves of labor. Learn how the fight-or-flight response can affect labor and explore the essential role of a birth partner, akin to a trusted dive buddy. This episode is a compelling exploration of the profound links between life's diverse experiences. Dive in and breathe deep on 'Deep Dives and Deep Breaths: Navigating the Depths of Labor. Interested in taking a childbirth prep class with Bea? We offer https://birth-u.thinkific.com/ to be taken at your pace in the comfort of your home.
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  • Empowering Birth Experiences: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Your Perfect Doula

    20 DIC. 2023 · Discover the transformative power of hiring a doula with host Bea. Uncover why a doula isn't just support—it's a game-changer for your birth experience. Bea, a seasoned doula, shares expert insights, from the science-backed benefits to finding your perfect match. Tune in to unlock the keys to a positive, empowered birth journey with a doula by your side. Interested in our Positioning and Natural Labor Coping Class, click https://birth-u.thinkific.com/courses/labor-coping-positioning.
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  • Designing Your Birth Experience: Unveiling Hospital's Secret Menu

    6 DIC. 2023 · Craft the birth experience you envision.Explore the significance of birth plans and discover how to navigate and create one tailored to your desires. In this episode, dive into the one-size-fits-all approach of hospital births and uncover the array of hidden options available to personalize your birthing journey. From shunning the standard hospital gown to transforming the birth environment, explore ways to reclaim empowerment during labor. Learn about the significance of understanding hospital protocols, policies, and interventions through the lens of crafting a birth plan. Discover how this process not only facilitates informed decision-making but fosters communication between partners, strengthening the bond in preparation for the arrival of your little one. Delve into valuable insights and uncover the lesser-known aspects of hospital births, including practical tips, recommended resources like doula assistance and childbirth classes, and the intricate process of envisioning the birth experience while embracing the uniqueness of your journey. Join Bea in this insightful exploration, designed to empower you on your remarkable path to motherhood. Subscribe for future episodes and share your thoughts or suggestions with us at https://gmail.com. Embrace the distinctiveness of your journey as you nurture yourself and your growing miracle. Interested in learning more about birth plans and the secret menu options, check out Bea's ondemand class https://birth-u.thinkific.com/courses/create-birth-plan. https://birth-u.thinkific.com/courses/create-birth-plan
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  • Breaking the Silence-Navigating Postpartum Mental Health

    20 NOV. 2023 · Join Bea in an enlightening conversation with Amanda Baker, LCSW, on the challenging landscape of postpartum mental health. In this episode of My Body My Bump My Baby, we delve into the reasons behind the difficulty in discussing postpartum experiences openly. Amanda sheds light on various facets of postpartum mental health, from the commonly known Baby Blues to Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Psychosis, unraveling their nuances. The conversation bravely confronts the discomfort of looking into the mirror and not recognizing oneself, touching on crucial insights into understanding, preparing for, and navigating the postpartum period with mental health in mind. Bea and Amanda discuss the importance of support systems and offer guidance on how partners and support networks can play a significant role. As the discussion evolves, Amanda highlights key resources available in Colorado Springs, providing listeners with actionable information to access support and guidance. Tune in to this episode for an empowering dialogue that seeks to destigmatize and offer practical understanding and support for postpartum mental health experiences. Find Amanda Baker here: https://mindfulsprings.com/staff/amanda-baker/ Check out Bea’s online classes here: https://birth-u.thinkific.com/ Check out Enso: https://www.ensomama.com/
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  • A Beautiful Birth Story: Sammy's Personal Journey

    8 NOV. 2023 · In this intimate episode of "My Body, My Bump, My Baby," Sammy invites you into her world as she shares the beautiful and profound story of her home birth experience with our host, Hannah. Expect to be deeply moved as Sammy opens her heart to recount the moments of joy, vulnerability, and resilience that defined her birthing journey. From the personal thoughts and reflections that shaped her decision to have a home birth to the unexpected bumps in the road that she courageously navigated, Sammy's story is a testament to the power of choice, the strength of the birthing person, and the transformative nature of bringing life into the world. Join us in this heartwarming and inspiring conversation as Sammy and Hannah explore the joys, challenges, and unexpected twists that made Sammy's home birth a profoundly empowering experience. Resources: Check out Sammy's e-Book: https://www.samantharosewellness.com/product-page/informed-consent-e-book-for-pregnancy-birth Want to learn more about your birth plan options? Check out Bea's On-Demand Class: https://birth-u.thinkific.com/courses/create-birth-plan
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  • Real Talk About Bring Home Baby w/Melissa

    19 OCT. 2023 · Join us for a heartfelt and insightful conversation in this episode of "My Body, My Bump, My Baby" as we welcome our special guest host, Melissa. In this episode, Bea and Melissa dive deep into the joys, challenges, and emotions of bringing a newborn baby home. Listen as Bea and Melissa share their firsthand experiences, enlightening anecdotes, and honest advice on navigating this remarkable journey of parenthood. From the overwhelming excitement to the sleepless nights, they explore the profound impact a baby's arrival has on a family and their dynamic. Delve into their invaluable discussions on adjusting to the new routine, establishing a nurturing environment, and finding balance amidst the whirlwind of emotions. As these two incredible women break down the highs and lows of bringing a baby home, you'll discover a wealth of wisdom, practical tips, and heartfelt moments of connection. Whether you're an expecting parent, a seasoned caregiver, or simply fascinated by the complexities of new beginnings, this episode will provide you with the ultimate guide to embracing the joyous adventure that is welcoming a newborn into your life. Tune in to "My Body, My Bump, My Baby," and join Bea and Melissa as they fearlessly tackle the realities of bringing baby home.
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  • Building A Healthy Pregnancy Foundation with Midwife Kim

    4 OCT. 2023 · Join us on "My Body, My Bump, My Baby" as we delve into a crucial topic with special guest Kim Osterholzer, a home birth midwife and author. This episode focuses on the proactive steps we can take to establish a strong and healthy foundation for pregnancy and our precious babies. Kim shares her invaluable expertise, offering insightful tips and advice on optimizing our health and wellbeing during this transformative journey. Whether you're currently expecting or planning to start your family in the future, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to gain valuable insights and empower yourself to create the best possible environment for your pregnancy and baby.
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  • Start Your EO Medicine Box w/Olathe

    19 SEP. 2023 · In this episode of "My Body, My Bump, My Baby," licensed massage therapist Olathe takes us on a fascinating journey into the world of essential oils. Join Olathe as she shares her extensive knowledge and provides a practical guide on creating an essential oil medicine box for your family. Discover the power of seven essential oils that Olathe recommends to start with and learn about their incredible uses and benefits. Whether you're a wellness enthusiast, a parent, or soon-to-be parent, this episode will equip you with the knowledge to integrate these natural remedies into your family's health routine. Tune in to unlock the potential of these amazing essential oils and nurture a healthier, happier lifestyle for your loved ones.
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  • A Beautiful Birth Story - Hannah & Felix

    26 JUL. 2023 · Hannah and Bea are back together in this episode! Hannah takes us on a journey as she tells us her beautiful home birth story for the birth of Felix. It's a story of empowerment, peacefulness and speed. Listen in to hear all the details, and marvel at the strength of this mother in this magical experience.
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My Body, My Bump, My Baby is a podcast for women planning a family, who are pregnant or who have a young baby. We are all about helping women to...

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My Body, My Bump, My Baby is a podcast for women planning a family, who are pregnant or who have a young baby. We are all about helping women to be empowered mothers through topics on health, pregnancy, birth, and babies.
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