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My Unemployed Loser Life

  • Episode 1 - This is why people quit their jobs

    26 FEB. 2024 · This job was so #toxic I had to quit. First time workers should watch out for these signs. 15 Reason you should quit your job: 0:00 - I got a job! 0:42 - Reason 1: Transporting to and from work takes way too long. 1:09 - Reason 2: Messy communication line at work. 1:39 - Reason 3: Late acceptance to work and last minute screenings. 2:56 - Reason 4: Was I runner-up for the job position? 3:10 - Reason 5: What are office cliques and how do they affect me. 3:33 - Reason 6: A micromanaging boss looking over my shoulder. 3:47 - Reason 7: The boss likes to humiliate me. 4:16 - Reason 8: No proper training to use the equipment at work. 5:32 - Reason 9: My parents made me feel bad about getting a job that required manual labor. 6:08 - Reason 10: An incident occurred at my job. 6:26 - Reason 11: I got in trouble with my boss for a product that was missing. 6:35 - Reason 12: My work partner pulled an anime move on me. 6:57 - Reason 13: My boss broke my self-esteem. 8:30 - Reason 14: The universe was telling me something. 8:56 - Reason 15: What I should have acted like when my boss called me in.
    9m 26s
This podcast talks about work, trying to find jobs, and how jobs affect you. It also talks how unemployment affects you and the people close to you.
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