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  • My VA Dayton featuring U.S Marine Corps Veteran Kevin Keller

    15 MAY. 2024 · Join us as we sit down with Marine Corps veteran Kevin Keller, whose remarkable service stretches across multiple branches of the U.S. military. Listen in as Kevin recounts his journey from the Marine Corps to the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and finally the Army. He opens up about his motivation to enlist, his diverse roles within each branch, and the unique experience of having his family deploy together. Our conversation sheds light on the transitions and decisions that shape a military career, as well as the personal stories that bring a human touch to the uniform.In our heartfelt discussion, Kevin shares the challenges and triumphs of adjusting to civilian life post-service. He speaks candidly about the initial struggles to find employment and how his strategic moves between service branches were key in securing his retirement benefits. With a focus on the importance of community, Kevin highlights his active involvement with veterans' groups post-retirement, underlining their mission to support veterans and their families. This chapter of his story is a powerful testament to the resilience and camaraderie that continues long after the uniform is hung up.We also tackle the crucial topic of veterans' healthcare, emphasizing the life-saving services provided by the Dayton VA and the importance of enrolling in VA benefits early. Kevin offers his insights on the PACT Act, dispels misconceptions about seeking care, and advocates for fellow veterans to take full advantage of the VA services they've earned. This episode is a must-listen for any veteran or service member, as it underscores the long-term health benefits and the comprehensive support system available to those who have dedicated their lives to serving our country.
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  • My VA Dayton featuring U.S Marine Veteran Robert Kinces

    15 ABR. 2024 · When Robert Kintzis swapped his civilian cap for a Marine's helmet, he embarked on a journey far beyond the reach of his Dayton roots. His tale of dodging the Army draft to find his destiny amidst the burgeoning field of military computing is one that resonates with the courage and adaptability of a generation. In our latest episode, we sit down with this Sinclair Community College alumnus and Philo T. Farnsworth awardee, to trace his path from academia to the Vietnam War era, and how his service took an unanticipated turn towards technology.With Robert's story as our backdrop, we also shine a light on the vital resources available to veterans through institutions like the Dayton VA, where support extends far beyond the battlefield scars. As Robert recounts his initial underestimation of the VA's services, we unpack his transformative experience during the pandemic, which led him to champion the benefits that many veterans may be overlooking. This powerfully candid conversation not only navigates Robert's post-service involvement in a poignant film created by veterans but also underscores the message that your service is deeply valued and the support you deserve is within reach. Join us as we honor the past and embrace the future of those who served, reminding every veteran that a network of unwavering support is always at hand.
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  • Tamara Wilson

    15 MAR. 2024 · As a beacon of hope and unwavering support for those who've served, Tamara Wilson, a seasoned veteran service officer, joins us to weave a narrative of valor, vulnerability, and victory. Drawing from her deeply rooted family legacy in the military and the emotional odyssey of her own Army enlistment, Tamara's heartfelt revelations demonstrate the resilience required in and after service. Transitioning from combat boots to advocacy in civilian life, she unveils the serendipitous twist of fate that propelled her into her vital role. With a focus on the prerequisites for becoming a veteran service officer, Tamara underscores the imperative of upholding the rights of veterans, ensuring they receive the honor and benefits they have rightfully earned.Turning the page to camaraderie and care, our conversation spotlights the Veterans Picnic event - a festive day replete with appreciation for veterans and their kin. Here, the fabric of support is embroidered with educational opportunities about the PACT Act's expansions and tailored healthcare services, particularly for our female veterans. Within this tapestry, we share personal insights from Tamara's service with the Allen County Veterans Service Commission, highlighting the cruciality of veterans embracing the comprehensive care from the VA. With contact details readily available, my co-host Brandon Zito and I extend an open invitation to the veteran community to connect with the Dayton VA Medical Center, reaffirming our gratitude and unwavering commitment to those who've donned the uniform.
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  • MyVA Dayton Black history Month Special featuring (Military and The Arts)

    17 FEB. 2024 · Welcome to another compelling episode of My VA Dayton. We are here to guide you through a tapestry of remarkable stories in celebration of Black History Month. Today, we bring to light the extraordinary contributions of black American veterans to our military and their influential impact on the arts.Join us as we dive into the life of Emmett North, Jr., a U.S. Army veteran whose love for music led him to share stages with icons like Chuck Berry and Barry White. We'll follow Emmett's journey from The Ohio Twisters to the prestigious halls of King Records and beyond, showcasing the rhythm of resilience that pulses through his career.Hollis Melson's incredible transition from army life to bass lines will also strike a chord, as we recount his memorable gigs with Sun, the Apollo, and the sounds of Motown that shifted his musical destiny. From draft-day surprises to the dexterity of his bass guitar, his story is one of harmony and heroism.Then, brace yourselves for an intimate portrayal of the acting world as we sit down with our next guest, Alan Bomar Jones, a US Navy veteran and actor. We'll explore Alan's transformative journey from a troubled past to a promising future under the spotlight, and the challenges faced by older actors learning their craft.Throughout the episode, we'll shed light on the visual dilemmas of casting, the unyielding demand for character actors, and the vital role of memory in performance. Moreover, we'll reflect on the exceptional healthcare support provided by the VA, as our guests share their life-altering experiences with VA hospitals, emphasizing how this care has been a lifeline.So stay tuned, lend us your ears, and prepare for a symphony of stories that honor the legacy and creativity of our black American veterans, right here on My VA Dayton.
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  • U.S Army Veteran Kenneth Ebaucher

    15 ENE. 2024 · Kenneth Ebaucher, an honorably discharged US Army combat-deployed veteran with extensive service in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, is our distinguished guest on MyVA Dayton Podcast. Holding a Master of Arts in Cinematography and a Bachelor's degree in Theatre, Kenneth's talents extend beyond the military; his films, including the award-winning "Angels Unaware," have graced international film festivals. With a diploma in Russian Basic Course from the Defense Language Institute, his unique journey blends military service and cinematic storytelling. Join us as we explore the fascinating intersection of Kenneth's military experiences and his impactful contributions to the world of cinematography.
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  • Navy Veteran Steve Mullikin and Wife Valerie

    1 OCT. 2023 · Our first guest is Steve, a Navy veteran who was medically retired in 1995 after serving for ten years as a nuclear engineer. Steve returned from Desert Storm with unexplained neurological symptoms that persisted for years. His health was significantly impacted, leading him to rely on a wheelchair and a multitude of medications. Steve's partner in this incredible journey is his wife, Valerie, who has become his full-time caregiver.
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    22 SEP. 2023 · PACT ACT Excepts with John Looker Warren County VSO and Keith Carr Preble County VSO.
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  • MyVA Dayton Podcast Featuring Army Veteran, Zulma Schrupp

    1 AGO. 2023 · In this episode of MyVA Dayton Podcast, meet Army Veteran, Zulma Schrupp. She served in the US Army for 6 years as a specialist in the Transportation Corps. Aside from stateside service, she deployed to Iraq and Honduras during her time in the Army. Originally from Queens, NY she now resides in Urbana, OH with her husband of 19 years, two children and three pets. Zulma currently works for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Columbus, OH.#dayton #daytonva #veteran #transportationcorps #usarmy #urbana #queens
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  • MyVA Dayton Podcast Featuring Army Veteran, Tim Pennartz

    15 JUL. 2023 · In this episode of MyVA Dayton Podcast, meet Army Veteran Tim Pennartz. He served over 21 years in various roles from rifleman/machine gunner to a senior enlisted advisor. He deployed to multiple locations from Haiti and South Korea to Iraq and Afghanistan during the Global War on Terrorism. He currently serves as a Veteran Service Officer with the Greene County Veterans Service office.#usarmy #ftbragg #vso #veteran #rifleman #daytonva #iraqwar #oef #oif
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  • MyVA Dayton Podcast Featuring Marine Corps Veteran, Jeff Henderson

    1 JUL. 2023 · In this episode of MyVA Dayton Podcast, meet Marine Corps Veteran Jeff Henderson. He began his service as a rifleman with 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines and served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, and Africa. Upon completion of service, he began his career as a county Veterans Service Officer in 2011 with the Clark County Veterans Office. After several years there, he took a position with the Greene County Veterans Office to be closer to home.#veteran #daytonva #usmc #marinecorps #iraqwar #oef #oif #daytonva #marines
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My VA Dayton Podcast comes to listeners from the Dayton VA Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio. It’s the show where Veterans in the central Ohio region share their stories and...

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My VA Dayton Podcast comes to listeners from the Dayton VA Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio. It’s the show where Veterans in the central Ohio region share their stories and share what’s happening at the Dayton VA Medical Center.
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