• Podcast 76 - Tangible DAO

    16 MAR. 2023 · @Kmens5 and @DaoChemist review Tanglible DAO, a Real World Asset tokenization platform, to reate, trade and Redeem tangible NFTs like watches, wines, gold bars and fractionalized real estate. We review the platform and the real USD, the platform stable coin backed by real estate.
    25m 18s
  • Podcast 75 - The Otherside with @Infinium.eth

    27 FEB. 2023 · @kmens5 and @daochemist interview @Infinium.eth to get his views on BAYC, the Otherside Metaverse, how it compares to upcoming GameFi AAA games, and the roadmap for the growth of the Yuga Labs ecosystem.
    1h 16m 2s
  • Episode 74 - Porsche 911

    30 ENE. 2023 · @kmens5 and @daochemist review the new NFT collection from Porsche, where users can own their own 911, and will be able to customize them and gain access to special events and experience, potentially getting Porsche to make their custom 911 a real car.
    27m 25s
  • Episode 73 - Illuvium

    3 ENE. 2023 · @kmens5 and @daochemist review illuvium, the much anticipated AAA game to be deployed on Immutable X, where players discover a new world filled with creatures that can be captured, and where players can capture, collect them and battle each other to earn ETH.
    32m 42s
  • Episode 72 - Petroleum Finance

    26 DIC. 2022 · @kmens5 and @DaoChemist are back to discuss Petroleum Finance, a 3D game on Arbitrum where players buy plots and oil pumps to build their petrol empires. The project leverages GameFi and DeFi to create a fun experience for aspiring oil tycoons.
    40m 21s
  • Episode 71 - The Comeback of Mekaverse

    5 DIC. 2022 · @Kmens5 and @DaoChemist cover the resurgence of the Mekaverse project, a NFT collection of Gundam inspired giant robots, which released Meka Citadel, a Metaverse game where NFT onwers use their robots to travel and play to win lootboxes in the Unreal-based game world.
    24m 54s
  • Episode 70 - GammaSwap

    22 NOV. 2022 · @kmens5 and @daochemist review GammaSwap, a novel AMM (Automated Market Maker) creating two-sided option market for trading volatility, turning impermanent loss into impermanent gain for liquidity providers of DEX like Uniswap and Sushiswap.
    33m 19s
  • Episode 69 - LandWalker @ LandX

    7 NOV. 2022 · @kmens5 and @daochemist talk with LandWalker, co-founder at LandX, a protocol bridging commodities like soy and rice on-chain, creating a hedge against inflation, and diversification for crypto investors.
    1h 10m 14s
  • Episode 68 - Apple in the Metaverse

    4 NOV. 2022 · @kmens5 and @DaoChemist are back to talk about Apple's approach to the Metaverse, and how their LiDAR scanner and the updates on their Augmented Reality developer libraries are part of a strategy to be involved and be a massive player in the Metaverse.
    35m 37s
  • Episode 67 - Metropolis World

    10 OCT. 2022 · @kems5 and @DaoChemist dive into the curated and hand-made metaverse world of Metropolis, an innovative project project built by an award-winning team of artists, who created future cities where collectors can become citizens and own properties.
    27m 30s
A weekly adventure where we discover the latest gems and digital assets in the many galaxies of the Metaverse.
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