• Rage: Part 1

    3 MAY. 2024 · Hey it's like Taken!
    1h 2m 14s
  • Leaving Las Vegas: Part 2

    27 ABR. 2024 · TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR THIS WHOLE EPISODE: SA. Please listen with caution.
    1h 17m 38s
  • Leaving Las Vegas: Part 1

    24 ABR. 2024 · We know it was sad, but we were not ready for how sad it was going to get.
    1h 5m 56s
  • Left Behind: Part 2

    13 ABR. 2024 · Nic Cage can't melt steel beams
    1h 11m 4s
  • Left Behind: Part 1

    30 MAR. 2024 · God hates puberty is the theme of this movie.
    1h 5m 9s
  • Primal: Part 2

    22 MAR. 2024 · This podcast is now about Larry Bird and eating monkeys
    1h 12m 46s
  • Primal: Part 1

    17 MAR. 2024 · Snakes on a boat
    1h 3m 51s
  • Trapped in Paradise: Part 2

    1 MAR. 2024 · Our time in Paradise comes to an end, and so does Dana Carvey's crazy accent
    1h 18m 3s
  • Trapped in Paradise: Part 1

    28 FEB. 2024 · We are trapped in paradise with Dana Carvey and we are not allowed in the turtle club.
    1h 5m 22s
  • Outcast: Part 2

    11 FEB. 2024 · Mr. Gorbachev, tear this movie down
    1h 3m 3s

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