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No Money Down Real Estate Investing

  • No Money Down - Connor Rockwood - E.12

    11 SEP. 2023 · From dropping out of college to developing a 160 million dollar townhome development, Connor Rock and host Dave Flores dive deep into Connors career in real estate. Connor Rockwood has a very easy track record to follow, that is key for begineer investors. By utilizing the house hacking strategy he was able to build a 29 unit portfolio worth 14 million dollars today and is now focusing on developing. Things move slow but fast in real estate. Listen to how real estate changed Connors life.
    57m 8s
  • No Money Down - Quick Tips - How to Run Numbers - E.11

    27 AGO. 2023 · Cut all the BS out! Run numbers the way financial analysts and pros find out profitability on a business venture. Margin and Margin % is a classic, tried and proven way to understand if your Real Estate Investment is going to be successful.
    16m 8s
  • No Money Down - Updates & Quick Tips - E.10

    21 AGO. 2023 · Interested in getting started in real estate? Listen to Episode 10 of the No Money Down Podcast to get updates and quick tips about the new era of real estate we live in. Hear updates from our host Dave Flores about the current real estate market, how starting a property management firm has benefited his investing career, and why getting involved with listing agents is vital to portfolio growth. @nomoneydownrei
    20m 47s
  • No Money Down - Bradley LaBrie - E.9

    17 AGO. 2020 · Listen in as we talk about Bradley LaBrie's real estate investing career and everything in between. Coronavirus thoughts, outlook, and the way to move forward. Oh, we also talk about Bradley's crazy experiences as a young landlord, one including a homicide! Learn more about 203k loans, house hacking, property management strategies, and much more!
    1h 7m 40s
  • No Money Down - Stan & Danae - E.8

    2 MAR. 2020 · Using real estate agents as lenders, picking up everything and moving to new cities, having absolute confidence in the game of real estate. That is an extremely short summary of the creativeness, boldness, and confidence that have created Stan and Danae a lot of wealth in real estate. All doing this with no to low money down strategies. Check out episode 8 to transform the way you think of real estate investing!!
    51m 30s
  • No Money Down - Andrew Hines - E.7

    17 FEB. 2020 · Learning, creativity, and doing things the smart way is what Andrew Hines is all about! He owns a 4 million dollar portfolio but getting there was not easy. He had road bumps and overcame them and is now a big name in the real estate world. Listen in as we talk about tips and tricks, strategies, property management and much more!
    50m 4s
  • No Money Down - Alex Martinez - E.6

    10 FEB. 2020 · Dropped out of college at 19 years old and profited 1.2 Million in whole-selling at the age of 20?!?!? Join us on this weeks podcast to learn more about Alex Martinez a 27 year old real estate investor and mentor that has been crushing the real estate industry since 19 years old. Learn the ins and outs on how he has been so successful and what wholesaling is all about!
    53m 17s
  • No Money Down - Investor Mel & Dave - E.5

    2 FEB. 2020 · Investor Mel & Dave are killing the game using OPM and Seller Financing to acquire commercial properties with none of their own money! They are doing this at a big scale and have figured out systems that can heavily benefit anyone looking to jump into real estate or learn how to scale. From creating funnels, exit strategies, property management and more this is an episode you will not want to miss!
    1h 7m 14s
  • 44m 37s
  • No Money Down with James Gleeson E.3

    12 ENE. 2020 · Our guest today is James Gleeson from Missouri. He is only 23 years old and has 58 units under him already!!! He is using social media and millennial tools to build his wealth and he is all about networking! Learn how in just 3 short years James went from 2k in his bank account to now 58 units all by using No Money Down Real Estate Investing Strategies!
    45m 41s

I only had 2k dollars to my name and 120k dollars in student loan debt. I was still able to build a large real estate portfolio to become financially free....

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I only had 2k dollars to my name and 120k dollars in student loan debt. I was still able to build a large real estate portfolio to become financially free. How? All through no money down investing. Every week I will have guests on to tell their story. Learn the power of No Money Down Real Estate Investing!
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