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Nothing Worthwhile with Moody & Groo

  • EBS: Clash at the Castle Predictions

    9 JUN. 2024 · In this very special edition of Nothing Worthwhiles subsidiary, the EBS, we turn lemons into lemonade with our predictions for this years WWE super PLE this Saturday!
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    NWW 126: About that life with Sheila G! Part I

    3 JUN. 2024 · On today’s show, Moody’s sister-in-law Sheila Gonzalez opens up about her life, incarceration, prison culture and making it all the way back. Show Rundown: Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul is officially postponed, Howard Stern apologizes to another former rival yet again, Queen is the latest music artist to perhaps cash in on the catalog craze, Lenny Kravitz is on a “celibacy journey” and Ice T thinks it’s a goof, Costco is keeping that delicious hot dog/soda combo at a $1.50, Feel aggressive? Take some extra fish oil, Let’s meet Sheila, Stints of Incarceration, Her childhood, Where did it start to go wrong? Jail versus Prison, Drugs and business opportunities, Her actual incarceration, Male Officer/Female Inmate Interaction. What is a Dicktick? Grapes, LURD, Levels of Prison Security, Commissary, You gotta be Meat Rich, 2 for 1ing and Prison Economy. For our next episode of Nothing Worthwhile, Groo and I will hang with Shiela for part II of our interview. We will learn more about Prison Recipes, Prison Politics, The infamous Jodi Arias, Contraband, Snitches, Kite Writing, Fighting, Getting Out and Sheila’s inspiration to keep moving forward: Rip ‘Em!
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    NWW 125: Missing in Actions?

    25 MAY. 2024 · What if Moody and Groo did an entire show only to be told by the great Ryan Rebalkin that they watched the wrong movie .... If you like that lack of attention to detail, then this podcast is for you! Show Rundown: Sylvester Stallone's new memoir, Sly's watch collection is going to auction, Season Two of Tulsa King has an official start date, Did Steven Seagal break Sean Connery's wrist on purpose? Why did Steven Seagal refuse to join the Expendables? Jean Claude's new straight to streamer, Darkness of Man, Wesley Snipes heading back to the MCU with the Blade reboot? The Rock is late (allegedly) for everything, All the media movement with the WWE, Raw vs. Smackdown, Summerslam is moving to two nights? Walker Texas Ranger reboot gets cancelled, James Cameron, The connection to Rambo: First Blood, Missing in Action's paltry budget, Missing's connect to Jean Claude Van Damme, Filming the two Missing movies back to back, Chuck's five movie deal with Canon, Another botch job by Moody and Groo, Groo is watching WWE 2K, Ryan is a fan of Amazon Prime's Fallout while Moody recommend Peacock's NY Yankee documentary, Bronx Zoo '90. Check out our next Nothing Worthwhile podcast as Moody's sister-in-law Sheila Gonzalez joins us and oh what a story she has to tell. No Retreat/No Surrender!
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    NWW 124: WrestleMania 40 Reaction plus Happy Gilmore!

    27 ABR. 2024 · On today’s show, Moody and Groo give you their way too late thoughts on WrestleMania 40.What did they get right with WrestleMania 40? What did they get wrong ? Plus, overall thoughts on the two-day sports entertainment extravaganza. If that wasn’t enough, we take a fond look at Adam Sandler and Carl Weathers in the 1996 golf comedy, Happy Gilmore. Show Rundown: Are we looking forward to a potential Happy Gilmore 2? Thoughts on the passing of OJ Simpson, CBS cuts Billy Joel’s concert in the middle of Piano Man? Groo lectures Moody on the role of affiliates, If you need a director for a “B” comedy apparently Dennis Dugan is your man, Kevin Costner, and Steve Guttenberg as Shooter Magivan? Adam Sandler and Bob Barker win the first ever MTV Movie Award for Best Fight, The somewhat surprising budget for Happy Gilmore, Ben Stiller’s great uncredited cameo as Hal L, Adam Sandler promotes Happy on the Prince is Right, Will Christopher Macdonald always be known as Shooter? Is there a “R” rated version of Happy out there? Moody and Groo miss the original “V” sandwich cut at Subway, Gilbert Gottfried turned down a role in Happy and regrets it, Lee Trevino does not like salty language, R. Lee Eremy as Chubs? Saving Silverman, Chris Farley as Otto? Arrested Development, Employee of the Month, Happy Gilmore’s surprising gross, Groo and Moody’s final reviews of Happy could not have been more different, Groo is watching American Crime Story: The People versus OJ Simpson, Godzilla X Kong is for kids and Moody loved Netflix’s TLC Forever. Join Moody and Groo for their next episode of Van Dammit, as they will head all the way back in the Jean Claude Van Damme filmography. It’s Chuck Norris in 1984’s Missing in Action. Jean Claude Van Damme is credited as a stuntman in this movie. All of that plus it is the Van Dammit, state of the union address with Last of the Action Heroes Podcast Network CEO Ryan Rebalkin. Moody, Groo and Rebalkin all under one podcast roof … there could be blood! Rip ‘Em!
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    NWW 123: Wrestlemania XL Preview!

    4 ABR. 2024 · NWW 123: NWW 123: Yet Another Nothing Worthwhile WrestleMania Preview! The big Moody nuptials are over. Groo is back in Florida, and we are officially on the road to WrestleMania. Evan and Andrew will run down the two-day sports entertainment spectacular card and give you our thoughts and WrestleMania predictions. Show Rundown: Why won’t Howard Stern acknowledge the passing of Lee Mroszak, aka “Crazy Cabbie”? Will Groo trademark his new “Best Man “moniker? Everyone needs to watch “Fatal Honeymoon” CM Punk and the MMA Hour, What is going on with P. Diddy? RIP Lou Gossett Jr. Arnold has a pacemaker, FUBAR Season 2? Arnold’s “Pump Club”? Billy Joel hits show #100 for his MSG residency, Larry David’s contentious interview with Chris Wallace, More twists and turns in the Vince McMahon scandal, Moody and Groo’s predictions for WrestleMania 40, Could AJ Styles go to AEW? Moody and Groo both disagree on the main events for Night One and Two, Groo is watching the new Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt documentaries, and Moody of course is watching season five of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle For our next episode of Nothing Worthwhile, Moody and Groo will react to WrestleMania 40 plus take a fond look at Adam Sandler and Carl Weathers in 1996’s Happy Gilmore. For our next episode of Van Dammit, Moody and Groo will head all the way back to the Jean Claude Van Damme filmography. It’s Chuck Norris in 1984’s Missing in Action. Jean Claude Van Damme was one of the stuntmen for this movie. His name appears in the credits under Stunts Performed by as J. Claude Van Damme. All of that plus it is our Van Dammit, state of the union address with Last of the Action Heroes Podcast Network CEO Ryan Rebalkin. Like the WWE, there could be blood. Rip ‘Em!
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    NWW 122: The Expendables 2

    22 MAR. 2024 · NWW 122: Van Dammit! Live from Phoenix, It’s The Expendables 2! Moody is getting married and Groo is the best man. The boys find some time to discuss what is truly important, Jean Claude Van Damme and The Expendables 2! Show Rundown: Sly wins a Razzie, Where did the Expendables go wrong? Arnold is returning with a new Christmas movie, Alan Ritchson and “Reacher”, Chuck Norris turns 84 years young, Thoughts on Muhammad Ali is heading into the WWE Hall of Fame, Who is best to induct The Wiseman, Thoughts on the latest Bruce Springsteen concert emanating out of Phoenix, The Nu You Celebrity Plastic Surgery game with Marie, Did the “Boss” Bruce Springsteen have work done? Simon West and The Expendables 2, Rick Astley, Is Never Gonna Give You Up the greatest one hit wonder of all time? Does the Expendables 2 suffer minus the Stallone direction? The Expendables 2 and China, R or PG-13 rating? Tragedy strikes the set of The Expendables 2, John Landis and The Twilight Zone movie, The massive, impressive cast for The Expendables 2, The Expendables 2 and Bats, Groo wonders if we even need bats, The Crappy Expendables 2 video game, Nothing Worthwhile Movie Fun Facts! Dolph Lundgren is a true academic scholar, Critical Response for The Expendables 2, Box Office Gross, Did The Expendables 2 underperform in the US? Moody and Groo give their reviews, Check out Moody and Groo in their next Nothing Worthwhile podcast as they give their WrestleMania 40 predictions. Will Cody finish the story? Soon after, Moody and Groo will deliver their next Van Dammit podcast, it’s our Van Dammit State of the Union. Ryan Rebalkin the great CEO of the Last of the Action Heroes Podcast Network will be joining us for no holds barred intense discussion, plus a little Chuck Norris in Missing in Action. We hope everyone has enjoyed this podcast. Groo take us out of here! No Retreat/No Surrender!
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    NWW 121: Van Dammit! JCVD (2008)

    10 MAR. 2024 · Moody and Groo are doing it Van Dammit style today as they take a look at their guy Jean Claude Van Damme, in the meta inspired 2008 JCVD. Show rundown: Sylvester Stallone paid a price for all of his physical acting roles. Is it worth it? Is it a good idea for Stallone to hook up with the WWE for WrestleMania? The Stallone family is relocating to Florida, Is Steven Seagal really training Alex Pereira for UFC 300? Dolph Lundgren and his wife are official U.S. citizens, Linda Hamilton says “Hasta la vista, baby” to the Terminator franchise, Wendy Williams has been diagnosed with the same form of dementia that Bruce Willis has, Wendy’s 2019 run in with Howard Stern, How does John Cena retire from the WWE, RIP Michael Jones, aka “Virgil”, The unique concept for 2008, JCVD, The thin cast, Plot Synopsis, Nothing Worthwhile Movie Fun Facts, Van Damme could not yell out “cut”, Movie improvisation, The infamous Jean Claude six-minute monologue, Is the monologue Jean Claude’s best acting work? Moody and Groo give their JCVD reviews, Cop Land/JCVFD comparisons, Groo loves Law and Order, and Moody did not love Adam Sandler’s Spaceman. Join Moody and Groo for their next Nothing Worthwhile podcast, as they say one final farewell to Carl Weathers with 1996’s Adam Sandler driven, Happy Gilmore. Join Moody and Groo for their next Van Dammit podcast, as they look at Jean Claude, Sly, Arnie and friends with 2012’s The Expendables 2. Jean Claude Van Damme as a villain! No Retreat/No Surrender!
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    Nothing Worthwhile NWW 120: Demolition Man (1993)

    19 FEB. 2024 · On today’s show, Moody and Groo will demolish the competition with 1993’s Stallone Snipes Sci-Fi fest, Demolition Man. All that plus everything noteworthy in the Nothing Worthwhile neighborhood: Last of the Action Heroes Carl Weathers’ tribute podcast, Billy Joel’s nostalgia driven new music video, The Rock’s promo on Friday Night Smackdown and how it may all shape out for WrestleMania season, Groo’s OK after a rough week, Shane Gillis is set to host SNL, James Gandolfini and the final seasons of The Sopranos, A Quiet Place Day One Trailer is out and we react, The ID Channel talks about Dan Schneider and the Nickelodeon controversies, Rocco Siffredi is heading to Netflix with “Supersex”, Demolition Man’s deep cast, Jackie Chan, JCVD, Steven Seagal and Lori Petty are all connected to Demo Man, Denis Leary a bit superfluous for this movie? Writing credits go to arbitration, Did Demolition Man predict the future? Taco Bell, Director Marco Brambilla is a first timer, Production delays and budget shortfalls, MTV, Commercial jingles in the film, Movie Fun Facts, Demolition Man 2? Demolition Man Prequel? Box Office Take, The critics on Demolition Man, Moody and Groo give their Taco Bell themed reviews for Demolition Man, Groo loved Netflix’s “The Greatest Night in Pop” Moody and Groo are bit cold on Season 12 of Curb, Pops Moody loved 2023, The Holdovers and so will you. Check out Moody and Groo on the next episode of Van Dammit! as they cover 2008 meta inspired JCVD as well as Nothing Worthwhile as we say one last goodbye to Carl Weathers with 1996, Happy Gilmore!
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    NWW 119: The Piano Man is Back!

    4 FEB. 2024 · Moody and Groo are live from the Nu You Life Center Studio covering Billy Joel’s new single, “Turn the Lights Back On”, his first new music in 17 years! All of that great stuff plus: Billy Joel and “The Natural” movie theme, Moody and Groo are both not feeling well, Rest In Peace to Carl Weathers, More news on Vince McMahon, and it ain’t good, Vince’s connection to “Johnny Ace”, Final thoughts on the 2024 Royal Rumble, We love the Nia Jax comeback story, CM Punk is injured yet again and will miss WrestleMania, The Rock returns to Smackdown and takes Cody’s spot, which sets of a passionate debate, The Dead and Co. are doing a 14 show residency in Vegas? We debut Billy Joel’s new single, which sets off yet another passionate debate, Does it sound like Billy Joel or is it a bit too “slick”? Will Billy include the new song in his live setlist? Depp vs Heard, The new Ted TV show on Peacock, Groo saw “Wonka” and really liked it, Moody recommends Netflix’s “Griselda” and “The Greatest Night in Pop”. Join us for our next episode of Nothing Worthwhile as we take a fond look at 1993’s Demolition Man, John Spartan, Sandra Bullock and of course, Taco Bell!
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    NWW 118: Van Dammit! Replicant/Royal Rumble Predictions

    27 ENE. 2024 · Major breaking news impacting the Nothing Worthwhile Neighborhood and of yeah, a little Jean Claude Van Damme in 2001, Replicant: Thoughts on the One More Round Rocky III Podcast, Is Rocky III a bit homo erotic? Groo loves the minutiae, Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s stunning fall from grace, WWE and Netflix score a major deal, The Rock, Dwayne Johnson has a seat on TKO’s Board of Directors, Billy Joel is back with new music, Arnold gets detained at an airport in Austria and turns it into comedy gold, Demolition Man starring Jean Claude Van Damme? Season Five rundown for Vice TV Dark Side of the Ring, The somewhat dubious Ringo Lam/Jean Claude Van Damme connection, Can Michael Rooker lead a movie, The Snotty Concierge, Does Replicant have a cool Sci Fi premise? The look of Replicant, What’s with Jean Claude Van Damme playing dual roles and which movie does he do it the best? James Woods and J Lo in Replicant? Dollar Bill continuity and inflation, Replicant final reviews and they are …. not good, 2024 Royal Rumble Predictions and how would we book Jade Cargill for WrestleMania. Check out Van Dammit next month as we cover 2008, JCVD. Moody and Groo are back to Nothing Worthwhile and on their next show as they discuss The Piano Man, Billy Joel’s new music in 17 years with Turn the Lights On!
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Moody and Groo tackle the important subjects: Wrestling, movies, music, and anything else to keep them from doing actual work.
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