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Now For Later with Eric Mika

  • Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt II Alek Mika on What Keeps Him Up At Night

    21 MAY. 2024 · Time Stamps: 5:19 Intro  8:28 Stealing my friends  10:18 Medical finance 14:28 High school lacrosse  16:58 Concussions 22:43 Put some hard rock in there  26:58 Snubbed on All-American 29:23 “This keeps me up at night” 30:16 Be so good that they have to play you  33:46 Can’t have any more regrets  40:43 Another concussion  43:58 What could hold you back now? 48:25 Qualifying your negative thoughts 53:13 Failing early and often  56:33 Be coachable  57:50 Rapid fire
    1h 4m 8s
  • Hanging Them Up? Eric and Gabrielle Mika On Life Back In Utah

    7 MAY. 2024 · Time Stamps: 3:09 Worst haircut ever 8:11 Customer service  10:10 Kicked in the head  17:28 Crazy 4 weeks 18:58 Ignite no more  21:52 Craving competition 25:42 Hanging them up  28:14 Going for the BYU coaching position  31:25 6 Year old running a marathon 36:50 Welcome to Wrexham  42:23 Broken elbow in Serbia 47:42 Quote of the week
    51m 38s
  • Doing It My Way II Myriam Glez on Finding Your Next Challenge and Athlete's Soul

    30 ABR. 2024 · Notes Myriam Glez is a force in the Olympic world and a pioneer in the world of athletes transitioning to life after sports. She became obsessed with Synchronized Swimming and all that came with it from a young age and quickly climbed the ranks, joining the French National team at a very young age. She ended participating in 4 different Olympics - 2 as a an athlete and 2 as a coach - all for different countries which is unheard of. She literally has seen it all from every different angle.  Part of the reason she did not continue for longer than she did with the French National team was because while she was training, she was also accepted into a prestigious business school. The national team gave her an ultimatum and she chose academics. But her decision did not sit well with her and she had a lot of anger towards the fact that she had to even choose between two things that she loved and saw as equally important. So later on, when the opportunity arose to become a pillar for the somewhat green Australian National team, she couldn't resist. After the Beijing Olympics, she "retired" for the second time - this time on her own terms.  Even more impressive then her accolades as a swimmer, coach, team leader, manager, etc. is her desire to give back to athletes facing this major shift that she went through twice. With her experience of preparing for, balancing, and experiencing that very real jump that is leaving your lifelong sport, she has turned Athlete's Soul into an amazing space where high-level athletes can safely figure out what's next for them.  Timestamps 3:05 Pursuing business while still training 5:00 Australian National team 11:44 Intro to Synchronized swimming 14:23 I always wanted to be an Olympian 20:07 Always been a planner 23:19 Facing an ultimatum 26:20 No “what ifs” for me 28:18 Prove them wrong 33:15 “Retiring” a second time 36:36 Identity in sports 38:25 Finding your next challenge 40:25 Athlete’s Soul 49:54 Balance 51:15 Rapid fire
    58m 35s
  • Be A Playmaker II Donnie Edwards on Finding the Flow and Full-Circle Moments

    23 ABR. 2024 · Description: Donnie Edwards is a Hall of Fame linebacker that played in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs and his hometown team, the San Diego Chargers. He is revered as one of the best linebackers of all time and his name will forever be etched in football's history with several records that still stand today. His story of making it out of the streets to be the first of anyone in his family to earn a college degree, set the NFL ablaze with an incredible career, and to then finish playing and start an unbelievably impactful non-profit is nothing short of inspirational in every sense of the word. He was small by NFL standards but tenacious and never took no for an answer. And once it was time to hang them up, he found that passion was the only driver that would help guide him in this total identity shift. Despite the many successes in many facets of his life, he is quick to recognize the many full-circle moments that helped him attain that success. Since retiring from football, has been fully focused on the giving back side of that circle. He found that he closely related in several ways with former soldiers that had experienced combat and had a hard time adjusting to life after their career in the military and has dedicated his life to helping them and their families find peace and closure. Time Stamps: 4:42 The boys and girls club 7:06 Getting into football 9:45 Getting to college was everything 14:08 The American dream  14:36 I could have just gone with the flow  21:14 Be a playmaker 25:21 Full circle in San Diego 28:05 Balance from Yoga 31:53 Hanging em’ up 34:00 Identity shift 38:25 Being all in while you’re there 41:38 Finding other interests in off-seasons 43:06 Best Defense Foundation 49:24 Follow your passion 55:00 Transitions are universal 56:20 Rapid fire  Connect with Donnie: https://www.instagram.com/donnie_edwards/?hl=en Best Defense Foundation: https://bestdefensefoundation.org/
    1h 11m 39s
  • Bring Someone With You II Carmelita Jeter on Greatness On and Off the Field

    9 ABR. 2024 · Notes Carmelita Jeter is a legend in the world of track and field. Literally dubbed the “Fastest Woman Alive” for over a decade, she has held countless records and stood on countless podiums. Despite all of the glitz and glamour of a being a world-renown athlete - she is focused on 2 things: giving back and getting her athletes ready for life on and off of the field. Carmelita is an example of both of these things that she repeatedly tells her girls to do. For one, she got her master’s degree when she took her first assistant coaching job. And secondly, she gives back freely of her time, attention, and resources. Just to do this interview she had flown back early in the morning from an Easter weekend with her family and then drove 45 minutes from her house to Henderson. Where, by the way, she had come to be a guest speaker on a panel for the G League Ignite season ending banquet the week before. I know she doesn’t think any of that is a big deal but that stuff just speaks volume about who she is and what she actually cares about. She wants to give back, she wants to help, she wants to build and strengthen communities, and she wants to do things the right way.  She wears many hats and absolutely crushes them all so we were very lucky to have an hour to pick her brain and learn from one of the very best. Tune in this week on all podcast platforms! Time Stamps 4:03 Dropping the ball and running track  5:50 Anyone who is anyone is crazy  7:38 Being fearless  11:07 The great vs the team player  14:35 “The Jet” 18:05 Priorities in college 20:12 Education is priority number  22:15 Almost a completely different path 26:00 The Olympic podium  29:52 Patience & trust in track  32:19 Individual vs team dynamic  34:13 Hanging em’ up  37:03 Coaching  42:37 The bigger picture  48:03 Giving back  50:19 Carmelita is ______ 50:54 Rapid fire 
    1h 2m 52s
  • Two-Way Doors II Justin Su'a on Finding Your Next Passion and Peak Mental Performance

    2 ABR. 2024 · Justin Sua is one of the best of the best in the business of mental performance -  a path that started for him in sports but has recently expanded to many other communities. He works with high performers from all industries and gives them the tools to their "puzzle pieces" which will help them recognize patterns and get into a rhythm as decision makers.  Justin also played Baseball at BYU in the early 2000’s and realized soon after he began as an amateur that he didn’t want to follow his father’s route and play professionally. His path from then until now has been filled with pivots and as he put it, many moments of “bumping around”. His perspective on the necessity of those winding parts is illuminating. Despite not finding the desire to stay in any single calling for his entire life, he celebrates the stops he’s made along the way. He also recognizes the skills and lessons learned in those various jobs as the attributes that set him apart in his current role. Time Stamps: 7:21 Coaching coaches 12:51 These tools are for everyone! 18:41 Why I never turned pro 20:35 The next passion  24:33 One way doors and two way doors 26:35 Escape competition through authenticity  33:47 Modeling a balanced life  38:41 Goal gradient effect 41:31 Rapid fire Justin's Links:  1. Podcast:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/increase-your-impact-with-justin-sua-a-podcast-for-leaders/id1058589696 2. Social Media: https://twitter.com/Justinsua?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor https://www.instagram.com/justinsua/?hl=en 3. Books: https://www.amazon.com/Mentally-Tough-Teens-Developing-Winning/dp/1462114253 https://www.amazon.com/Parent-Pep-Talks-Mental-Succeed/dp/1462112846
    47m 46s
  • How You Live Matters II Danny Ainge on Living A Balanced Life and Being an Energy Giver

    26 MAR. 2024 · This week we are joined by BYU and NBA legend, Danny Ainge. Danny has seen it all in the world of sports. Triumphs, failures, dissapointments, and success. And his views are not just limited to just one sport and one title but rather in multiple sports and from multiple perspectives - as a player, broadcaster, coach, and general manager. He truly has seen it all and done it all many times over. He transitioned out of sports as well as anyone after establishing a rock solid network of people who knew him for being him: a man with work ethic, drive, passion, wisdom, and even luck. Throughout the course of his career he has pivoted and moved around many times even up to his latest position with the Utah Jazz. Despite the constant changes he strives for continuation in one thing: Balance. Balance in sports, with his family, and with his faith.  Join us this week as we are luck to hear from a man who knows what it takes to thrive in very different stages of life and how to find and prioritze balance in your life.  Time Stamps 7:01 Basketball was my first love   10:00 Road to BYU 12:20 Balancing basketball and baseball in college  17:41 Famous 2-sport athletes  21:13 Another benefit of multiple sports  24:24 Living like it was my only contract 29:23 Relationships are everything   34:48 It matters how you live your life 40:16 Returning to Boston  44:38 The Big 3 trade 47:13 Time for the Jazz 51:01 Teaching our kids when they’re young  52:58 Rapid fire
    58m 34s
  • What’s Next? II Eric Mika On Working Out Until You Puke and The Importance of Getting Down to the Nuts and Bolts of Yourself

    19 MAR. 2024 · Join Eric this week in another solo episode as he talks about the last couple weeks of episodes , some highlights (and more lowlights) from his basketball journey, what he’s been filling all his free time with,  the state of college athletics, and more! About 20 minutes into the episode, Eric highlights a program that he found through the podcast called, “Athlete’s Soul”, which is a non-profit that helps athletes to transition to life after sports. When he joined, he hadn’t necessarily given retirement much thought but the “cohort” turned out to be much more than just mapping out a career path. It’s been an important piece of his life the last 8 weeks because it has forced himself to look internally and figure out how to recognize different feelings and emotions and know what to then do with them. The idea is that these building blocks of personal emotional intelligence and recognition will help anyone navigate life a little bit easier. A lot bouncing around this week so we hope you enjoy! Time stamps 2:48 Maybe another podcast? 3:47 Pet peeve 6:20 Guy arrested on our flight 9:34 Triple double 14:49 What to do with so much time 15:30 Rule of thirds 16:37 Next up: D1 rowing 20:22 Athlete’s Soul 25:43 Diljeet Taylor killing it 26:45 Billionaire owners making threats 29:01 NIL and Transfer portal are bogus 31:58 Calling BS on Nick Saban 33:34 Use NIL to actually help the kids 34:58 Wild times in France 38:41 Not minding that it hurts 40:32 Tune in next week
    41m 32s
  • Make It Happen || Garrett Gee on Blazing Your Own Trail, Going with Your Heart, and Living a Life Worth Journaling

    12 MAR. 2024 · Garrett is an incredibly humble person that wants to do nothing but live his every single day to the absolute fullest. He is full of incredible stories after living life like this and as he puts it, never being satisfied having accomplished X, but always, “chasing Y and Z”. That is exactly what he has done and continues to do. He grew up dreaming of being a collegiate athlete and didn’t give up until he made it - despite the multiple efforts needed to get there. He simultaneously built an iPhone application that was downloaded over 100 million times in 3 years. He turned down 10 million dollars to continue to live out his dream of being a soccer player as long as he could. And now, for close to 10 years, he’s been traveling the world with his family and living a life worth journaling about every single day.  A king of adventure and curiosity, a master of wearing many hats, and an advocate for going into the world and taking what you want - Garrett was an absolute pleasure to have on the show and we are so excited to share his many inspiring messages in this episode! Time stamps: 2:00 - Not defined by one thing that you do 4:48 - No one will do it for you 7:00 - Finding a “team” photographer 10:30 - The start of passion for sports 11:55 - “Michael Jordan syndrome” 14:40 - Trying out for the team for a 3rd time 20:20 - Importance of sticking with your balanced life 21:25 - Scan 23:10 - Living a double life 26:10 - Raising rounds & Shark Tank 28:44 - Selling to Snapchat 36:57 - Sometimes crazy luck plays a part 40:44 - Found a path back to soccer 43:50 - Bucket List Family 48:03 - I try and live every day worth journaling 50:08 - Message to our kids 52:22 - Message to young athletes 54:50 - Rapid fire If you would like to follow along Garrett and his family’s journey around the world or check out his wife, Jessica’s newly released book with National Geographic, here are their links: https://www.thebucketlistfamily.com/ https://www.youtube.com/@TheBucketListFamily https://www.instagram.com/thebucketlistfamily/?hl=en https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/national-geographic-bucket-list-family-travel-jessica-gee/1143456046
    1h 2m 26s
  • Life Off The Court || Eric and Gabrielle Mika on Player Development, Color Commentating, and the NHL to Utah

    5 MAR. 2024 · This week’s “solo” isn’t quite so solo while Eric’s wife, Gabrielle, joins him for the first time in season 2 to help him give an update on life off the court. Rapid fires, updates on Eric’s player development role and his first time color commentating, breaking down what it will take for the NHL to come to Utah and a whole lot more - this week’s episode is very laid back and more than anything gives a look into all the interesting hypotheticals that Eric and Gabrielle discuss on a daily basis. Time stamps: 1:43 - Last couple episodes catch up 8:17 - Pet peeve 11:48 - Indian food in France 14:45 - Flight fight 18:21 - Album of the week 19:15 - Chelsea game in London 22:10 - Off-court life 24:32 - 1000 Hours outside 25:30 - Player development role 30:45 - NBATV Broadcast 36:03 - All-Star week for AK Field! 38:21 - NHL arena to Salt Lake? 44:44 - Bowling solo in Germany 48:00 - Quote of the week 51:20 - Tune in next week!
    52m 46s
Candid discussions with athletes as they transition to life off the court

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