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  • A Powerful Woman In Finance - Jolyeane Kimble

    26 ABR. 2024 · A Woman in Finance! Yes, that's right. Not just any woman.  Meet Jolyeane Kimble, in charge of finances with a Fortune 500 company for internal and external dealings.  Not bad huh?   Today we will hear how she went from that powerful position to owning not one, but several successful companies.   Contact her today to get your business right @ fecgrow.com for more information.   "Work your business like a machine..."  Get an outsourced CFO to guide you to more profit and more cash flow than ever before.   Thank you to our Sponsors:  Kim Arney - Bbk-services.com Jeannine Warrick- jladminservice.com  Mary O'Brien - rthsolutions.org 
    36m 37s
  • Spiritual Inspiration 4:19:24

    19 ABR. 2024 · What are you compelled to do for others who are in need or just because?  Today's episode comes from the Book of Acts 20:35 NIV.  In a world where we are constantly taking from others we are reminded in the bible what Jesus did.  He modeled for us what we need to do.  This verse moved me because it causes us to pause and think about what all God has given us. Lean into his word.   Thank you to our Sponsors:  - Kim Arney - BbK-services.com   - Jeannine Warrick - jladminservices.com   - Mary O'Brien - rthsolutions.org  Be blessed! - Coco 
    7m 33s
  • Shhh - The Perfect CoverUp

    12 ABR. 2024 · Have you ever gone to a hotel and wondered if your hotel sheets were really cleaned?  Today's guest has invented The Perfect solution!  Erica Tyson is CEO and the Founder of The Perfect CoverUp!   She is On The Block giving us the scoop on how to deal with the worries of the mind when it comes to staying in hotels or motels.   Listen in on today's Podcast to see how frequent trips out of town gave Erica an idea that will change everything!   Thank you to our Sponsors: Kim Arney - BbK-services.com  Jeannine Warrick - jladministrativeservices.com  Newest Sponsor - Mary O'Brien - CEO & Owner of Restorative Transformational Health - www.rthsolutions.org 
    34m 4s
  • Taking A Turn To Life's Challenges- Mary O'Brien

    22 MAR. 2024 · You go to college, you train for hours and years on what you "know" will be the career that you have chosen to live out your dreams and then, suddendly your life is changed in an instant!   That is exactly what Mary O'Brien our guest did and her whole life changed due to an accident on her job.   Listen in today as Mary shares her life's path that was put to halt. She used her experience and education to put her on another path to success.   Sometimes you just need to take another turn to what life throws at you and keep going.  Never give up!  
    33m 16s
  • First Time Buying A Home- Who Can Help Me?

    23 FEB. 2024 · First time buying a home can be scary, or intimidating to some. In today's Podcast Gwen Moore will break down the process to help you become more informed. Gwen Moore with RE/MAX Preferred Associates recognizes and values the trust clients place in her daily, so she always strives to exceed their expectations. She attributes her success not only to her passion for homes, but also to her intuition regarding the psychology of buying and selling. Her business has grown successfully and consistently thanks to the many repeat clients and their introductions to friends, family, and neighbors. This track record is only possible because she delivers on both results and an enjoyable experience. Listen in today! Thank you to our Sponsors: - Kim Arney - BbK Services 556 - BbK-services556.com - Jeannine Warrick - JL Administrative Services - jladministrativeservices.com - Gwen Moore - RE/MAX Preferred Associates - gmoore.remax.com
    39m 16s
  • Help Me Virtual Assistants!

    16 FEB. 2024 · I need help with my business. I am a busy! Virtual Assistants are definitely useful, affordable, knowledgeable, and can help you free up the Administrative work that you don't have time to do. Listen in today as our guest, Jeannine Warrick, CEO and Founder of JL Administrative Services, LLC breaks down the who, what and why of having a Virtual Assistant (VA). Her expertise spans decades and she truly is the best in the business. Contact her today@ jladministrativeservices.com
    32m 1s
  • Hello February 2024

    9 FEB. 2024 · Hello February and all it brings! Today's Podcast is speaking on information, news updates, highlights about what is going on for this month. Check out today's Podcast as we talk about: - Black History month - Valentine's Day - National Pizza Day - Toothache Day - Fat Tuesday leading to Lent Thank you to our listeners and our Private Sponsors: - Kim Arney, CEO & Founder - BbK Services 556 @ BbK-services.com - Jeannine Warrick ~ CEO & Founder - JL Administrative Services, LLC @ jladministrativeservices.com - Gwen Moore- Licensed Realtor in Texas with RE/MAX Preferred Associates @gmoore.remax.com
    15m 24s
  • Mental Health Is Important with Bronwyn Lucas

    2 FEB. 2024 · Mental Health is so important. 2020 showed us how damaging it really is. Today's guest is a Licensed Pofessional Counselor - Supervisor. She is bringing light to the subject and helping us to understand just how important it is and what we can do about it. Bronwyn Lucas is a Certified School Counselor, an empowerment speaker, group facilitator, storyteller, trainer and educator. Yes, she wears many hats, but they all lead to helping people reach their full potential. Ms. B. provides in person and online teletherapy. Ms. Lucas is a generalist. She works with youth, adults, families and groups with diverse mental health concerns. In addition to being an LPC-S, she is a Certified Christian Counselor, Life Coach and a Reiki Therapist. She utilizes all of these skills to assist clients in attaining mental wellness. She hosts a weekly podcast that originates on Facebook Live called Black Mental Health IS Black Health. Contact her at https://gmail.com Listen in today to get your dose of Mental Health tips! Thank you to our Sponsors: Kim Arney ~ BbK Services 556 @https://www.bbk-services.com/ Gwendolyn Moore ~ Realtor RE/MAX Preferred Associates @gmoore7766@sbcglobal.net Guest inquiries - ontheblockwithcoco@gmail.com
    32m 56s
  • "I Love My People" - Oba William King

    26 ENE. 2024 · "I Love My People"! Oba William King is a multi-talented Master Storyteller, Author, drummer, award-winning performer, and touring artist. He's performed traditional Folk Arts at some of the most prestigious venues, including the Kennedy Center, International Storytelling Center, and the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library Museum. As a Gold Member of the National Association of Black Storytellers, he's entertained audiences of all ages at numerous libraries, cultural festivals, and educational institutions across the nation. I am so honored to have him on our Podcast. His work can be found on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=oba+william+king Please listen in to get a feel for who he is and his amazing work that has made a positive impact on people of all ages from 1- 92! *Today's Podcast is being Sponsored by: Kim Arney - CEO & Founder of Bbk- Services 556 (Accounting Firm) . https://www.BbK-Services.com "If you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business."
    39m 37s
  • Are Your Financial Books In Order for Tax Season? - Kim Arney

    19 ENE. 2024 · TAX season indeed! It's January and yes Tax Season has begun. Today's guest is Kim Arney, President and CEO for BbK-Service 556. She has nearly 40 years of experience as an on-site and remote bookkeeper and tax preparation professional. Her company offers clients: - Remote Bookkeeping - Payroll Management - Financial Clean up - Tax Preparation - Quarterly Financial review Contact them today! They can help you get your books in order. www.BbK-Services.com info@bbk-services.com
    22m 11s

What is going on in our neighborhoods? Each neighborhood, block, and corner, has a story to tell. We are highlighting people from different areas to tell their stories about life...

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What is going on in our neighborhoods? Each neighborhood, block, and corner, has a story to tell. We are highlighting people from different areas to tell their stories about life and business. Providing a platform to discuss books, business, news in the community around the US, products, services, and promoting a healthy life in business. Colette Martin also known as Coco owns a Public Relations/ Marketing company called, "Business In Pearls". As a former Educator for 20 years, she expands on the skills, talents, and Education that was obtained. She is an Ambassador for the largest Small business platform in the US and Canada called Alignable. She won an award as the 2023 Local Business Person of the Year,on the Board of Directors for Black Girls Go Global, Author of 12 wellness journals listed on Amazon, and does classes for Stress Management. She utilizes her degree in Communication by being a Master Networker, and Speaker. She possesses Certifications in Life Coaching, Advertising, Marketing and Stress Management. She is proud to bring the community happenings to the spotlight! She is a mom, divorcee, and GLAMma. Stay tuned in on your favorite Podcast platform. Download the podcast at 11:00am CST every Friday!
Welcome to our block... On The Block with Coco.

* To give a donation for guest appearances to remain at no charge, and portions are being given to a non-profit organization called, " Black Girls Go Global", please click into https://donorbox.org/on-the-block-with-coco
($2,500 will be given to a young lady for her S.T.E.A.M journey)
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