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  • Ola Adegbenro - Colourful Beginnings

    30 JUN. 2023 · A cuppa with Ola Adegbenro, founder of https://www.colourfulbeginnings.com/, a charity that supports families with premature and sick babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Ola is a Preemie Parent Coach, Charity Founder, Social Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker. We chat about her childhood growing up in Nigeria, family holidays in the UK, and her move to the UK when she was 15 to finish her higher education. Ola speaks about how, when she gave birth to her first daughter at 21 weeks, the lack of support, and information she received whilst going through her NICU journey. This spurred Ola on to start the charity https://www.colourfulbeginnings.com/, so that other parents would have a community, knowledge, and support network, during their own NICU journeys. Relevant Links: https://www.colourfulbeginnings.com/, https://hotteamama.com/
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  • Jenn Huber - The Menopause Nutritionist

    23 JUN. 2023 · A cuppa with Jenn Huber, also known as the Menopause Nutritionist (https://instagram.com/menopause.nutritionist?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==). Jenn is a registered dietitian, Naturopathic Doctor, and intuitive eating advocate. She provides health and hormone education to women in midlife without a side of diet culture. Her mission is for women to find peace with food in midlife, and to find the confidence that they deserve. We chat about her childhood growing up in a small town in Canada, and how this influenced her career as a Naturopathic Doctor. Then her move to the Netherlands in 2019, and how the pandemic, and her experience of early menopause, aged 37, shaped her online practice and instagram platform. Relevant Links: https://www.jennsalibhuber.ca/, https://hotteamama.com/
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  • Lina Chan - Parla

    16 JUN. 2023 · A cuppa with Lina Chan, the founder of Parla, a platform and community set up to support, and empower women with reproductive health issues, through providing group programmes, led by experts in psychology, fertility and wellness. Her journey (with all its challenges) trying to conceive, is what drove her to start Parla. We chat about her childhood as a second generation Chinese immigrant in Brazil, where she was born and raised. And then about her career working as an investor for over 15 years before starting http://www.myparla.com/. Lina has a remarkable story, and is an inspiration in her mission to open up the conversation about women’s reproductive health issues, and in so doing empowering women to the access care, support they need, and to better understand their bodies. Relevant Links: https://myparla.com/, https://hotteamama.com/
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  • Ruby Raut - WUKA

    9 JUN. 2023 · A cuppa with Ruby, founder of the sustainble period proof underwear company WUKA. WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass, and Ruby definitely embodies this. We chat about her childhood in Nepal, leaving her family and home to avoid an arranged marriage, and coming to London with nothing - ending up with a hugely successful, game changing business that is improving the lives of women globally. Ruby has the most fascinating story and incredible period pants. It is brilliant to be able to share both! Relevant Links: https://wuka.co.uk/, https://hotteamama.com/
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  • Heather Jackson - Gen-M

    2 JUN. 2023 · A cuppa with Heather Jackson, Co-Founder of Gen-M and positive menopause advocate Bethan talks with Heather Jackson, the power-house Gen-M, the menopause partner for brands and a life long advocate for female representation in the workplace, throughout life. Sitting down to discuss her childhood in Yorkshire and life as a single mum, and her clarity of vision on what she wants to achieve. Her forthright nature and ability to see that even as an individual you can still have an impact, is inspiring. So put the kettle on and enjoy! Relevant Links: https://gen-m.com/, https://hotteamama.com/
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  • Angie Willis - The Eco Midwife

    26 MAY. 2023 · A cuppa with Angie, better known as The Eco Midwife on instagram, advocate for better and more sustainable birth, pregnancy and motherhood. Bethan talks with Angie Willis, aka @theecomidwife about how being a carer for her Dad as a child, inspired a career in caring for others. Relevant Links: https://www.instagram.com/theecomidwife/, https://hotteamama.com/ https://www.instagram.com/theecomidwife/
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  • Lauren Derrett - Wear 'em Out

    19 MAY. 2023 · A cuppa with Lauren Derrett, founder of sustainable period care brand, Wear 'em Out. Bethan talks with Lauren Derrett, who left school at 14 has gone on to found the trail blazing company, Wear 'em Out, removing stigma from periods and promoting sustainable period care. One of 8 children, Lauren's childhood has given her an innate confidence that we all need a sprinkle of every so often. https://wearemout.co.uk https://hotteamama.com
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Come along and join Bethan, a tea scientist, who loves nothing more than a good ol’ chat over a cuppa. Bethan will be getting an insight into the lives of...

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Come along and join Bethan, a tea scientist, who loves nothing more than a good ol’ chat over a cuppa. Bethan will be getting an insight into the lives of some amazing and incredible guests, all in the time it takes to have a cup of tea, or coffee, no judgement here.

So put the kettle on and get comfy.

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