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  • MIN S04E07- The Costly Attitudes That Hold Back Naija Entrepreneurs

    18 MAY. 2024 · Naïja Entrepreneurs, Ditch the Attitude! Ever feel like your own mind is your biggest roadblock to success?   In this episode of the Miniba Podcast, we're getting REAL with Lanre Atika about “The Costly Attitudes That Hold Back Naija Entrepreneurs.   We talk about the limiting beliefs, ego trips, and the art of pivoting from "prideful" to profitable! Think Kanye West could still be a multi-billionaire if he'd just chilled a bit? 🌚 There's a lesson there, folks! This episode is packed with relatable stories, inspiring tips, and a healthy dose of motivation to get you moving that money mountain! Hit play and let's turn those attitudes into ALTITUDES!   #MinibaPodcast #SuccessMindset
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  • MIN S04E06- The Miseducation of the Nigerian Citizen

    4 MAY. 2024 · Hey MINIBA Nation, how una dey? In this episode, we're joined by Lanre Atika (@_Larenzo7), sharing tales and adventures from the perspective of a Nigerian living in Canada. Get ready for a deep dive into: - The trials and triumphs when your top talents venture abroad - Unpacking a system for effective learning to master your educational journey - Exploring the high demand for highly educated individuals in Canada - Lanre's inspiring journey from a third-class graduate to valedictorian nominee - The importance of teachers being accountable to their students And much more!
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  • MIN S4E05: The Way of Water

    31 MAR. 2024 · We're back like we never left!!  Brace yourselves for the long-awaited Season 4 Episode 5 of the Miniba podcast. Join us as we dive deep into the captivating world of art with the incredibly talented Fiyinkoko herself.  In this episode, ‘The Way of Water’, Fiyinkoko shares the enchanting story behind her latest masterpiece, the 'Water Me' exhibition, revealing the inner workings of her creative process and the inspiration behind each artwork. Prepare to be spellbound as Fiyinkoko takes us on a journey through the flow of her artistic vision, exploring the depths of water symbolism and its profound significance in her work. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a creative soul, or simply seeking inspiration, this episode promises to ignite your imagination. Tune in now to Season 4 Episode 5 of 'The Way of Water' and let the magic unfold. 
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  • MIN S4E04: The Team Behind Your Dream

    2 DIC. 2023 · Some years back, the lightbulb lit up for musicpreneur, Terapi, when Anthony Joshua (AJ) shared an Instagram pic with his people, after a win, captioned "the team behind the dream." In episode four, our guest delves into the importance of having the right people around you to elevate your impact. Also, discover why Terapi believes employers should let their employees pursue their passions while maintaining a 9 to 5 under them. Topics discussed: - Insights from Anthony Joshua - His mission in the music industry - Balancing a 9 to 5 with a musical passion - Navigating life changes post-COVID - The joy of storytelling and much more. This episode is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs struggling to manage everything independently. Learn from Terapi's 24-year journey and gain insights into what to prioritize. Happy New Month of Joy, MINIBA Nation! Enjoy the episode!
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  • MIN S4E03 - Aisha Raji: Conquering Kilimanjaro and the Business World (Part 2)

    18 NOV. 2023 · Helloooo MINIBA Nation! In this episode, @senamionadele and @akinfemionadele are joined again by Aishat Raji. @aishatraji continues to share her lessons learnt - from conquering Kilimanjaro, to uplifting lives with the 'Makoko School Project.' Aishat talks about her life her as an artpreneur, why making an impact in education is what matters most, African wisdom for entrepreneurs, and much more. As always, do enjoy the episode ! 💯 P.S: If you missed the previous episode (MIN S4E02), start there o! It’s giving 😍👏🏾🎧😎
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  • MIN S4E02- Aishat Raji: Conquering Kilimanjaro and the Business World

    4 NOV. 2023 · 🔊 Get ready to be INSPIRED! 🚀 Join us for an electrifying journey on Episode 2 of the MINIBA Podcast as we unveil the incredible story of Aishat Raji, an incredible investment banker and artpreneur, who conquered Kilimanjaro while drawing some very interesting life lessons she shared with our hosts on today's episode. Aishat's awe-inspiring climb up Kilimanjaro reveals the true essence of perseverance, proving that it's not about speed but determination. 🌟 As always, enjoy the episode! ****************** Remember, it's everybody's duty and responsibility to ensure Nigeria becomes a better business hub. Don't forget to join us on this journey to celebrate, promote and patronise #MINIBA - Made In Nigeria, Inspired By Africa
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  • MIN S4E01: From One Voice Naija to MINIBA: A Fresh Season Unveiled

    20 OCT. 2023 · On your marks! Get ready! GO! Welcome MINIBA Nation to a fresh season of MINIBA. Formerly known as the One Voice Naija Podcast,, we've evolved into something even more inspiring. In this episode, join Senami, Akinfemi, and Prolishey as they reunite, catching up on the journey from the last season and offering a glimpse of the amazing adventures awaiting you this time around. For first-time listeners, you're in for a treat as Senami walks us through the history of the show from season one until now. Tune in and be part of the movement! Fave quotes from this episode: “ Let’s start planting so we can reap” - Senami Onadele “Wherever we go, let it show that we are Made in Nigeria, Inspired by Africa. It’s a state of mind “ - Akinfemi Onadele “ I see MINIBA as a pan-Africanism-Lifestyle cultural base- everything that has to do with the African heritage culture intact “ - Prolishey
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  • OVN S3E10- Why Business Shouldn't Fail ft. Alex Onyia

    6 MAY. 2023 · Hello OVN gang!!! Alex Onyia has the gift of running multiple businesses AND WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Because he came on the pod to talk about his pentagram of innovation that is certain to make YOUR business succeed. Dear podcast lover and fellow creative, We LOVE entrepreneurSHIP conversations so much,that it is our sincere hope the convo adds value to your journey to financial freedom. Be encouraged. Be informed. Be inspired THAT'S IT FOR SEASON 3- From all of us at @facespacestudio and @ONEVOICENAIJAPODCAST- THANK YOU FOR ROCKING WITH US! The fourth season of OVN is back on October 20 2023. Until then, Stay safe and be Blessed. Topics discussed; -Mental models and why you should l always be reading NEW BOOKS, the oyster card represents freedom, in relation to culture and technology. -The secrets of Elon Musk’s success, which Alex is convinced is really simple to apply by anyone willing to try. -Always begin with the end in mind when it comes to business and technology.
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  • OVN S3E09- Making an Impact in the Luxury Goods Space ( with Winston Udeagha)

    22 ABR. 2023 · Happy Eid OVN gang! This episode gives us inspirational - business adventure vibes. For S3 x 09 , Winston’s leather founder dropped by To talk about: -How to keep a customer for life -Becoming a millionaire by 17 -Doing the work to achieve your dreams -Luxury goods -Marriage and of course making an impact As always enjoy the episode. Don’t forget to join us on this journey to support naija made brands.
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  • OVN S308- Nigeria vs Mich

    8 ABR. 2023 · Picture this: Thieves break into your house when you're not around, stealing your huge collection of expensive perfumes. Not only that, but they also left with 300 million Naira worth of your assets. If this happened to you, would you pack up and leave Nigeria, or would you stay and fight the good fight? This is exactly what happened to a good friend of the One Voice Naija podcast, Mich Straaw. Mich stopped by a few days after the incident, and boy, it was a lot of fun. Join the OVN gang as they converse about the right mindset for Nigerians, how to heal after a breakup with your ex, why all Nigerians need to be coached, JAPA, videography, lit Nigeria weddings, Mercedes Benz, the future of Nigeria music, wellbeing, why our guest's mom is his best Nigerian role model, and much more. This is sure to be the perfect way to enjoy your evening this weekend. Don't forget to join us on this journey to promote Naija-made brands. MINIBA - Made In Nigeria, Inspired By Africa P.S.: @akinfemionadele promised to release his wellbeing podcast by the end of last month, March, but he struggled frustratingly with managing his priorities/enjoying life and didn't meet his promise. Please accept his apologies.
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