• Amy Balogh – Moses among the Idols

    23 FEB. 2023 · Episode: In this episode, we discuss the god Moses. Yes, you heard that right! It's there in Exod 7:1. But what does this mean? How can we make sense of the […] The post https://onscript.study/podcast/amy-balogh-moses-among-the-idols/ first appeared on https://onscript.study.
    1h 1m 55s
  • Michael Bird – Jesus Among the Gods

    16 FEB. 2023 · Episode: Michael Bird turns the well-rehearsed scholarly tale about how Jesus came to be described as divine on its head. Jesus didn't become God through the application of Greek metaphysical […] The post https://onscript.study/podcast/michael-bird-jesus-among-the-gods/ first appeared on https://onscript.study.
    58m 28s
  • Collin Cornell – Divine Aggression (and other Old Testament matters)

    9 FEB. 2023 · Episode: Here's the full version of the convo with Collin Cornell, where we discuss Elephantine, divine aggression (beginning at 34:18), and more, including his work on divine look-alikes. If you've already […] The post https://onscript.study/podcast/collin-cornell-divine-aggression-and-other-old-testament-matters/ first appeared on https://onscript.study.
    1h 18m 19s
  • Nijay Gupta – Tell Her Story: Women in the Early Church

    2 FEB. 2023 · Episode: The book we’re talking about today is Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church with IVP Academic. In this episode, we explore the data about women […] The post https://onscript.study/podcast/nijay-gupta-tell-her-story-women-in-the-early-church/ first appeared on https://onscript.study.
    1h 3m 8s
  • Elephantine – Collin Cornell

    26 ENE. 2023 · Episode: Elephantine continues to fascinate scholars of Second Temple Judaism, in part, because it shows that there wasn't just one Jewish temple after the return from exile. In this episode, which is […] The post https://onscript.study/elephantine-collin-cornell/ first appeared on https://onscript.study.
    36m 47s
  • Steven Nemes – Theological Authority in the Church

    19 ENE. 2023 · Episode: In this episode Chris Tilling interviews Steven Nemes about his forthcoming book, Theological Authority in the Church (Eugene, Or.: Cascade, forthcoming [2023]). This new book by Steven Nemes argues, […] The post https://onscript.study/podcast/steven-nemes-theological-authority-in-the-church/ first appeared on https://onscript.study.
    1h 1m 35s
  • Caryn Reeder – The Samaritan Woman's Story after #ChurchToo

    12 ENE. 2023 · Episode: Erin speaks with Caryn Reeder about the Samaritan Woman, the reception history of John 4, and its impact on the experiences of women in the church today, which Caryn treats […] The post https://onscript.study/podcast/caryn-reeder-the-samaritan-womans-story-after-churchtoo/ first appeared on https://onscript.study.
    53m 3s
  • Malka Z. Simkovich – Discovering Second Temple Literature

    19 DIC. 2022 · Episode: In this episode, Dr. Malka Z. Simkovich takes us on an exciting tour of Second Temple Literature, giving us a sense of the stories, personalities, and history that shaped this […] The post https://onscript.study/podcast/malka-z-simkovich-discovering-second-temple-literature/ first appeared on https://onscript.study.
    56m 5s
  • Han-luen Kantzer Komline – Augustine and Turning Points in Christian History

    29 NOV. 2022 · Episode: In this episode, co-host Amy Hughes talks with Han-Iuen Kantzer Komline about all things Augustine! We covered it all! Just kidding, we barely scratched the surface of everyone's favorite […] The post https://onscript.study/podcast/han-luen-kantzer-komline-augustine-and-turning-points-in-christian-history/ first appeared on https://onscript.study.
    57m 29s
  • Andrew Byers – John and the Others

    16 NOV. 2022 · Episode: Erin speaks with Rev. Dr. Andy Byers about John's Gospel, Jewish Relations, and the "sectarian hermeneutic" that dominates Johannine studies. Andy's newest book on John's Gospel, John and the Others, […] The post https://onscript.study/podcast/andrew-byers-john-and-the-others/ first appeared on https://onscript.study.
    1h 12m
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