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Out of the Echo Chamber: Conversations on Trust, Media and Democracy

  • 42m 22s
  • Emergent Order in a Disrupted Era: A Conversation With Neil Chilson

    15 JUL. 2020 · How does emergent order guide communities in times of disorder and misinformation? Neil Chilson, expert on technology policy at the Charles Koch Institute and former chief technologist with the Federal Trade Commission, joins the podcast to discuss emergent order and the role it plays in online societies. Hear insights from his upcoming book — to be published in December 2020 — on enabling emergent order in public policy and private life. Large global events are affecting people in various ways; Chilson reminds us that order does not always have to exist with someone at the helm.
    55m 8s
  • Rethinking Freedom When the Internet Is Everywhere: A Discussion With Laura DeNardis

    24 JUN. 2020 · The world’s relationship with the internet has changed in the face of the global pandemic. But how would the internet behave if humans suddenly vanished from Earth? How would robots, surveillance cameras and servers react? Professor Laura DeNardis of American University takes on these questions and more as she shares insights from her book, The Internet in Everything: Freedom and Security in a World With No Off Switch. Discover how the rising absorption of the internet into the wider span of consumer and industrial life means that the internet is no longer functioning solely as a tool for communication, but also as tool of control. Join DeNardis and host Jonathan Rothwell as they discuss these concerns as they relate to internet privacy, security and freedom.
    43m 33s
  • Bias in Commercial Search Engines: A Conversation With Safiya Umoja Noble

    3 JUN. 2020 · Should we be skeptical of the content returned by search engines like Google? How are people in various communities represented, and how does big tech’s reliance on ad money distort the information they provide? Professor Safiya Umoja Noble, co-director of the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry, joins the podcast to shed light on search engine discrimination and examine insights from her book on racist and sexist algorithmic bias in commercial search engines, Algorithms of Oppression. We discuss her claim that search algorithms privilege the perspective of white males and her mission to reverse these practices and get her thoughts on new Gallup-Knight research on the public’s concerns over internet content.
    42m 22s
  • How AI Has Changed the News: A Conversation With Nick Diakopoulos

    29 ABR. 2020 · How much of our news is computer-generated? Northwestern University Assistant Professor Nick Diakopoulos discusses his new book, “Automating the News: How Algorithms are Rewriting the Media,” and shares insights on how AI is shaping the future of news media. While technologies like bots and targeted templates are used in both editorial and business news realms, the amount of attention received because of these efforts is often manipulated by news organizations.
    50m 4s
  • Social Media and Internet Law: A Discussion With Kate Klonick

    8 ABR. 2020 · Kate Klonick of St. John’s Law School joins the podcast to discuss the quality of information found on social media, how to deal with inauthentic information online and how social media platforms govern user-posted content. Klonick also discusses technology’s anchoring role in fostering an informed and engaged society, as well as the areas where law and technology intersect.
    55m 25s
  • Local News: Public Good or Private Enterprise? Danielle Coffey, Howard Husock, Chris Lewis and Penelope Muse Abernathy

    19 DIC. 2019 · Policymakers, academics and journalists explore the policy implications of the local news crisis: how do we confront a news landscape in which local journalism is supported by a constellation of founding sources? Hear the live recording of Knight-Gallup’s recent policy discussion and report launch event in Washington, D.C.
    1h 13m 23s
  • Mobilizing Hashtags to Change Societies: A Discussion With Sarah J. Jackson

    26 NOV. 2019 · We often hear about how social media creates echo chambers, but it also brings people together to raise awareness about injustice and create political pressure to rectify it. Professor Sarah J. Jackson, of the University of Pennsylvania, shares insights from the upcoming book that she cowrote: #HashtagActivism: Networks of Race and Gender Justice. The book uncovers “how marginalized groups use Twitter to advance counter-narratives, preempt political spin and build diverse networks of dissent.” We discuss the influence and history of activism and identity politics in the internet age.
    52m 29s
  • Civil Discourse in a Divided Nation: A Conversation With David Plazas

    12 NOV. 2019 · Motivated by the 2016 election discourse, David Plazas wanted a change, so he created Civility Tennessee, a campaign to restore faith in each other. In his research, Plazas found that Americans have a deep craving for renewing their sense of unity. In this episode, Plazas goes in-depth on how Civility Tennessee serves as an important tool for discussing issues leading up to the 2020 election in a civil and respectful way. Plazas is the Opinion and Engagement Director for the USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee and The Tennessean where he serves as an editorial writer, opinion columnist, op-ed editor and an editorial board member. You won’t want to miss this episode.
    29m 40s
  • The Decline of Community in Local News: A Conversation With Penelope Muse Abernathy

    5 NOV. 2019 · The business model of the local news industry is broken. As the number of newspaper journalists continues to decrease, newspaper owners must be creative, disciplined and agile in seeking new revenue streams and ensuring that the quality of the stories they create are not affected by lack of resources. In this episode, Jonathan chats with Penelope Muse Abernathy, Knight Chair in Journalism and Digital Media Economics at the University of North Carolina, to discuss the declining sense of community in the news industry and other challenges that journalists and newspaper owners face today.
    37m 12s

Out of the Echo Chamber: Conversations on Trust, Media and Democracy examines the effects of media on democracy. Join Jonathan Rothwell, principal economist for Gallup, in partnership with the John...

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Out of the Echo Chamber: Conversations on Trust, Media and Democracy examines the effects of media on democracy. Join Jonathan Rothwell, principal economist for Gallup, in partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, for in-depth conversations with leading scholars on how to restore a more civil and trustworthy media environment.
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