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  • Mack Maloney's Military X-Files - Are The Beatles Still Together in Another Universe?

    21 JUN. 2024 · The gang discusses a number of paranormal topics including guest Andy Mercer's report on a theory that the Beatles never broke up and are still performing in a universe next door to ours. This claim is backed-up by an album of music that has surfaced that sounds exactly like the Fab Four, but performing songs no one in this reality have ever heard. Also, guest Susy Bastille tours a haunted mine and a report that astronomers now believe the universe contains a mind-blowing two trillion galaxies, each containing at least 500 billion stars.
    Escuchado 1h 59m 40s
  • Paraanormal Peep Show - The Truth About Crop Circles

    20 JUN. 2024 · What is the truth behind Crop Circle formations? Are they real, or man made? If they are real, then who makes them? If they are faked, then who still makes them? We invited Crop Circle researcher and UFO researcher, Robert Hulse back onto the Paranormal Peep Show to discuss his research into Crop Circles with David Cayton back in the late 90s and early 2000s. Robert talks about Project Blackbird which was a BBC and Japanese TV co-production from 1990, where researchers such as Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado were made to look like fools by being shown up by mysterious crop circles turning out to be faked on TV. This, he believes was a scripted show with the aid of the army to give the impression that they were going to find who was responsible for the crop circle formations of the South West of England. In fact, according to Robert, the real research was being conducted by another army group about 19 miles away during the Blackbird Operation. Also discussed is the strange long Black vertical tubes seen by a farmer in 1990 in his fields, which researchers believe could be the beginnings of a crop circle about to be formed. The late Roy Dutton, aerospace engineer gives his theories of what causes the circles to form and how that may happen. All this and more on the June edition of the Paranormal Peep Show, with your hosts Andy Chaplin and Neil Ward.
    Escuchado 2h 23m 23s
  • Paranormal Dimensions - Earth's Galactic History with Constance Victoria Briggs

    17 JUN. 2024 · For this EXTRA show David talks to his fascinating guest Constance Victoria Briggs. Constance has written several books that have been received and she has been a constantly sought after guest on many shows. David is especially proud to welcome her to 'Paranormal Dimensions'.
    Escuchado 1h 6m 33s
  • Mack Maloney's Military X-Files - When Bruce Met John Lennon

    15 JUN. 2024 · The gang gathers for another musical show to discuss a variety of topics including how guest Bruce Vogel got to meet John Lennon -– twice. Plus, Juan-Juan comes clean on whether he licked Keith Richards’ guitar strap or not, rock star Matt Malley on what it was like touring with the Rolling Stones and a special Rock Trivia contest. Guests: Trevor Tucker-Carlson and the lovely Lois Lane.
    Escuchado 1h 59m 40s
  • High Strangeness Factor - Essex Witchcraft and Magic with Richard Ward

    12 JUN. 2024 · Andy talks with author and researcher Ricard Ward about his new book ‘Betwixt God and the Devil - Inquiries in Essex Magic from the 16th Century to the Present Day.’ In this rather unusual episode, the stalwart of the show is missing! Well, almost completely, as the guest shares Steve’s surname, although we’re all pretty sure they’re not related. (and no mention of John Keel either!) Richard has profound knowledge of various aspects of the Occult, most especially the history and practise of witchcraft in his native county of Essex, in the UK. Most of which he’s poured into his book. Andy, who has similar knowledge and background,  and Richard discuss various aspects of this and other books by Richard. ‘Betwixt God and the Devil - Inquiries in Essex Magic from the 16th Century to the Present Day.’ Will be published mid June ’24 by Ninth Circle Press (Andy’s own publishing company) The book will be available from http://www.ninthcirclepress.co.uk VERY SOON! Go to the website and subscribe to be notified when it's available to purchase. And…. Steve Ward will return!
    Escuchado 42m 34s
  • Seventh Sanctum - Nathaniel Gillis

    12 JUN. 2024 · Kerry and Natalie talk with Nathaniel Gillis Nathaniel Gillis, known as an esteemed paranormal researcher, is a captivating figure in the realm of the supernatural.  With an unwavering dedication to unravelling the mysteries of the infernal, Gillis possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has established him as an authority in his field. With his piercing intellect, he navigates the delicate nuances of paranormal lore with ease, elucidating the dark depths of the occult to shed light on ancient rituals, maleficent entities, and the intricate forces that govern their interactions with the mortal world.
    Escuchado 1h
  • Paranormal Dimensions - Mark Anderson - Aliens & A.I.

    10 JUN. 2024 · This latest show sees us delving into the connection between aliens and Artificial Intelligence as David talks to guest Mark Anderson.
    Escuchado 1h 10m 58s
  • Explícito

    Mack Maloney's Military X-Files - Apophis the Asteroid vs. the Glitter-Infected P****

    8 JUN. 2024 · The gang welcomes special guest Mother Raven (real-life mother of co-host, Raven) for a show that deals with everything from an asteroid that’s scheduled to kill us all in seven short years to how Mick Jagger was involved in an incident where a performer in the original “Rocky Horror Picture Show” got an infection on his male organ after intentionally dumping a bag of glitter down his pants. (Adult themes.)
    Escuchado 1h 59m 40s
  • Paranormal Book Club Premier Episode - The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel

    4 JUN. 2024 · Welcome to the Paranormal Book Club Podcast With Susy, Steve and Andy with guest Bill Kousoulas PhD In our premiere episode, we discuss the high strangeness of The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel. If you think the movie was pretty weird, that's nothing compared to the book!
    Escuchado 1h 20m 22s
  • 6 Degrees of John Keel - Dogman and lycanthropy with Steve Ward

    3 JUN. 2024 · Steve Ward and Barbara Fisher bring you a talk about Dogmen, Werewolves, and Lycanthropy.  From Barbara "Part man part canine or something even more mysterious? We're talking about bipedal, possibly shape-shifting paranormal canids. At least, to Steve and I. We start with Dogmen and the Beast of Bray Road, and the investigations and books by the late great Linda Godfrey. She really brought the idea of dogman into public consciousness, especially in the United States. After that, Steve tells about UK researcher Paul Sinclair and his documentary Wolf Lands. And of course, we talk about anomalous lights and how they relate to these paranormal bipedal canids. Yep, Anomalous. Lights. Dogmen. Werewolves and Lycanthropy. They all go together."
    Escuchado 1h 35m 38s

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