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  • The Role and benefits of father in child development

    19 JUN. 2024 · The role and importance of father in their  child's life.  Real talk experience of absent father and the impact it had on the child. Child's view point of his father being his role model.  5 ways a father can support their child. 
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  • A Real Talk with a Teenager About Mental Health

    13 JUN. 2024 · Teens and mental health – what's really going on? This week on Parenting Unplugged, Nicole Bennett Blake welcomes Christine, a teenager with a lot to say! They'll have a down-to-earth conversation about the pressures teens face today, from social media to school stress. Christine will share her personal experiences and insights on navigating mental health in the teenage years.You'll learn: - The realities of mental health challenges for teens (straight from a teen!) - How to spot signs that your teen might be struggling - Tips for creating an open and supportive environment at home - Resources and support options available for teens - Strategies to build positive mental health habits for the whole family This episode is a must-listen for any parent who wants to bridge the communication gap with their teenager and empower them to thrive. Don't miss Christine's honest and insightful perspective!
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  • Teenager Peer Pressure

    6 JUN. 2024 · Today we dive into the highs and lows of peer pressure.  Join us as we discuss real stories from a teenager point of view. Strategies for maintaining your course when the social currents get strong.
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  • Schema Play: Why Does Your Child Love Dropping Toys?

    9 MAY. 2024 · Does your child love turning the house into a toy explosion zone? Or maybe they're obsessed with lining up their veggies like tiny planets? It's not just chaos (or a desperate plea for organization)! This episode of Parenting Unplugged delves into the world of schemas - the repetitive actions that are actually your child's brilliant way of learning and growing. We'll explore why they love spreading out their toys, creating circles, and opening and closing everything in sight. Discover the fascinating science behind your child's repetitive play and learn how to support their development through these "messy" masterpieces! 
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  • Dropping, Spinning, Sorting: Introduction to schemas

    4 MAY. 2024 · Ever wonder why your child can't resist dropping their toys over and over again, or why they're fascinated by spinning in circles? It's more than just silly behavior! This episode of Parenting Unplugged unlocks the secrets of schemas - the repetitive actions that are actually your child's genius way of learning and developing. We'll break down what schemas are, why they're important, and how they show up in everyday play. Tune in and discover the fascinating science behind your toddler's playful obsessions!
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  • Fussy Eaters: Tips & Tricks for Parents

    25 ABR. 2024 · Does your child turn meals into a show? Saying "no" to everything from broccoli to dough? Tune in to Parenting Unplugged as we explore the "whys" and "hows" of picky eating. We'll share strategies to turn mealtimes around, with tips that are sure to astound!
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  • How to get your child to fall asleep faster

    25 ABR. 2024 · Tired of Bedtime Battles? Here's Your Sleep-Saving Weapon! Is bedtime a nightly warzone in your house? This episode of Parenting Unplugged tackles the age-old question: how to get your little one to drift off to dreamland peacefully (and quickly!). We'll explore our host's tried-and-true tips, ones that have helped countless parents finally get a good night's sleep. Plus, discover the secret weapon – a bedtime routine chart – that can turn bedtime battles into sweet dreams! Tune in and reclaim your evenings!
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  • Teen Talk: Navigating Parent-Teen Communication

    14 ABR. 2024 · In this episode of Parenting Unplugged, join Nicole Bennett Blake as she delves into the intricacies of communicating with teenagers. As parents, navigating conversations with teens can often feel like navigating uncharted waters. However, armed with the right tools and strategies, these interactions can become opportunities for connection and growth. Nicole shares her insights and practical tips for fostering open and effective communication with teens. From active listening techniques to setting boundaries and managing conflicts, she provides valuable guidance on creating a supportive and understanding environment within the parent-teen relationship. Tune in to discover how to cultivate trust, respect, and mutual understanding between parents and teens. Whether you're facing challenges in communicating with your teenager or simply seeking to enhance your relationship, this episode offers actionable advice to help you navigate the complexities of teen communication with confidence and compassion.Join Nicole Bennett Blake for an enlightening discussion on building stronger connections and fostering healthy communication habits with your teen. Get ready to unlock the potential for deeper understanding and meaningful dialogue within your family dynamic.Parenting Unplugged: Where meaningful connections begin.
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  • How Can Your Children's Failures Shape Their Success?

    5 ABR. 2024 · Join Kim Nicole Bennett on 'Parenting Unplugged' as she explores the invaluable lessons hidden within failure. Discover how setbacks can be transformed into opportunities for growth and resilience in the journey of parenthood. Tune in to gain insights, inspiration, and practical tips for navigating the ups and downs of raising children.
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  • Welcome to the No-Nonsense Guide to Raising Kids

    27 MAR. 2024 · Welcome to the wild ride of parenthood! In this premiere episode of Parenting Unplugged, host Nicole Bennett Blake throws open the doors to the real, unfiltered world of raising tiny humans. We're ditching the sugarcoating and diving headfirst into the joys, challenges, and hilarious mishaps that come with this incredible journey.Nicole shares her own experiences, from sleep-deprived meltdowns to heartwarming moments, and invites you to join a supportive community of parents. This is your chance to connect, share war stories (and maybe some tips!), and celebrate the victories (no matter how small!). Here's what you can expect on Parenting Unplugged: - Real talk about the ups and downs of parenthood - Expert insights and advice - Stories from parents in the trenches (that's you!) - A healthy dose of humor to keep us all sane So, grab your coffee (or wine, no judgement!), find a quiet corner (if such a thing exists!), and get ready to unplug from the chaos for a bit. We're in this together! Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode. Until next time, happy parenting (or at least surviving parenting)!
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Parenting Unplugged: The No-Nonsense Guide to Raising Kids Tired of picture-perfect parenting advice? Parenting Unplugged dives headfirst into the messy, hilarious, and heartwarming realities of raising kids. Join parent coach...

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Parenting Unplugged: The No-Nonsense Guide to Raising Kids

Tired of picture-perfect parenting advice? Parenting Unplugged dives headfirst into the messy, hilarious, and heartwarming realities of raising kids.

Join parent coach Nicole Bennett Blake as she tackles the sleepless nights, epic tantrums, and the "why won't they eat their vegetables?!" moments we all face. But it's not all meltdowns! We'll also celebrate the precious victories - the first steps, the bedtime cuddles, and the moments that make you melt with love.

This podcast is your lifeline for real talk, practical tips, and a supportive community of parents who get it. You're not alone in this wild ride!

Subscribe now and get ready to unplug from the chaos and connect with the joy of parenting!
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