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  • A Parks and Recreation Pandemic Special

    29 ABR. 2021 · Goodness, this is a weird one. But would you expect anything less from the FINAL EPISODE EVER?! The Parks and Rec crew reunite several years after the series finale, hosting a handful of Gryzzl one-on-one and conference calls. All of our favorites are here — Leslie and Ron have a couple of touching heart-to-hearts and Donna is looking exceptionally good with her gorgeous lighting in her closet. We’ve got lots of fun cameos from folks like Councilman Jamm, Dennis Feinstein, Joan Callamezzo, Perd Hapley, and Jean-Ralphio, who is flush with cash but INCREDIBLY bored. If only that fake phone number actually worked… Meanwhile, the writers have to get creative on how show couples like Ann and Chris and April and Andy can’t be seen together. If you rewatch this episode, you may notice a couple of the very overused phrases like “these trying times,” but hey, we didn’t know what was to come back then. Plus, this episode raised at least $3 million for Feeding America, which is fantastic. Plus, we dive into popular club hits from the late 00s and early 10s, put on a ton of wacky sound effects, and discuss the people who have won an EGOT (they’re hard to guess!). Also, does Sean need to buy himself a coffee machine? Doing this podcast has been a blast and we’ve loved hanging out with you every week. But this isn’t goodbye forever. We’ve got some cool things planned — keep an eye here and on https://www.facebook.com/parkswreckedpod/ and https://www.twitter.com/parkswreckedpod/ for updates! EPISODE A Parks and Recreation Special DRINKS OF THE EPISODE Joey: https://whisky.suntory.com/en/na/ Haleigh: https://deepeddyvodka.com/lemon/ with Blood Orange Soda Sean: Tequila, Sake, https://devilsriverwhiskey.com/, and https://www.fireballwhisky.com/ TOP 5 OF THE EPISODE Sean Moments from the Pandemic CATEGORIES Streaming Services
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  • Yes, I'm Ready. *Dramatic Music Intensifies*

    22 ABR. 2021 · We’re recapping season 7! What were the best moments from the last season ever of Parks of Rec? Certainly wasn’t the Johnny Karate musical show, we’ll tell you that much. And who are the best bit characters from the Pawnee crew? We’re covering it all!Plus, Sean and Haleigh take a quiz naming popular workplace sitcom characters, we talk about sock hops and what song would be delightful to hear during one, and Sean shares his experience of playing hockey and scoring a game-winning goal during a shootout.Also, remember when Apple forced an album from U2 onto all of its products? Those were good times. And what are the odds that you would die on your birthday? We do a deep dive into that very topic.Finally, what should Haleigh do for her punishment after losing trivia? We wanna hear from you! In the meantime, https://twitter.com/JamesBlunt.P.S. Sorry for Sean’s audio quality in parts of this one. He tried a new microphone and…well, there are still some kinks to be worked out with it. Nothing like the penultimate episode to give something wild a spin!DRINKS OF THE EPISODE Joey and Haleigh: Solera 1847 Jerez Xeres Sherry from Gonzalez Byass Jerez Sean: Multiple White Claws
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  • Joe Biden Knows His Way Around a Seafood Risotto

    15 ABR. 2021 · We’re finishing up what we started last episode! We see the Parks and Rec crew doing their darnedest to satisfy one more Pawnee citizen before they scatter across the country and never (or at least rarely) see each other in the same room again.Meanwhile, we’re continuing to jump ahead to the future, from 2018 all the way to 2035. And there are lots of great questions to be answered. Will Shauna Malwae-Tweep find eternal happiness? How big will Andy and April’s kid’s head be? Where will Ron end up working? What will Leslie have named after her, and will it be displeasing? Will we have special guest appearances and will Sean be super excited about them?Plus, how many college basketball players can Haleigh name? Sean finally pays up his season 6 trivia loss debt (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/983120500), the proper way to row a canoe, what Ben Wyatt smells like, a walk through the different Two-Faces from Batman, whether Leslie would be a good boss, and the best games on The Price is Right. Joey apologizes for getting the name of Cliffhangers wrong.And we’ve got a special guest this episode! Friend of the podcast and Sean’s coworker Heather joins to chat about the grand finale of Parks and Rec (but not of Parks n Wrecked). We’ll try to teach her how to speak into the microphone next time but hopefully, you can still hear her many witty comments.EPISODE S7, E13: One Last Ride (Pt. 2)DRINKS OF THE EPISODE Joey: Apple and ginger Frankly Organic Vodka and Dreams Aren’t This Good Salsa and Chips Haleigh: Daiquiri Sean: Straight tequila Heather: Tom CollinsTOP 5 OF THE EPISODE Types of chipsCATEGORIES Bones and muscles in the human body
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  • Don't Be Suspicious

    8 ABR. 2021 · Some of the crew is moving to Washington D.C. (and other places, as we’ll soon see), so Leslie is getting the gang together for one last ride. What started out as a presentation with song and dance turns into a final problem-solving adventure.Meanwhile, we’re jumping into the future! Will Craig and Typhoon end up together after all? What’s Donna up to six years from now? Will Andy ever learn about Sandra Day O’Connor? How many restaurants will Tom open up? Will Garry have a successful run as mayor? Can Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa successfully pull off a heist without being suspicious? The answer to some of these questions is “yes”; for others, it’s “no”. Still others have longer answers. And I’ve been Perd Hapley.Plus, the massive secret (but not so secret) Lyndon B. Johnson was hiding, cutting the line at amusement parks when you’re in a wheelchair, the famous John Lennon and Yoko Ono picture from Rolling Stone, how inconvenient it is for maintenance to be closed on a Friday, and getting banned from restaurants.EPISODE S7, E12: One Last Ride (Pt. 1)DRINKS OF THE EPISODE Joey and Haleigh: Dirty Martinis made from Treaty Oak Distilling Old Yaupin Gin, Barsmith Dirty Martini Olive Brine Mix, T.W. Hollister Oso de Oro Sweet Vermouth, and Mezzetta Martini Olives Sean: Toothpaste and Listerine (we don’t understand it, either)TOP 5 OF THE EPISODE International Travel AdventuresCATEGORIES Chain Restaurants
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  • Pills, Baby!

    1 ABR. 2021 · Mayor Gunderson has passed away, so the town needs to find a new mayor. That means Ben and April are on the job search for a suitable replacement. It’s a who’s who of Pawnee’s finest (and most ridiculous), and Garry is there to notarize whatever happens. But wait! This episode is called two funerals, so there must be another one — and Ron finds out it’s someone close to him. He, Donna, and Andy all pay their respects to a terrific barber.Meanwhile, Leslie convinces Tom that now is the time to propose to Lucy. Ever the showman, Tom decides he wants a multimedia proposal, which involves destroying a jewelry store, a lot of banners, and a live chorus. It ain’t subtle…or is it?Plus, the sturdiness of jewelry store glass cases, “famous” shows we haven’t seen, and Haleigh and Sean GO OFF about the stupid rules of basketball, from intentional fouling to spending 15 minutes dissecting Zapruder Film-esque replays of a ball possibly deflecting off of a player’s shorts.EPISODE S7, E11: Two FuneralsDRINKS OF THE EPISODE Joey and Haleigh: Ben Davis Cider from Texas Keeper Cidery Sean: Sean MargsTOP 5 OF THE EPISODE Series Finales (YES THERE ARE A FEW SPOILERS, SEAN APOLOGIZES)CATEGORIES Comic Strips
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  • One-Way Ticket to the Funky Monkey Dunk Tank

    25 MAR. 2021 · With just a few episodes to go, we’re going to take a wild detour to Andy’s Johnny Karate kids show that doesn’t really advance the plot in any way. But, uh…it’s kind of silly occasionally, so…yay?Andy gets top billing by being a big ol’ goofball, while April is worried that she’s ruining the one thing he loves by moving to Washington, D.C. Ben gets chided for being a nerd, Ron makes some wood, and John Cena shows up, for some reason. Look, it’s not a great episode, okay? We do like all the fake commercials spliced into the episode, though.Meanwhile, SNL movies that were made from questionable premises, the hypocrisy of the NCAA, the joys of snacking on buckeyes, and how good would a Paunch Burger be in real life?Plus, Sean achieved a HUGE milestone. Tune in to see what it is!
EPISODE S7, E10: The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show
DRINKS OF THE EPISODE Joey: Gold Rush Cocktail Sean: Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Haleigh: Water (BORING)TOP 5 OF THE EPISODE Parks and Rec CharactersCATEGORIES 2021 NCAA Tournament Teams
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  • Time to Get Baking, Daddy Want Pie!

    18 MAR. 2021 · Ben is running for Congress, and that means Leslie needs to make a pie. But, you know what? That’s pretty darn oppressive, so we bet Leslie and Ben can come up with a good plan to let folks know what’s what.Meanwhile, Ron, April, and Andy are on a treasure hunt for the ages to discover the whereabouts of a spare key Ron lent to April. Donna enjoys a nostalgia trip as she watches Garry drop all kinds of things down a grate at City Hall.There are plenty of guest spots in this episode, too, from Maribeth Monroe to Chris Gethard. And Harris and Brett are here! What a super fun time.Plus, changing the words to songs when you sing them, chaos inside of swimming pools, and that time the Four Tops made a repeat version of “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch” with “It’s The Same Old Song.” Also, where the heck has Diane been?EPISODE S7, E9: Pie-MaryDRINKS OF THE EPISODE Joey and Haleigh: French 75 made with Dry Yaupon Gin from Treaty Oak Distillery Sean: White Claw Hard Seltzer and Six Fireball ShotsTOP 5 OF THE EPISODE Types of PieCATEGORIES Sesame Street Characters
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  • Well Then, Welcome to the Terrordome

    12 MAR. 2021 · April no longer wants to work in the government, but she’s afraid to tell Leslie because, you know…it’s Leslie. She freaks out over a binder color change. We’ll see if April can pull this off — she deserves to be happy! And there are a ton of Senators in this episode — special shout out to Cory Booker and Orrin Hatch and their Polynesian folk band Across the Isle.Meanwhile, back in Pawnee, Ben, Andy, and Ron are looking for a new career for April. We also learn Ron has at least three brothers. Are they just like him? Yes. Yes they are.Plus, far too much ASMR as Sean sips a new drink, weird and gross people at Chili’s, and having dance parties in your living room. Sean finally joined Twitter, too, so he’s gotten quite the wakeup call to that world thanks to Oprah’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.And it’s Haleigh’s birthday! Happy birthday, Haleigh!EPISODE S7, E8: Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington DRINKS OF THE EPISODE Haleigh: Moonstone Coconut Lemongrass Negori Sake from Madam Mam’s Joey: Springdale White Ale from Friends & Allies Brewing Sean: The Taste of Fruit Punch Hard Seltzer by Odd Side AlesTOP 5 OF THE EPISODE Top Experiences for Sean While Getting the Covid-19 VaccineCATEGORIES Motown Artists
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  • I AM Interested, But Now is Not the Time!

    4 MAR. 2021 · Donna and Joe are getting married! That means a lot of Meagles in one setting. It’s up to April to stop the drama that is sure to follow, which may include making Ginuwine cry. We also see Ron put his foot in his mouth in a rare case of being a spectacular buffoon around Tom and Lucy.Meanwhile, Leslie and Ben get drunk and commit to a pretty wild lifestyle change. We’ll have to find out what that is, but if Jen Barkley is involved, we’re all in. Questlove is also here, so it’s truly a good day.Plus, overindulging on cookies, some of the wildest adventures you can find at arcades, and it’s Merlin’s adoptiversary! What a special guy.EPISODE S7, E7: Donna and JoeDRINKS OF THE EPISODE Joey: Southern Brunch from Southern Star Brewing Company Sean: Squirt Gun IPA from Real Ale Brewing Haleigh: Pomegranate MargaritaTOP 5 OF THE EPISODE Top Current SNL Cast MembersCATEGORIES Arcade Games
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  • Seeing the Sun After the Snowpocalypse

    25 FEB. 2021 · We survived the Texas winter storm! As a result, there’s no episode of Parks and Rec to watch. Instead, we’re offering a look at some of the most intense moments from Snowpocalypse, such as Haleigh collecting snow to use as toilet water and Sean losing heat and water and then having his car turn sideways while driving on icy roads.Joey also reminisces about Oregon Trail II, we reflect on our favorite books and movies from high school and college, and share the best ways to make grilled cheese sandwiches.And we’re taking a quote quiz! Will Sean and Haleigh know who said some of the most popular (and obscure) quotes from the show? You’ll have to tune in to find out.Finally, we’re reading a few of our favorite podcast reviews! And because we’re silly geese, we’re doing it in fancy accents. It’s truly a glorious time. Want to get your review read? Head on over to Apple Podcasts and leave us a review!DRINKS OF THE EPISODE Squirt Gun IPA Wine and Grilled Cheese
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We watch the show Parks and Rec while chatting with someone from the parks and rec department, all while getting parks n wrecked. Let's do it.

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