• Michael Riconosciuto Child Prodigy

    29 AGO. 2022 ·  Part 2 w/ Ted Gunderson PENELOPE HAS A GUEST: TD did part 1 with me in a 2019 video. upload soon.  Michael Riconosciuto was the son of Marshall Riconosciuto whom was a powerful municipal leader & politician w/ numerous major West coast political connections. When Michael was young, he was surrounded by relatives and business associates whom were said to work with the OffIce of States Services (OSS) then later the CIA. Marshal the father owned & operated a " public relations" firm which included longtime friend & colleague " Fred Lee Crisman" an OSS psychological warfare specialist working against the German effort to secure the atomic bomb. It is believed Michael was born & raised in the intelligence community. Riconosciuto was a prodigy who had grown up in the spook community. The Riconosciuto family had once run Hercules, California, as a company town. Michael and his father Marshall, a friend of Richard Nixon's, ran the Hercules Research Corporation. Hercules became the largest producer of TNT in the U.S. More on Hercules later. In the early 1980s Michael also served as the Director of Research for a joint venture between the Wackenhut Corporation of Coral Gables, Florida, and the Cabazon Band of Indians in Indio, California. Riconosciuto's talents were much in demand. He had created the a-neutronic bomb (or "Electro-Hydrodynamic Gaseous Fuel Device"), more on that in short podcast.   Soon adventures started to take a turn for the worst for MJR. 10 counts against him and numerous factions which stand out in this story of nefarious characters. Listen to TD & I tell how this story began and how others have lost their lives trying to tell it.  Journalist Danny Casolaro being of the last to research with MJR. trying to tell the full story of The Octopus tentacles of CIA, Drugs Iran Contra & BCCI Bank mobsters. Listen to this part 2 of Micheal J Riconosciuto. As we journey onto the corruption our trusted politicians have led us through for greed. Find more on my website https://penelopenicia.com and don't forget to download my apps on Google play and Apple   
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  • Behind The Bias The New American 2003

    23 JUL. 2022 · THE MEDIA CARTEL By William Grigg JUNE 5, 1991 Chairman of the Establishment" Bilderberg meeting in Sand, Germany .....subject : the media's role in promoting the power elite's objectives. " It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years". " But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war but only peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity."  As the Global Elites grasp and drive for more global control over the world, the citizens are waking up to a 60+ year slumber. Enjoying life from a fantasy pixie-land narrative we have come to believe our thoughts are our own.  The Round Table Groups have other plans. To push their agendas they had to have control. They needed to subtly guide the people into believing they were in control of their own livelihoods. From Iron Mountain Report to the Mockingbird Media & The United Nations Sustainabilities & Now the Strong City Networks. I want to awaken those whom have no idea or wondered if something was wrong. Listen to this short almost 20 year old article from a writer speaking the truth about their experiences and observations. I added a present recording of what the CIA admits in 1967. The New World Order is heavy at hand to make slaves of those unsuspecting. The ones that are considered dissidents will be eliminated one way or another.   
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    22 JUL. 2022 ·   DOUBLE CROSSED We start our journey into the world of lies, cheats and deception of the USA backdoors created through a software written by Mr. William A. Hamilton from INSLAW, Inc. a perfect intelligence tool with potentials the FBI saw worthy. The DOJ stole this software causing a small company to go bankrupt. Owing the Hamiltons a tremendous amount of money a jury of their peers agreed. However, the story just got more complicated when Micheal Riconosciuto whom was one of the original programmers to adjust the software to track, trace people & open backdoors. Providing a wealth of data. Unknowingly to the one losing or giving the data.  This type of surveillance opened a whole world of sabotage not only in USA but in other countries when it was sold to unknowing suspects.  This series is going to take us through doors of FBI, CIA, SPIES,UNITED NATIONS & THE NWO SUSTAINABILITIES. Let's go together to find out how M.Riconosciuto warned about 911  Months in advance to the Government.  This is a connection we cannot ignore. DRUGS, HACKING, TRAFFICKING & SPYING https://penelopenicia.com/  
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  • Ted Gunderson Report On Micheal Riconosciuto

    22 JUL. 2022 · 148 PAGE File w/ Exhibits INCLUDED There are many roads Ex FBI Senior Special agent, Security Coordinator, Investigator, consultant, & Chief Inspector  Ted Gunderson has travelled. The road he took with Micheal J. Riconosciuto was one filled with detail and persistence.  However, no matter how truthful or tenacious he seemed to never win the ball. Here in the document I go through the story that Ted & Micheal, plead and spent plenty hours writing Congress to WARN about an upcoming attack on the USA. A total of 30 terrorists who planned to hijack six planes. Sent certified letters to all Congressional members. He also warned of a 30 hour "window" relation to the possible interception of 37 Soviet missiles that had been smuggled into the United States by the terrorists.  Warnings were ignored. Why ? watch for the link to the document on Penelopenicia website.  https://penelopenicia.com/
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  • Iron Mountain REUPLOAD Part 2 Show

    13 JUL. 2022 · Disarmament and arms control processes and policies are more effective when the realities faced by women, men girls and boys are taken into consideration.The READ model for disarmament is typical of these scenarios. -UN It is a 12 year program, divided into 3 year stages. Each stage includes a separate phase of: reduction of armed forces; cutbacks of weapons production, inventories & foreign military bases; development of international inspection procedures & control conventions; & the building up of a sovereign international disarmament organization........1. Given genuine agreement of intent among the great powers, the scheduling of arms control & elimination presents no inherently insurmountable procedural problems. Any of several proposed sequences might serve as the basis for multilateral agreement or the 1st step in unilateral arms reduction. listen for 2 & 3 disarmament scenarios..... https://www.un.org/en/chronicle/article/advancing-disarmament-within-2030-agenda-sustainable-development https://penelopenicia.com
  • Iron Mountain Final Read & Conclusions

    11 JUL. 2022 · We are obviously on the road to disarmament In the USA. Public Law 87-297 look it up  "ANYONE THAT DOES NOT AGREE WITH THE NEW ORDER IS AN ENEMY OF SOCIETY & IS THEREFORE SUBJECT TO HARD LABOR".- Creating a race of slaves. "It is not hard to imagine, in such circumstance, a situation in which such governments may feel forced to initiate serious full-scale disarmament proceedings ( perhaps provoked by 'accidental' nuclear explosions) & that such negotiations may lead to the actual disestablishment of military institutions."  UNITED NATIONS is the leading organization. Enduring Peace cannot be attained until the nation states surrender to a world organization. -Reese Committee hearings in Congress. UNESCO is behind promoting World Peace, Global Education , Science & Cultures 1945. Destroying The Constitution of the United States to merge us into the UN. Gorbachev " We parted with the old world, rejecting it once and for all. We are moving towards a New World , a world of Communism".  https://penelopenicia.com/
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  • Iron Mountain Intermission

    11 JUL. 2022 · "There is nothing inherently unworkable about this plan, and using  the existing military system to effectuate its own demise is both ingenious and convenient. But even on a greatly magnified world basis, social-welfare expenditures must sooner or later renter the atmosphere of the normal economy. " "On the short-term basis, a maximum program of this sort could replace a normal military spending program, provided it was designed, like the military model, to be subject to arbitrary control. Public housing starts, for example, or the development of modern medical centers might be accelerated or halted from time to time".  https://penelopenicia.com/  
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  • Iron Mountain Intermission pt2

    10 JUL. 2022 · Part 2 Intermission The United Nations will be the controller of all the lands in the world through their various ecological environmental organizations that they are in the process of setting up "THE UNITED NATIONS WAS SET UP BY THE 'RICH MEN', IT IS THEIR FRONT FOR WORLD CONTROL." "ECO-FOUNDATIONS, WORLD WILDLIFE FUND, HERITAGE TRUST, NATURE CONSERVANCY, NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION, THE SIERRA CLUB, WORLD WILDERNESS, CONGRESS." "CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL AND MANY UN ORGANIZATIONS. THE 'RICH MEN' SIT ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF ALL OF THESE GROUPS." Debt for land swap The international bankers control more than we realize & will own more than us one day. https://penelopenicia.com/
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  • Iron Mountain Part 1

    9 JUL. 2022 · I am Doing a Podcast Series about a Book I have come across. Originally the book was published  in 1966 The Report From Iron Mountain since it has been republished in 1996. The Report was forced as a HOAX when it was secretly divulged by a John Doe of whom said the American people had a right to know. He was supposedly on the committee of 15 whom wrote the report. Many believe it is a TRUE GOVERNMENTAL REPORT . Its main central point was how The Constitution & Bill of Rights would be lost if we were to become DISARMED  from our weapons of self defense for mankind. Those are my words essentially that is the jest of it. This was ordered by the Kennedy Administration in 1961. A study to determine the problems facing the USA if the world moved from an era of war to a Golden Age of Peace. Goal is to keep the Government in power. Listen to the pre-show podcast to find out what I believe TODAY the NWO, WEF & United Nations have to do with this report from 1966  that was ordered to be kept secret. ULTIMATELY THIS SERIES TIES INTO MY DEEPER DIVE OF RESEARCH I HAVE BEEN DOING FOR 4 YEARS. IN THE END WE WILL FIND OUT HOW THE FBI & CIA HAS INFILTRATED OUR ELECTRONICS to achieve their goals. https://gnews.org/post/p408983 You may find a pdf copy and notes of the laws passed with this report at https://penelopenicia.com/
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  • NWO WEF Report From Iron Mountain United Nations

    8 JUL. 2022 · 1961-1966 15 members were called together to meet and answer the question of how America could be controlled with the idea of a WORLD OF PEACE with no guns to protect itself. To subvert the CONSTITUTION & THE BILL OF RIGHTS. Could the Tyrannical Government pull that off ? Lasting peace ? Would it be in the best interest of society ? Of the world? When this report became popular the government insist that it be considered a hoax. In this short intro I explain how and why it may not have been. We will journey through the report in the next couple podcasts. Join me here or my app on google or apple. or https://penelopenicia.com/  
    36m 2s
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