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  • Episode #13 - With Michael Piker, Rewards & Mobility Leader - Optimising Mobility From Cost-Centric to Talent-Led Structures

    22 MAY. 2024 · - How does a Talent Mobility structure differ to Global Mobility?  - How does a framework offer more clarity than a rigid policy?  - How can GM leaders transition into wider Reward or Talent roles?  - How will AI impact the way RMCs work?  In Episode 13, Paul is joined by Total Rewards & Mobility Leader, Michael Piker.  Mike brings a wealth of experience and expertise in Global HR, boasting a robust background in nine countries with renowned brands. As a seasoned LGBTQIA+ Global HR leader, his strategic focus includes areas such as Total Rewards, DE&I, Global Mobility, People Analytics, People Technology, and Artificial Intelligence.   Beyond his corporate achievements, he serves as an adjunct lecturer on Total Rewards and Global Mobility at esteemed institutions such as NYU, Erasmus University, and CBMN. Additionally, he contributes as a Global Advisor to TR2050, World@Work, atlas copilot and has served as a Board Member (NED).   In this episode, Michael also gives some amazing advice for global mobility professionals looking to broaden their roles into Talent/ Reward.   We hope you enjoy!!
    39m 43s
  • Episode #12 - With Qualcomm’s Ray Kirby - Maximising The Impact Of Mobility RFPs

    14 MAY. 2024 · - How do you make RFPs fit for purpose and as impactful as possible?  - How do you maximise the ROI of policy changes?  - What strategies can maximise relocator experience?  - How can Mobility maintain its influence post-pandemic?  - What sort of data can be used to reflect the value of Global Mobility?  In the latest episode, Paul is joined by Ray Kirby. Ray currently leads Global Mobility for Qualcomm. Prior to Qualcomm, he held various Mobility leadership roles at Coinbase, Twitter, Nordstrom and Amazon. Ray is based in Seattle, WA and serves as the Immediate Past President of the Puget Sound Relocation Council. He earned his Meritorious Service Award issued by the Worldwide ERC® in 2020 and was named a Top 100 Most Admired Mobility Professional by The View from the Top. They truly dive into the nitty-gritty of getting the results you want from RFPs, from preparing the processes to successfully implementing the final policies. We hope you enjoy!
    32m 48s
  • Episode #11 - With Bolt's Liis Valdsalu : What It Takes To Build A Thriving In-House Mobility Program

    30 ABR. 2024 · - How do you make in-house GM work across 40 countries?  - How do you find the right people to make a great in-house team?   - How do you attract great talent to less common destinations?  - How do you liaise with local governments on immigration policies?  In Episode 11, Paul is joined by Bolt's Head of Global Mobility, Liis Valdsalu.  Liis is a global mobility professional, who has built the function from scratch in public and private organizations. She believes in the benefits that in-house teams have to offer to the organizations. Together with the Global Mobility team at Bolt, she supports immigration and relocation in 40+ countries.    She also shares more amazing insights about how to build an awesome in-house GM function from the ground up, and the challenges she’s overcome along the way.   We hope you enjoy!!
    32m 46s
  • Episode #10 - With Uber's Eddie D. Coronado: Bridging The Gap Between Global Mobility and Talent Mobility

    23 ABR. 2024 · - What is the difference between Talent Mobility and Global Mobility?  - How do you measure and improve the ROI of Talent Mobility?  - What Mobility strategies can help employee retention?  - What defines business vs employee-driven relocations for you?  - What type of support do you provide to Internal Talent Mobilities?  In Episode 10, Paul is joined by Uber's Talent Mobility Program Manager,  Eddie D. Coronado.  Eddie is a seasoned Talent Mobility professional with extensive experience managing Internal Talent Mobility Programs at leading corporations like Siemens, Electronic Arts, and Uber. As Operations Program Manager at Uber, he develops strategies to attract, retain, and engage top talent, drawing on his multicultural background and global perspective.   Eddie also delves into his firsthand experience of working in both large (300 people) and small (13 people) Talent Mobility teams.  If you'd like more information on how to leverage Internal Mobility to Transform Talent Engagement and Performance, check out this insightful content by Eddie! https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1tTrEKfganw6B7KybmTeaGq12ep08U5p4cfQ2zq-gvns/edit?usp=sharing  So much for Mobility lovers to enjoy in such a short conversation - we hope that you like it!!
    27m 53s
  • Episode #9 - With ERM's Viv Mott: Innovation & Network- Tackling 38 Years Of GM Challenges

    16 ABR. 2024 · - How has GM changed and not changed in 38 years?  - How do you build a top-class network in GM?  - What strategies can you use to support your team when approaching difficult conversations?  - How has the approach to cross-border remote work requests evolved over the past 3 years?  - What are some tips for building successful vendor relationships?  In Episode 9, Paul is joined by ERM's Global Mobility Lead Viv Mott. Viv with 38 years of experience in the Global Mobility field working mainly in the Financial Services sector, started off her GM career at Citi, joining the GM team in London as a Junior Relocation Specialist in 1986. She left Citi in 2007 after working her way up through the ranks to Vice President managing an in-house team of 7 handling an average of 800 cross-border moves annually. Since leaving Citi Viv has held GM managerial roles at ABN AMRO, RBS, Barclays, and Aviva and is now the Head of Mobility at ERM (Environmental Resources Management) a sustainability company. She lives in Surrey with her daughter and continues to enjoy networking with her many friends and colleagues whom she has met in the GM field over the past 38 years! She also shares her firsthand experience of dealing with the impact of Brexit on her role in the UK, alongside some crazy relocation stories! We hope you enjoy!!
    38m 48s
  • Episode #8 - With RBC's Vijay Madani - How To Invest In Your Team As A Mobility Leader

    10 ABR. 2024 · - How to set your mobility team up for success and career progression? - How will the team structure of GM teams evolve in the next 5 years? - How do you empower your team to manage exceptions in Mobility? - How to engage your team in the policy review process in a fast-paced organization? In Episode 8, Paul is joined by RBC's Senior Manager of HR Optimization & Advisory, Vijay Madani. Vijay Madani, a seasoned HR and People Leader with expertise in multiple dimensions of HR Operations across global organizations such as Deloitte, HSBC, Target Inc., Open Text and RBC. A Pioneer,  passionate about Operational Excellence, Strategic Advisory and Leadership Development.  Vijay also shares insights on how to ensure your team grasps the business context behind key decisions and finds a middle ground between Business Needs and Employee Experience in Cost Management. We hope you enjoy!
    33m 24s
  • Episode #7 - With Unity's Karen Hale - How To Align Mobility With Your Company Culture

    2 ABR. 2024 · - What is the difference between employee advocacy & employee experience?  - How do you drive the influence of GM in challenging internal situations?  - How do you decide on the level of flexibility in your program?  - Should the business or the manager dictate relocation benefits?  In Episode 7, Paul is joined by Unity's Global Mobility Senior Manager, Karen Hale.   With approximately 20 years of experience, Karen has worked in many aspects of the industry, including the Big 4, RMCs, and in-house corporate positions. Karen and her team support all immigration, relocation, and contingent work matters globally. She enjoys merging the strategic aspects of Mobility with the most effective operational processes to support employees and the company.   In addition to the above topics, she shares her insights on the potential of AI to streamline day-to-day GM processes and other long-term immigration and tax processes freeing up valuable time for strategizing. A quick chat, but covering a wide range of topics and packed with Mobility gems- we hope that you like it!
    35m 15s
  • Episode #6 - With Baker Hughes' Arjun Jonnalagadda - How Tech will Transform Global Mobility in the Next 5 Years

    26 MAR. 2024 · - What is the role of tech in driving both agility & compliance?  - What is the future of integrations and how will they improve GM?  - How do you encourage out-of-the-box GM thinking in large organisations?  - What is the role of GM as tech grows?  In Episode 6, Paul is joined by Baker Hughes' Global Mobility Director, Arjun Jonnalagadda.   Arjun has been in the Global Mobility space close to 18 years and has had experience in the Big 4 and In-house GM programs. From the very early days, he was always excited about the possibilities of technology and how it can help achieve ‘More with less resources’ so that we can channel our energies toward the ‘big picture’.  Looking ahead, he also shares his vision for GM in the next five years. He explores practical ways technology can be used to streamline relocation processes and improve costs. This short conversation covers a lot of ground on the role of tech in the world of global mobility- we hope you enjoy!!
    34m 36s
  • Episode #5 - How To Succeed In International People Management- With PerchPeek’s Penny Luksic

    20 MAR. 2024 · - How do you transform HR from an internal service to a strategic force?  - How do you build internal business cases for People initiatives?  - What are the key strategies for achieving efficiency in People and Mobility?  - What role does vendor consolidation play in a People function?  - How do you get Internal Communications right as a People Leader?  - What is the People Function's role in driving employee retention and engagement?  In Episode 5, as we celebrate the  launch of PerchPeek Pro, PerchPeek's new Global Mobility Management platform, Paul is joined by PerchPeek's very own amazing Head of People, Penny Luksic. Penny brings years of experience defining People and HR strategies at US-based start-ups and international scale-ups, as well as a passion for innovation in the People Operations and Experience function. At PerchPeek, Penny connects the dots between our company’s biggest goals and what our incredible team does every day. She brings a wealth of knowledge in getting people strategies right on a global scale. As well as the above topics, Penny also shares how she prioritizes achieving business goals at BAU and the best ways to tackle challenges in an international relocation team.  Enjoy!!
    31m 46s
  • Episode #4 - Red Hat’s Frank Belmonte - Adapting Mobility Strategy Across APAC & EMEA

    12 MAR. 2024 · - How does Mobility differ between APAC and EMEA?  - How do you navigate the nuances of the APAC market?  - How do you learn Cost Of Living and tax strategy as a GM professional?  - What is GM's role in business travel in 2024?  - What skills & experience will be essential in GM in 15 years?  In Episode 4, Paul is joined by Red Hat's GM Program Manager, Frank Belmonte.  Frank, a dedicated and passionate Global Mobility industry leader with nearly 25 years of experience in both RMC and in-house roles, embodies the phrase "Walk the Talk" with his extensive first-hand mobility experience working and living in international cities like Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, and London. Frank also sheds light on the frequency of policy reviews by GM leaders and provides insight into the unique challenges and differences when supporting mobility in APAC compared to EMEA.  We hope you like it!!
    31m 12s

PerchPeek Pods is the only place to be getting the full inside scoop of the stories, successes and strategies of the best minds in Global Mobility. PerchPeek CEO Paul Bennett...

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PerchPeek Pods is the only place to be getting the full inside scoop of the stories, successes and strategies of the best minds in Global Mobility.

PerchPeek CEO Paul Bennett will sit down each week to discuss Mobility with an awesome GM leader guest. They'll be diving deep into their personal experiences and careers in the Global Mobility space, sharing valuable insights and advice that will benefit all levels of GM professionals.

Paul will be asking these pros about how they've achieved success for themselves and their companies in the relocation world. From navigating challenges to seizing opportunities, this is an amazing chance to tap into this wealth of knowledge and inspiration, that others can take into their own careers and organisations.

Our guests will also be sharing their thoughts on the future of the industry- get ready to gain some insider perspectives on where Global Mobility is headed and how you can stay ahead of the curve.

So, if you're eager to learn from the best in the business and get a sneak peek into the minds of some cracking GM leaders, listen in each week for the new PerchPeek Pods episode!
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