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Perpetual mOetion With Dr mOe Anderson

  • From Resume Refinement to Salary Success: Career Coaching with Michelle Merritt

    31 MAY. 2024 · Are you ready to take the reins of your career trajectory? Join us as Michelle Merritt, a seasoned recruiter and career coach, unveils the secrets to LinkedIn mastery, crafting a standout resume, and navigating the nuances of salary negotiation. Memorable Quotes: 1. "You want to make sure you're engaging on LinkedIn as well... This is your opportunity to bring forward your expertise in your industry." - Michelle Merritt 2. "Every conversation is, in some way or form, some shape or form, an interview." - Michelle Merritt Key Points: - Crafting a LinkedIn profile that's a recruiter magnet involves using the right keywords and showcasing your soft skills. - Tailor your resume by focusing on achievements and adjust it slightly for different companies, keeping in mind the reader's perspective. - Understand your audience during interviews, and weave in your knowledge of the company's pain points subtly. - Avoid common interview pitfalls like speaking too fast or over-preparing, and engage in meaningful conversations. - Prepare for salary negotiations by researching appropriate salary ranges and understanding the bonus structures. Chapter Breakdown: - (0:00:00) Career Excellence and Networking Strategies - (0:14:45) LinkedIn Profile and Interview Tips - (0:22:36) Interview Process Mistakes and Negotiating - (0:29:02) Salary Negotiation Tips and Pitfalls Connect with Michelle and learn more! https://www.dscareermanagement.com/ Connect with Dr. mOe to learn more about her bestselling books, keynote speaking, speaker coaching, or to become a sponsor for this Indie podcast! www.https://www.drmOeanderson.com
    39m 55s
  • Beyond Trauma: Nurturing Resilience and Emotional Health

    24 MAY. 2024 · Are you ready to delve into the complex world of mental health, where humor meets healing and resilience takes center stage? Join us on a transformative journey with mental health expert Peter Vox as we navigate the delicate terrain of emotional wellbeing. From the shadows of childhood trauma to the liberating power of creative outlets, this episode unpacks the intricate dance of genetics, environment, and mental health treatment. Dive deep into expert insights and discover how writing and laughter can craft resilience in the face of adversity. Memorable Quotes: 1. "People often say, 'Children are resilient and they bounce back.' And my response is well, if children are so resilient, why are there so many screwed up adults?" – Peter Vox 2. "Humor is a great way of coping with it, because it's important to laugh... it changes your mindset, it releases endorphins, it brings you closer to people." – Peter Vox Key Points: - The interplay of genetics and environment in mental health. - Risks of premature medication prescriptions and side effects. - The lasting impact of childhood trauma on personal development. - The role of humor and creativity as coping mechanisms. - Strategies for fostering resilience and hope in mental health challenges. Chapter Breakdown: - (0:00:02) Navigating Mental Health and Medication - (0:12:59) Mental Health Impact From Childhood Trauma - (0:17:32) Mental Health in Younger People - (0:27:40) Creative Coping Mechanisms for Mental Health Learn more and connect with Peter online https://www.instagram.com/petervox5150/ Order Peter's Book on Amazon "The Psych Ward Notes: Surviving Anxiety & Depression" Connect with TEDx speaker, (8x) author, speaker coach, and podcast host Dr. mOe Anderson Social Media / @drmOeAnderson Website / DrmOeAnderson.com
    42m 31s
  • Transforming Heartache Into Strength: From Emotional Wounds to Loving Relationships

    17 MAY. 2024 · Have you ever felt haunted by the ghosts of emotional pain from your past relationships? Dive into a profound conversation with Ben Oofana, a healer with roots in indigenous wisdom, and learn how to navigate the healing process to form resilient and authentic connections. Discover transformative practices for mending the heart and embracing love with newfound strength. Memorable Quotes - "Time itself doesn't heal the emotional wounds. We actually have to work with those emotions." - Ben Oofana - "Relationships are like a mirror. They reflect back to us the core issues that we need to be able to address." - Ben Oofana Key Points - Emotional wounds can manifest physically over time and impact our relationships. - Unresolved pain from past relationships can lead to patterns of attracting similar partners. - Healing requires working through emotions, not just numbing or avoiding them. - Various therapeutic interventions, including psychotherapy and deep tissue work, can assist in the healing process. - Vision quests and working with gifted healers can offer profound growth and healing. Chapter Breakdown: (0:00:01) Healing Trauma and Emotional Wounds (0:12:08) Emotional Healing in Relationships (0:26:59) Navigating Emotional Healing and Attachments (0:32:18) Healing Emotional Wounds and Relationships Connect with Ben and learn more https://benoofana.com/ Connect with Dr. mOe and learn more about her as an (8x) author, TEDx speaker, and healthcare expert https://www.drmOeanderson.com Support this indie, woman-owned, small business providing free educational and inspirational content. Three secure, fee-free ways to show some love and help us grow: 1.☕ Buy Me a Coffee: buymeacoffee.com/drmoeandU 2.💲 CashApp: $drmoeanderson 3.💰 Venmo: @drmoeanderson
  • Beyond Words: Dr. Heather Browne on Compassionate Conversations

    3 MAY. 2024 · Have you ever felt disconnected in a conversation, even when the words seem right? Join us as Dr. Heather Browne, the Reframe Queen, unveils the profound impact of compassionate communication and how it can transform our interactions into meaningful connections. Dive into an enlightening discussion that transcends mere talk and delves into the heart of true understanding and empathy. Memorable Quote: "Every moment needs more love. Every situation, every challenge in this world, I believe, is because there's not enough love." – Dr. Heather Browne Key Points: - The art of reframing communication to understand different perspectives. - Importance of validating feelings and intentions in conversations. - Strategies for engaging in effective communication during difficult conversations. - The concept of choice in personal narratives and how it affects relationships. - The roles of self-love, gratitude, and acceptance in fostering fulfilling connections. Chapter Breakdown: - - (0:00:02) The Power of Reframing Communication - - (0:09:59) Compassionate Communication - - (0:20:39) Effective Communication in Difficult Conversations - - (0:29:06) Choosing Love Connect with Dr. Heather Browne online and learn more https://www.drheatherbrowne.com/ Connect with Dr. moe Anderson https://www.drmoeanderson.com for a keynote, speaker coaching, and learn more about her books!
    40m 16s
  • Embracing Resilience: Navigating through Heartache, Grief, and Loss

    28 ABR. 2024 · How do we soldier on when life brings us to our knees with loss? This heartfelt episode is your guide through the murky waters of grief, revealing how the power of movement, connection, and communication can illuminate the path forward.  With insights drawn personal experience and 100’s of expert interviews, host, Dr. mOe Anderson shares her go-to strategies for dealing with the “sadness of forced change.” From facing a rare cancer and personal losses to societal upheaval, this exploration is not just about her story, but about offering a lifeline to anyone struggling to find their footing in the aftermath of change.  If you've ever felt alone in your sorrow, let this episode be the hand that reaches out to lift you up. We discuss the crucial steps of sharing your pain, the therapeutic benefits of boundaries, and when to seek professional help. Loss of a loved one or job or home doesn't come with a manual, but it does come with a community that understands the need for balance and self-care.  Discover how to navigate difficult loss in a world that doesn't stop for our heartaches, and embrace the hope that even in the darkest times, the possibility of joy and laughter remains within reach. Join us as we share our hope and prayers for your journey to recovery, lighting the way to rediscover the vibrancy of life. If you or someone you love is experiencing severe depression, needs emotional support, or you’re having suicidal thoughts please call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988 immediately. They are available 24/7. For more inspiring and empowering content like this, please like and subscribe today. Visit Dr. mOe's website to learn more about her keynote speaking, speaker coaching, and bestselling books!
    17m 18s
  • Transforming Chaos into Calm: The Life-Changing Power of Meditation

    19 ABR. 2024 · Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or anxious? Let meditation expert, Ann Swanson, teach you how the ancient practice of meditation, dating back as early as 5,000 to 3,500 BCE in India, can be your secret weapon to transform daily chaos into a state of calm. Memorable Quotes: 1. "Meditation is boot camp for your focus." – Ann Swanson 2. "Cultivate chill amidst chaos." – Ann Swanson Key Points: - Meditation isn't about stopping thoughts; it's about focusing in a relaxed way. - A variety of meditation techniques cater to different emotional states and life situations. - Compassion-based meditations like loving-kindness can improve well-being and relationships. - Integrating short meditations into your daily routine can enhance clarity and professionalism. - Even one-minute meditations have the power to reset the nervous system and reduce stress. Chapter Breakdown: - (0:00:01) Benefits of Meditation for Personal Growth - (0:12:44) Compassion-Based Meditation for Better Relationships - (0:20:08) Cultivating Chill Amidst Chaos - (0:26:25) Powerful Impact of Short Meditations A Bit of History About Meditation:   Meditation has a long and rich history, with the earliest documented evidence found in wall art in the Indian subcontinent dating back between 5,000 to 3,500 BCE. These ancient techniques were developed as part of spiritual traditions and have since evolved across various cultures worldwide. Today, modern science has begun to explore and support the numerous benefits of meditation that ancient practitioners have known for millennia. Resources Mentioned: - "Science of Yoga" by Anne Swanson -  "Meditation for the Real World" by Anne Swanson - Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sarah Lazar Connect with Ann Swanson to learn more, download free resources, and order her books! https://www.meditationfortherealworld.com
    37m 46s
  • Love and Sex Addiction in Women: Going Deeper Part 2

    12 ABR. 2024 · Are you carrying the weight of your inner child's unhealed wounds into your battles with addiction? Dive into part two of our empowering discussion on how reconciling with your inner child can be transformative in overcoming love, sex, and porn addiction. Experts Lacy Bentley and Heather Cronemiller return to share their personal triumphs and professional insights on healing the deep-seated emotional triggers of addiction. If you haven't yet, make sure to listen to part one for a complete understanding of this crucial topic. Memorable Quotes: 1. "It's okay and it can be so helpful to find a community of women where there are other women you have things in common with that are really important to you." - Lacy Bentley 2. "You're worth the work. It's not going to be easy to admit there's a problem, but the next step is to stop hiding it and ask for help." - Heather Cronemiller Key Points: - Exploring the role of the inner child in addiction patterns among women. - The significance of nurturing one's inner dialogue for profound change. - The importance of therapy, self-regulation, and embracing healthy relationships in the healing process. - Practical strategies and resources to help women connect with their inner child during recovery. Chapter Breakdown: - (0:00:02) Understanding Inner Child in Addiction Recovery - (0:10:52) Healing Through Inner Child Work Resources Mentioned in this episode: Lacy's website: lacybentley.com Heather's website: cronemillercounseling.com Order the book on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Going-Deeper-Women-Impacts-Addiction/dp/B0CQB42TR1   The International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals https://www.iitap.com/ 
    21m 20s
  • Love and Sex Addiction in Women: Going Deeper Part 1

    5 ABR. 2024 · Are you struggling to differentiate between a deep appreciation for intimacy and an unhealthy addiction to love, sex, or porn? Dive into Part 1 of our eye-opening discussion where experts, Lacy Bentley and Heather Cronemiller, LICSW, dissect the often-misunderstood world of addictive relationships and digital temptation. Memorable Quotes: "In love addiction, there's a lot of obsession. It's about the high all the time, but then that high dies down, so does the relationship." - Lacy Bentley Key Points: -  Bentley and Cronemiller, addiction specialists, discuss the nuanced differences between love addiction and a deep need for affection. -  The impact of social media and mainstream media on normalizing pornographic content is highlighted, suggesting a societal shift in what's considered acceptable. -  Experts introduce the 'inner child model,' a therapeutic approach that links childhood traumas to addictive behaviors in adulthood. Join us for Part 1 of this compelling two-part series as we peel back the layers of love, sex, and porn addiction with our knowledgeable guests. Don't miss the continuation of this conversation in Part 2, where we'll delve deeper into recovery strategies and how to regain control of your emotional well-being.  Resources Mentioned in this episode: Order the book on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Going-Deeper-Women-Impacts-Addiction/dp/B0CQB42TR1    Lacy's website - lacybentley.com Heather's website - cronemillercounseling.com The International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals https://www.iitap.com/   Sex and Relationship Healing https://sexandrelationshiphealing.com/ 
    23m 22s
  • Healing Prayer: How to Transform Fear to Faith with Dr. David Chotka

    30 MAR. 2024 · Do you wonder if prayer works? Have you prayed and prayed but nothing seems to change? Witness the transformational journey from skeptic to a believer through the power of healing prayer. Join us in this episode as Dr. David Chotka unveils the profound impact that faith and prayer can have in times of adversity. Memorable Quotes: - "You don't seek the healing; you seek the healer." Key Points: - Dr. David Chotka discusses how adversity can shape and strengthen our spiritual journey. - An unexpected encounter with healing prayer leads to miraculous recovery and personal growth for a skeptic. - The power of healing is explored through personal testimonies and biblical narratives. - The importance of responsible healing prayer training for believers and the role of spiritual disciplines in the church. Chapter Breakdown: - - (0:00:01) The Power of Healing Prayer - - (0:06:35) Healing Prayer Transforms Skeptic's Life - - (0:13:22) The Power of Prayer and Healing - - (0:26:12) Dealing With Demons and Temptation - - (0:35:18) Healing Prayer Training for Believers Connect with Dr. Chotka, order his books, and learn more https://www.spiritequip.com/
    41m 35s
  • The Art of Authenticity: Strategies for Emotional Well-being and Relationship Building

    25 MAR. 2024 · Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your emotions, especially during high-pressure times like the holidays? In this episode, we dive deep with Dr. mOe and Krystal Jakosky into the essence of living authentically, mastering our emotions, and cultivating meaningful relationships. Learn how self-awareness can become your compass through life's storms and how embracing vulnerability can lead to personal empowerment and growth. Memorable Quotes: - "At some point, we have to stop fitting in and start being true to ourselves." - "You are a finite resource. There is only so much of you to go around." Key Points: - The significance of owning your emotions and choices. - The role of childhood experiences in shaping adult behavior. - Practical strategies for navigating emotional responses and conflict. - The power of setting boundaries and effective communication. - Recognizing signs of burnout and the importance of self-care. - Personalizing meditation and self-care to fit individual needs. - The impact of generational patterns on parenting and relationships. Chapter Breakdown: - - (0:00:00) Owning Your Choices and Emotions - - (0:04:10) Owning Your Emotions to Improve Communication - - (0:07:55) Understanding and Overcoming Generational Patterns - - (0:13:31) Healthy Communication in Relationships - - (0:25:57) Recognizing and Preventing Burnout Through Self-Care - - (0:36:10) Meditation and Self Care - - (0:42:41) Thank You for Watching My Program Learn more and connect with Krystal online at https://krystaljakosky.com/
    43m 24s

CHANGE YOUR WORDS. CHANGE YOUR WORLD! Welcome to the Perpetual mOetion Podcast 🎙️, where curiosity meets career excellence! Join Dr. mOe Anderson, TEDx speaker, (8x) bestselling author, and healthcare provider,...

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Welcome to the Perpetual mOetion Podcast 🎙️, where curiosity meets career excellence! Join Dr. mOe Anderson, TEDx speaker, (8x) bestselling author, and healthcare provider, on a journey of personal growth. In each weekly episode, we dive into inspiring and often hilarious conversations with global experts.

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