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  • Phil Mickelson‘s Apology to the PGA tour & the Fallout

    24 FEB. 2022 · In this episode of PGA Radio we break down the final bits of the Phil saga as seen through my eyes, those of golf commentators, and purportedly other players.
    24m 1s
  • Phil Mickelson's Apology from Alan Shipnuck's Quote & the Firestorm that Followed Commentary

    23 FEB. 2022 · Phil may not be buying a copy of Alan Shipnuck's book So today we're talking about, Phil's recently released statement as of an hour ago, and it's 3:00 PM Los Angeles time on Tuesday, February 22nd. And his statement is as follows. Although it doesn't look this way now, given my recent comments, my actions throughout this process. I have always been with the best interest of golf. My peer sponsors and fans, there is the problem of off. Off record comments being shared out of context and without my consent. But the bigger issue is that I've used words. I sincerely regret that I do that do not reflect my true feelings or intentions. It was reckless. I offended people and I am deeply. For my choice of words, I'm being beyond disappointed and will make every effort to self reflect and learn from this Gulf desperately needs change and real change is always preceded by disruption. I have always known that criticism would come. With exploring anything new. I still choose to put myself at the forefront of this to inspire change, taking the hits publicly to do the work behind the scenes. My experience with the Liv golf investments has been very positive. I apologize for anything I said that was taken out of context. The specific people I have worked with are visionaries. Only been supportive ma more importantly, they passionately love golf and share my desire to make the game better. They have a clear plan to create an updated and positive experience for everyone, including players, sponsors, networks, and fans. I have incredible partners and these relationships mean much more to me than a contract. Many have been my most influential mentors and I consider all of them to be lifelong friends. The last thing I would ever want to do is compromise them or their business in any way. And I have given all of them the option to pause or end the relationship, as I understand it may be necessary. Given the current circumstances, I believe in these people and companies. Always be here for them with, or without a contract. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and have been in many, have been shared with the public. My intent was never to hurt anyone. And I'm so sorry to the people I've negatively impacted. This has always been about supporting the players in the game. And I appreciate all of the people who have given me the benefit of. Be available to media, represent my sponsors with integrity, engage with volunteers and sign every autograph for my incredible fans. I have experienced many successful and rewarding moments that I always, that I will always cherish. And I have often failed myself and others too, or, but I have often failed the past 10 years. I have felt the pressure and stress slowly affecting me at a deeper level. I have not been my best and desperately need some time away to prioritize the ones I love most and work on being the man I want to be. So the big contention there is, as it starts out with against Alan ship, Nick who released these comments. So it's, Phil's estimation that these were. Off the record. And I listened to Allen's podcast on his firepit collective show yesterday. And he was saying that the comments given to them under any journalistic expectation would be free speech and, you know, freely available to be put on the record. It's not like you have to say, you know, professional golfer. What you're telling me right now is on the record. And he makes a good point that there's a certain level of expectation there that you have to introduce. And as a journalist, it's way too cumbersome to say, this is on the record, this is off the record. Or, and he says that during the interview, even though it's an unauthorized interview, that when he's on the phone, you know, the expectation is that this is free, freely available to use in your book. Media personalities are so careful that they wouldn't jump on the phone with someone. If they didn't have a reasonable expectation that this was. Put into a book. So I get Phil's perspective is that he felt blindsided and I get Allen's perspective in that he is putting it out there. And if he's being broadcast to, you know, this, that it's fair game. So I think a lot of journalists would side with Alan and said, this is definitely fair game. And a lot of celebrities might side with Phil that like, wait a minute. Make sure that I have some ability to edit this, or I probably don't want you to put it out there. And Alan went to fill, I think it was three separate occasions asking for an authorized autobiography or biography, and that Phil wanted a certain amount of editorial control over the book. #PGA #PGATour #PhilMickelson
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  • Ryder Cup Caddies Persona Non Grata in Player's Rooms

    18 SEP. 2021 · No caddies allowed in the player's rooms at the Ryder Cup! That's not right. #rydercup #PGA #golf
    1m 58s
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