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  • It's time to focus!

    23 ABR. 2024 · In this episode of the PhotogNation Podcast, we tackle the challenge of staying focused on day-to-day tasks as a photographer. We'll explore practical strategies and share insights to help you manage your time effectively, stay organized, and avoid common distractions. Tune in to sharpen your focus and enhance your productivity in the world of photography!
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  • The difference in photos and artwork.

    6 MAR. 2023 · This week Josh welcomes in Faith Warwick from https://www.robertsandwarwickphoto.com to talk about the difference in a photo, and a piece of art. Also they discuss why it's important to know the difference when deciding on your budget for your next photo shoot.
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  • It's more than just snapping a photo.

    27 FEB. 2023 · In this episode, Josh talks about the long list of extra things we have to do as photographers to run a successful business. From answering inquiries to social media and everything int between. Hear as Josh explains the items that he does on a daily basis to run his photography business and how it affects his pricing for photography.
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  • 6 things I wish I knew in the beginning

    21 FEB. 2023 · There are so many things that I wish I knew when I first started my photography business. Some mental, some physical, and a lot emotional. If somebody would have told me these six-pointers when I got started, I think I would have gotten to where I am a LOT faster.
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  • Don't take it personal!

    1 SEP. 2021 · The hardest part about being a photographer is seeing your friends post pictures from a different photographer.... but you have to remember not to take it personal. With the abundance of people with decent cameras these days. There are a TON of great photogs out there. Your friends are not booking other photographers just to get you mad. Trust me!
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  • Pick one style and dominate it!

    26 ENE. 2021 · Why is it important to just pick one photography style and put all efforts into that one style. Josh talks about why he thinks you should stay niche specific and what the benefits are once you do this. From making separate websites all the way to creating individual brands for each branch of your photography career. Use this little rant session to your advantage and become a better photography.
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  • Let's talk gear, and why it's important to invest! (Season 2 Episode 5)

    5 DIC. 2020 · We are back baby! With a doozy for you. Casey and Josh discuss how their wedding season went, whats going on now, and an in depth discussion about if you should why the more expensive gear is worth the investment!
    Escuchado 42m 33s
  • The life of a videographer with Trevor Soety (Season 2 Episode 4)

    1 OCT. 2020 · Trevor is a professional videographer whose work ethic and drive to create amazing videos is like none other. From working 30+ weddings a year as well as linking up with many commercial giants in the fishing industry. Check out Trevor at http://www.instagram.com/the_trevorsoety
    Escuchado 34m 30s
  • Why networking is important as a photog - Season 2 Episode 3

    25 AGO. 2020 · Casey and Josh discuss why it is important to join networking groups in your area and how you can use other photographer networking to your advantage!
    Escuchado 45m 10s
  • How to balance life as a photographer.

    10 AGO. 2020 · Josh and Casey sit down and talk about how they balance life as a photographer. When to work on paid projects, how to fit in personal projects and spending time at home with family and friends.
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A look behind the scenes of photography. This weekly podcast follows professional photographer Josh Russell as he tells you what really goes on behind the scenes in the photography business.

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