• A Conversation with Lynn Woolley

    2 JUN. 2024 · In this special edition of Planet Logic, hosted by Julie Sullivan, the past and future of over-the air-radio is front and center.  The Lady of Logic asks Lynn Woolley how and why he wanted a career in radio, and then moves to the transition of AM radio from music to talk.  What was radio like in the beginning?  What happened to radio after television became prominent?  What does the digital age have in store?  And what about young people who get all their news from social media?  As all traditional media faces an uncertain future, what would America look like without talk radio to provide a voice to Americans unserved by left-wing outlets that currently dominate the media landscape?  Julie Sullivan is a traveling respiratory therapist.
    35m 43s
  • From College to Kindergarten Your Tax Dollars at Work

    27 ABR. 2024 · Look at the madness on college campuses these days with the antisemitic, pro-Hamas protests and ask yourself:  What am I getting in return for my tax dollars that support these left-wing schools?  Then, think about your local schools where the top-heavy administration eats up more of your taxes, and yet so many students cannot read at grade level.  Lou Ann Anderson of Political Pursuits the Podcast and Lynn Woolley of Planet Logic discuss how bad the situation is, and what you can do about it – if anything.
    39m 18s
  • School Choice and the Bellstocracy

    2 MAR. 2024 · Bell County, Texas is Ground Zero in Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s crusade to empower parents and give them school choice. Why Bell County? Because it’s the home of longtime politician Hugh Shine who strongly opposes parent’s right to decide the best school for their children—like rich parents can do. Lynn Woolley of Planet Logic and Lou Ann Anderson of Political Pursuits the Podcast team up for a close-up of Rep. Shine’s increasingly personal and nasty campaign again Belton mom and political newcomer Hillary Hickland.
    47m 42s
  • Awakening Lions

    20 ENE. 2024 · Is the world waking up to the dangers of globalism? Lynn Woolley (Planet Logic) and Lou Ann Anderson (Political Pursuits the Podcast) posit a theory: the country and the rest of the world are noticing the dangers of allowing global elites to run the world. From the climate change hoax to worldwide immigration disasters, what’s good for the world’s rich isn’t always what’s best for you and me.
    51m 30s
  • Governor Abbott endorses Hillary Hickland

    1 DIC. 2023 · Texas Gov. Greg Abbott came to Temple, Texas on Friday to deliver a full-throated endorsement for Hillary Hickland, who is challenging long-time incumbent Hugh Shine in the Texas House, District 55. Abbott and Shine may see eye to eye on most things – but not school choice. Abbott has promised to endorse primary opponents of the 21 House members who voted against school choice – Abbott’s top priority in a just-failed special session. Here is the governor’s speech, in its entirety, followed by Hickland’s response.
    19m 44s
  • The Politics of Deception

    26 NOV. 2023 · Are Americans being fed a line of bull? And on a regular basis? For example, is ex-cop Derek Chauvin really guilty of murder? And why would he be placed in prison general population where he could be (and was) stabbed? What do we really know about January 6? And the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan? What are they keeping from us about Jeffrey Epstein and the list of people he associated with? Is climate change real, or just a way to enrich people like Al Gore? And in Texas, would school choice really take away money from public schools? Lynn Woolley (Planet Logic) and Lou Ann Anderson (Political Pursuits) discuss the ways we’re being kept in the dark.
    48m 25s
  • Republicans Feud in Washington and Austin

    14 OCT. 2023 · In Washington, the fight over the next GOP House Speaker arose from the $33b national debt, and the cowardice of continuing resolutions and “omnibus” bills that kick the debt can down the road. In Austin the Republican bickering is over school choice and how some Republican lawmakers are subservient to local school superintendents. Planet Logic’s Lynn Woolley is joined by Political Pursuits’ Lou Ann Anderson to take a deep dive into Republican intra-party squabbling.
    48m 9s
  • Hungarian Foreign Minister Wants End to War

    30 SEP. 2023 · Hungary’s Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto was in Texas last week. Jim Cardle and I sat down with him in the studios of the Texas Public Policy Foundation in downtown Austin. The main subject was war in Ukraine, but we also talked about Joe Biden at the United Nations, immigration and refugee issues, and Donald Trump. This program was recorded on September 19, 2023.
    25m 43s
  • One Giant Step for Tyranny

    26 AGO. 2023 · Trump has been booked and mug-shot by a local DA who, herself, is an election denier. Is this an attack on free speech and the American Way? Political Pursuits' Lou Ann Anderson and Planet Logic's Lynn Woolley discuss this and many other aspects of the current ascent of tyranny into the American system. This episode is not particlarly optimisic. It is, however, truthful. And it's time to face the truth. We have this election cycle, and perhaps one more to fix it. We have a Republic -- if we can keep it.
    1h 2m 26s
  • America Under Indictment

    5 AGO. 2023 · The Deep State is thinking, "we got him now!" But is it really former President Trump who's indicted? Or is it the millions of people in America who see him as the only way to drain the Swamp? And, oh, how that Swamp needs draining! Some think the Swamp decides who can run for president and even who can win. If that's so, it explains how a frail, mindless puppet got into office, and perhaps who is the puppeteer! Join Lynn Woolley and Lou Ann Anderson for a deep dive into the inner workings of Washington and what it means to Trump, Biden, and the future of Our Republic.
    46m 56s
Planet Logic takes the vital issues of the day, strips them of their emotion, and analyzes them with logic aforethought.

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