• Introductions

    11 SEP. 2019 · Welcome to our show! In this episode, we introduce ourselves, differentiate our two podcast streams (Pluripotent Premed and Multipotent M.D.), give a brief overview of what each is about and what to expect, talk about where the names came from, and wrap things up by chatting about why we wanted to do a podcast. Thanks for tuning in for 'Episode 0' of Pluripotent Premed, your audio guide to navigating and conquering the premed years! We are your co-hosts Christopher and Ziad.
    19m 11s
  • MCAT Explained

    16 SEP. 2019 · In the first episode of the MCAT Series, Christopher and Ziad break down and explain the MCAT into its core components. This introductory episode is perfect to give you an understanding of what the MCAT is, and how it works. They also provide some helpful advice on time management, some studying techniques, and many more!
    39m 51s
  • What MCAT resources should I use to study?

    30 SEP. 2019 · Ziad and Christopher are back with episode 2 of the MCAT Series! This week we surveryed first and second year medical students about their MCAT studying period, asking them what resources they found good and why, how they studied, what they'd do differently next time, etc., and in this episode we share the results with you to give you a better idea of what resources are available and which are recommended when it comes to studying for your MCAT!
    43m 26s
  • MCAT studying advice and experiences from current medical students

    7 OCT. 2019 · If you're unsure about how long your study period should be, how many hours a week you should be studying, or what studying techniques you can be using to maximize your score, then this is the episode for you! This week Ziad and Christopher return with episode 3, a continuation of last week's episode. Last week we surveyed current medical students about that MCAT experiences and advice for future test takers. This week we continue to take you through the data we collected to give you some sage words of advice from our classmates.
    56m 13s
  • Conquering CARS on the MCAT

    14 OCT. 2019 · In the 4th episode of the MCAT series, Christopher and Ziad tackle the most dreaded section of the MCAT... CARS (in detail). They give study advice, how to tackle the sections before and during the exam, how to avoid burning out, and so much more!
    16m 39s
  • The Sciences on the MCAT

    21 OCT. 2019 · In the 5th episode of the MCAT Series, Ziad and Christopher tackle the Sciences and Social Sciences sections of the MCAT, which include Chemistry, Biology, Orgo, Physics, Sociology, and Psychology. They give study advice, share personal anecdotes from before, during, and after the exam, and share helpful tips to tackle the sections with ease.
    23m 1s
  • Is my MCAT score competitive in Canada for the 2019-2020 cycle?

    28 OCT. 2019 · In our final episode (for now!) of the MCAT Series, we break down the MCAT requirements of all Canadian medical schools from coast to coast, providing you with the hard cut-offs but also reviewing admissions statistics from recent years to give you a more realistic view of what MCAT score you need to get into your dream school. If you've got your MCAT score back but not sure whether it is considered 'competitive' for your choice of schools, this episode should clear things up for you! Please go to our Facebook page to find a list of links that we used to get all this information, and be sure to check out the specific requirements for your school of interest, since these cutoffs and requirements are subject to change each year!
    35m 45s
  • Before the Med School Interview

    4 NOV. 2019 · In the first episode of the Interview Series, Ziad and Christopher walk through what to do after getting the glorious interview invitation to the medical school of your dreams! They break down different interviewing styles, techniques on how to prepare, and general advice to help you get ready for your interview!
    31m 1s
  • Day-of the Medical School Interview

    11 NOV. 2019 · Christopher and Ziad are back with part 2 of the 'Interview Series'! In this epsiode we walk you through the interview weekend; what you should bring to the interview, what to expect when you show up, proper dress etiquette, and how to approach specific types of question during your interview. We had a lot of fun recording this episode, so we hope that you enjoy listening!
    1h 54s
  • Extracurriculars for your medical school application

    18 NOV. 2019 · In the first episode of the Extracirricular Series, Christopher and Ziad talk about how extracirriculars fit into your medical school application, what you should be getting from your extracirriculars, and how to make yourself stand out as an applicant. We also chat about what we personally did as extracirriculars and what we learned from them. If you want to know more about how your research, sports, clubs, and activities fit into your med application, be sure to tune in this week!
    30m 19s

Pluripotent Premed is your audio guide to navigating and conquering the premed years. This podcast breaks down everything you need to know about being a premedical student in Canada, with...

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Pluripotent Premed is your audio guide to navigating and conquering the premed years. This podcast breaks down everything you need to know about being a premedical student in Canada, with various series dedicated to the MCAT, med school interview, extracurriculars, and more!

We are Ziad and Christopher, 3rd year medical students at Schulich School of Medicine in London, ON, and we invite you to tune in every Monday for a brand new episode of Pluripotent Premed.
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