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Politically Correcting with Jose Peo

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    Trump Convictions Reactions, Olmec Heads, And The Slave Trade

    31 MAY. 2024 · Breaking news! The slave trade was a lie. Also something about Trump.
    1h 32m 32s
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    Comeback Episode!!!

    26 ABR. 2024 · We're back! We're in a new space. We got our cool and handsome producer back. It's like we never left.
    1h 28m 59s
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    Episode 107

    30 NOV. 2023 · The Politically Correcting boys giving you a quickie this week.
    1h 8m 14s
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    Episode 106

    22 NOV. 2023 · The conspiracy rabbit hole goes deep and so do Jose and Lavelle.
    1h 33m 46s
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    Episode 105

    16 NOV. 2023 · First some politics, then Lavelle gets into the intricacies n word.
    2h 40m 49s
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    Episode 104

    11 NOV. 2023 · Lavelle wasn't here and we had some technical difficulties, but we figured it out.
    1h 28m 58s
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    Episode 103

    2 NOV. 2023 · Jose and Lavelle fell so deep down the conspiracy rabbit hole that we were kicked off of Facebook live, but we got the full uncut audio for you right here.
    2h 5m 5s
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    Episode 102

    26 OCT. 2023 · What's the best music video? Can white people cook? These answers and more today!
    1h 57m 14s
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    Episode 101

    21 OCT. 2023 · We're back in a new space and better than ever
    2h 14m 10s
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    Episode 100!!!

    28 SEP. 2023 · We did it! 100 episodes!!! It's probably all due to the very handsome and capable producer.
    3h 26s
Jose Peo brings some common sense into the political divide.

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