• The Peter Benchley Timeline: The Book of Quint

    19 ABR. 2024 · Episode 109 was with Ryan Dacko and we discussed the wildly popular Jaws Obsession Podcast and his quest to write The Book of Quint. It has been written, it was self-published and then was picked up by a small but visionary publisher. He found an agent with his passion for this story and now the rest will soon be history. Ryan Dacko GETS SHIT DONE. Hang out with us for an update on The Book of Quint and all things JAWS! Subscribe to all things, listen and order here: https://linktr.ee/bookofquint
    1h 15m
  • Act 2: Gratitude with Chris Wilmot

    23 JUN. 2023 · I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Wilmot, a man with an incredible journey in both the film and sobriety communities. We shared our experiences in the film industry, our personal struggles, and the importance of gratitude in overcoming life's challenges. Chris, whose family has a rich history of political involvement and success, showed us how these experiences have shaped who he is today. During our conversation, Chris opened up about his 40-year journey to sobriety, which was supported by his family and the power of external support. We explored his career path, from working as an associate producer to acting in various film projects, and how his passion for film and politics intertwined. Chris's story is truly inspiring and offers hope to those facing their own sobriety challenges. We also delved into the ever-evolving landscape of the film industry, discussing the challenges of producing and marketing films in today's world of streaming platforms and cable TV. Our reflections on the industry, together with Chris's insights, made for a compelling conversation you won't want to miss. So, tune in and be inspired by Chris Wilmot's incredible story, his dedication to sobriety, and his passion for chasing dreams.
    49m 18s
  • Paris Bound: An Artist's Journey - with James Christopher Knight

    25 MAR. 2023 · In this fascinating episode, we explore the unconventional journey of artist and photographer James Christopher Knight. From Rochester to Boston, Los Angeles, Paris, and back to Rochester, James shares his experiences in the arts, communications, filmmaking, and playing in rock bands in LA. We discuss the importance of following our passions, the evolution of music formats, the cathartic nature of writing, and the impact of AI technology on various industries. We also dive into the beauty of Rochester and James' exciting new project, "Paris Love Affair," which aims to help young people experience Paris and its rich culture. Join us as we discuss the ups and downs of pursuing a dream, acknowledging negativity to achieve positive outcomes, and the benefits of experiencing life consciously. Video: https://youtu.be/3_WvJstTXgE
    1h 2m 41s
  • A Miracle of Evolution - with Ryan Dacko

    30 DIC. 2022 · In the film Jaws, Matt Hooper tells Mayor Larry Vaughn that sharks are a "Miracle of Evolution", in that all they do is swim, eat and make baby sharks. Today's Blathering guest is a miracle of evolution because Ryan Dacko has evolved over and over again. His latest evolution has given us The Jaws Obsession Podcast and The Book of Quint. The latter being a derivative work of Jaws as the backstory of Captain Quint. Ryan is the kind of guy who, when he decides he is going to do something, you can bet money he will do it. He decided he was going to make a 16mm film, so he went to NYC and bought a camera. He decided he wanted to gain the attention of a Hollywood Producer by running across the United States. Now, he wants to convince the world that Jaws is the greatest movie of all time. Some of us don't need much convincing. Ryan impressed the hell out of me when I heard the opening theme for episode one of the Jaws Obsession Podcast (https://jawsob.com) and he continues to impress me. He is as down to earth as anyone can be and is as disciplined a man I have ever seen. This is one of my favorite episodes to date which is why it is twice the length of a typical Blathering. Listen to this, then listen to his podcast. The video version is https://youtu.be/E3NjUC-QPSo
    1h 39m 36s
  • A Joyful Perspective with Anthony Caruso

    2 DIC. 2022 · Anthony Caruso has an interesting story about life, recovery, art - and his perspective on joy is inspiring. Join us as we Blather about how Anthony found his way to a new life through art and recovery. You can find him on social media platforms and also www.artofrecovery.me
    47m 13s
  • Possessed with Jowita Bydlowska

    28 OCT. 2022 · Jowita Bydlowska is no stranger to struggle. She has harnessed her struggles into her writing. In this Blathering, I have a candid conversation about her first book, Drunk Mom - her writing style, living as a single mom and author, plus why she believes her most recent book "Possessed" lives up to its name. I highly recommend her books = her writing style is honest, raw and addicting. You can find more about her at JowitaBydlowska.com The video version is available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ylUQzLTLY2E
    53m 24s
  • Growing Out of Your Comfort Zone with David Stack

    21 OCT. 2022 · David Stack is an introvert who turned his shyness into a popular YouTube Channel, Stack's Urban Harvest. Listen as Dave and Fitz talk about Regenerative Gardening, making something out of nothing and his dedication to helping others. I am grateful to have been close friends with David for 20 years! Find David here: https://www.youtube.com/c/StacksUrbanHarvest
    36m 46s
  • The Warm and Fuzzies with Dave Ackroyd

    21 OCT. 2022 · David Ackroyd spent a career in the New York State Education system starting out as a teacher and retiring in administration. Dave looks back on a career full of joy and "warm and fuzzy" moments as an educator.
    48m 21s
  • Owning Your Attitude with Bobby Newman

    21 OCT. 2022 · Bobby Newman is one example of how it is more than possible to turn a life around. Bobby discusses his life in and out of jail, in recovery and giving back to children. Find more about Bobby Newman at newmaninterventions.com
    53m 58s
  • Approachable, Engaging and Firm with Lisa Nolan

    19 AGO. 2022 · When I asked Lisa Nolan to describe herself in 3 words, she answered: Approachable, Engaging and Firm. Not only are these words spot-on, but after this conversation, I came to realize that these three words have important meanings when dealing with Domestic Violence (DV). As the Director of Prevention Education, Lisa is all about reaching people and giving them the knowledge to help themselves. As an empath, she wants to save everyone; as a realist, she knows that empowering them will be of greater benefit. You can find Lisa at WillowCenter.org
    51m 43s

Scott "Fitz" is a radio host in Rochester, NY and a filmmaker who has battled depression and celebrates sobriety. His podcast is his attempt to surround himself with positive successful...

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Scott "Fitz" is a radio host in Rochester, NY and a filmmaker who has battled depression and celebrates sobriety. His podcast is his attempt to surround himself with positive successful people and to just have an organic conversation. Join him as he takes an organic approach to the standard interview. No preparation, no script. Letting the conversation have a mind of its own: a Blathering.
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