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  • Navigating the Quarter-Life Crisis

    14 ABR. 2024 · Join us for the season 2 finale episode! We will be exploring various ways of navigating a quarter-life crisis along with the challenges one might face, including difficulties in communicating with others during this phase. Additionally, we will be discussing some useful tools that can assist in dealing with these experiences. We also explore some tools to support navigating these experiences. 
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  • Navigating Communication as Black Women in the Workplace

    25 MAR. 2024 · In this episode, we explore the complex world of workplace communication from the perspective of Black women. Join us as we discuss the challenges and triumphs of effectively communicating in professional environments.
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  • When Unhealed Wounds Clash Part 2

    11 MAR. 2024 · We are back for part two of our transformative discussion, where empathy meets understanding. We will delve a little deeper into the complex dynamics that arise when unhealed wounds clash. Join us as we explore these dynamics and offer strategies to create genuine connections while respecting individual boundaries.
    Escuchado 44m 31s
  • When Unhealed Wounds Clash (Part 1)

    28 FEB. 2024 · Join us for a powerful episode where we explore the art of communication when unhealed wounds collide. We dive deep into effective ways to approach sensitive conversations with empathy and understanding. Tune in to gain valuable strategies to navigate challenging interactions with grace and sensitivity.
    Escuchado 41m 37s
  • Faith While We Forgive

    2 FEB. 2024 · We're back with the final episode of the Faith series. Join us as we explore the intersection of faith and forgiveness. Exploratory Questions: - What comes to mind for you when you hear the word, forgive? - How can faith play a role in the process of forgiveness, both in relationships and with self? - How have you seen forgiveness appear in your life? What's your take on those experiences? - How does faith influence the societal perspective of forgiveness?
    Escuchado 27m 48s
  • Faith while we Heal

    19 ENE. 2024 · We are continuing our series on faith! In this episode, we will explore the concept of faith in the context of healing. Exploratory questions: What does it mean to be healed? What are your thoughts about the concept that people need to be healed before entering into certain relationships or doing certain things? How do you continue to have faith when healing doesn’t occur how you prayed for it to occur?
    Escuchado 29m 32s
  • Pouring Into Faith + Wait

    20 DIC. 2023 · This episode we are discussing the idea of pouring into faith during the wait! Explortory Questions: - How do you navigate uncertainty and maintain faith during periods of waiting? - Can you share a personal experience where faith played a significant role in waiting for a desired outcome? - Can you discuss instances where the outcome was different from what you expected, and how faith played a role in accepting that change?
    Escuchado 34m 30s
  • Pouring Into Faith & Work

    6 DIC. 2023 · To close out the year, we are doing a series on Faith! This episode we are exploring the concept of faith with work. Exploratory Questions: - Do you subscribe to the concept, that faith without works is dead? If so, what do you make of this saying? - Has your understanding of the concept evolved over time? If so, what influenced those changes? - Can you share a defining moment where your faith was tested, and you had to exercise your faith by putting forth action? How did you navigate that moment?
    Escuchado 34m 50s
  • Character, Compatibility, & Crucial Conversations

    22 NOV. 2023 · Episode 4 is all about boundaries! Exploratory Questions: - What is your outlook on the importance of living a life that includes boundaries? - What has been your experience with establishing boundaries in your life? - How do you tend to respond when others set boundaries with you? - If you were to choose a top 3 list of boundaries that are important to you, what would they be?
    Escuchado 46m 45s
  • To Ghost or not to Ghost?

    8 NOV. 2023 · In episode 3, we are discussing the hot topic of ghosting! Exploratory Questions: - What do you consider ghosting? Is it okay to do? - What has been your experience on the giving and receiving end of ghosting? - What advice do you have for someone on the giving or receiving end of ghosting?
    Escuchado 46m 38s

Welcome to the Pour-in Podcast where we develop safe, ongoing relationships so we don’t have to wait for a reason to check on the strong friend. This is our space...

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Welcome to the Pour-in Podcast where we develop safe, ongoing relationships so we don’t have to wait for a reason to check on the strong friend. This is our space of pouring into friendship, healing, and purpose.
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